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Iran has been so confusing for last many years for me. It has been for last five years that Iranian youth starts thinking about western life style as the best. Many Iranians who use to live out side Iran are leaving Europeans behind in fashion and life style. The impact of their living is quite visible in Iran also. Those who want to live a liberal life have been trying to migrate Europe, America or if it is difficult to migrate to this extent, so to country nearest to them i.e. Dubai.

This is really an interesting situation. People are focusing on many things. I don’t know whether there is rigging in Elections or not. I don’t know Ahemadinijad is good or bad, I don’t know who Mousavi is. In my view no one is angel. It is all power play. Mousavi and all opposition know that if they stand against Nijad so they will get European and American sympathies.

The main problem is certain division of Iranian nation. This is visible. One side there are people who want to support Islamization and anti America. On the other hand there are people who want free society in country and good relation with Europe and Americas.

The liberal folks in Iran are not in sound majority but they are increasing. They have full support of U.S.A. and president of the U.S.A. is in enormous pressure from American think tanks to give sound message to Iranian government.

The Islamic folks are also in large numbers, they have no support from Europe and Americas. But certainly they have enough support from Pro-Islamic governments of Middle East and those non-Islamic countries that are against America and Europe.

This situation is not simple. Regardless of the merit that we can assess in protest, Iran is becoming the new battle field of Anti Americans and Pro American forces. It is really unfortunate that the West realized after world war two that we will fight our wars out side our regions. So, who is more than lands in Middle East and South Asia? The worst thing is our rulers and oppositions are only the script compliers.

British had left Middle East, South Asia and Africa years before but their divide and rule strategy is still valid. Our fault is one, we listen every one but never our own people. Those who are throwing stones are from Iran. Those who are wounded are from Iran. So it is all Iranian loss. Ahmedinijad can not live forever and he certainly can’t rule forever. There are many other ways to show anger and difference of opinion. Don’t make your nation a joke before the world. The best way is to arrange dialogue between majorities on both sides. Don’t led any other nation interfere in your issues.

I have no trust on American governments but some where the responsibility is on American think tanks and intellects. They need to pressurize their governments not to interfere in Iran. Let the people in Iran deicide whatever they want. If they will support one wing against other so it will create a mess. If the protestors are just on their cause so they could not be seen in good context by their opponents, just they will be seen as Pro-American.

Americans need to understand. They have got sheer failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever they involve in last two to three decades. They are not good finishers. So just care your own country. It is better to take stake in General Motors but taking stake in other countries is very difficult. U.S.A. could only be stronger if they work for American nation rather than involving in the affairs of other countries. There is no country in the world with unlimited resources. The progress of the world is ensuring NO SUPER POWER REGIME.

North Korea has tested their Atomic Weapons; no one is able to stop them. No one can stop Iran even. When Atom Bomb was invented there were no TALIBANS, there were no Iran threat, and there were no war against terror. So why you made such thing that threats your own people. Even no one has tried it other then yourself on Japan. So be responsible. You are hyper. It is extremism. If you claim yourself as a most sophisticated nation in the world so stand up and let make us learn by examples. Your words are not matching with your acts.

I am against religious extremism, I am against people who killed people, and I am against bomb blast but my question is simple, who is the massive victim of all this. No other than in the world but us. We want world to understand us rather than putting allegations on our credibility.

Yes, there is no doubt that Iranians deserve liberty and freedom. They are not animals but what the whole developed and democratic world will say to U.A.E. Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Is democracy only required for the countries that have good intellect and they know the meaning of pride. Those nations who want to have FAIR ELECTIONS IN IRAN need to be fair enough in their stands.

There is no nation who can get better future by violence. It is the failure of the nation when they come up on road and do protest. Protest is the weakness. Sophisticated Civil Fights and ability to win battles against enemy are the legacy of bravo nations. Go to your people, door to door; make them understand your point of view. Use media to develop understanding. Don’t make Ahmedinijad step down but acknowledge your stand. Make him say SORRY, if he is wrong. The victory is not replacing regimes but cultivating revolution for our next generations. It is more important for the followers of Muhammad (S.A.W.). His (S.A.W.) life is an example in dialogues, efforts and pacts to reach the results that can even not being attained by biggest Wars in the world.

We expect Iran to develop as one of the best countries in the world but it can happen if they work their own models for change if required. West and U.S.A. need to stay away from this. It is even the whole world who needs to stay away. It is not the situation where 90% of the people are being ruled by 10%. It is the 50% 50% case. If we believe in democracy so we need to facilitate both majorities to resolve issues with in their own premises

Some times big political issues are simplest to resolve but our will to post extraordinary show make it difficult.

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