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Guys, see the title image that I have posted for the article you are reading and just think that this is your own child who have lost and living parentless. I will not say “May God Forbid” with this statement as we have to know our social crime. We have to know how much we are selfish in not caring those who are also our own children. We have to know that we have been closing our eyes from a lot of little angels who are becoming the assets for those who want to use these beautiful innocent humans as bombs or weapons. In my view this would be more destructive than other weapons of mass destruction. It is the cancer (not caring the orphans and guardian free children) that we have brought in our society and it is cursing us.

Yesterday I was watching a television report that says, the elements who are doing business of terrorism are using children below 12 (age) for their evil objectives. They are picking the orphans from Swat valley and other parts of the frontier province and training them for suicide attacks and other illegal / immoral activities. Do you know what suicide bombing means? You all know very well. You always criticized suicide bombers as insane or brain-washed. Yes these people are carrying worst acts by loosing their life by their own for nothing. But at any time have you ever realized your role in making suicide attackers. No, you can not realize because it is not your issue. If people would have a habit to sacrifice 50% of their food for those who have no food, so believe me this deprivation and hatred in society will be eliminated. Those who are involved in terrorism are the criminals but we are also on the top of the list of criminals who allow our fellow human beings to do it.

You can termed a mature guy who moves towards terror activities as TERRORIST or Culprit but what you will say to a child who will blast his body for the objective that he is really not known to. In case of a mature guy the trainers informed him that you will die once you will activate the device or whatever. What do you think will they inform the child about it???? If you want to do a pilot projects so just ask your child to do something even for the sake of one toffee. Even the more destructive will be the children who will not be selected for suicide attempts but they will grow as young fellow and be the greatest terrorist of the world. Those would be the children whom these people sight for best intellects and skills. May we can bring these guys to school to produce great scientist, engineers and beneficial for our respective societies. It is happening with poor Asia and Africa today but the West has to understand, the same will happen with them once the economic turmoil will grow more in their societies also. The terrorists will have no need to train Asians for these things but they will find these assets in your own societies. So, care Orphans in your societies too and support the families who are living in adversities.

If you want to sense the meaning of all I have mentioned and you have a child so just slap him hard for no reason. You will find pain in your heart but never you can find pain that create a will to do something when you see deprive children on roads, railway stations, parks and other places of our society. By the way, many times we are not even bother to see them. It is just because we think government has to do some thing for them. We have a cruel habit of sleeping tight and waking up when some thing worst happens.

It is not only a problem with Pakistan. There are many developing countries that offer these raw assets to those who want to spoil them for their evil objectives. There are many international and local organizations that care children but the numbers of children in the world who are living below the mark are more than their span of control. It is the responsibility of the people of all nations to care these children. You just have to see 10 km area from your home. If you find any child living alone or on the road adopts him/her. Make communities that cover 10 km of area that will establish funds for bringing these folks to school, caring them in community home and visit these children daily. They are our own responsibility. If you can bring one out of those children to your home and give him/her a status equal to your own child, you will have a lot of satisfaction and God will bless you in this world and the world hereafter. It means mobilization that I think about always. If you will cover 10 km area and every one will start doing it so believe me this world will come smaller than your passion for humanity.

Another issue is the parents who are selling their children because of poverty. I don’t want to comment on those parents. In my view it is not the happiest of trade for them. If they are doing it, so they are extremely in pressures of the existence of their own self. In this regard we have to keep our eyes in for the families living around us. We have to be more proactive to find any problem like that. I don’t want to state what we have to do on financial front for these people because we have enough intellect to understand our role in this regard.

Those who say themselves Muslim are more responsible for orphans. Islam’s emphasis of caring orphans is not a hidden fact. Quran gives sign of success for those who care Orphans. In the age of Caliphates all the children took birth in the state was the responsibility of state. If parents got unable to take care of their children financially, the state provided all kind of support to them. Muslims of that time were in search of orphans to bring them to their home and foster them to please Allah. Even those who manage their own home with a lot of financial difficulty cut their own budgets and fixed one orphan to their home with all equal stakes. So, for what we are waiting today????????

I have been doing efforts for children on road since 2007; it was mere facilitation for them to education, managing limited funding for their health/living/education with the help of like minded friends, trying to convince their guardians not to bring them to the roads for begging etc. Today I confess whatever I have been trying was merely nothing. The objective shall not be accomplished until I will take at least one child in my guardianship. If I will make one child who is not my blood a success in education, life and for society, I will be well home to my successful aftermath. The formula is simple; as much I will grow, I will shift 50% of its benefit to the society in any shape.

My today’s message is not a piece of writing. It is an appeal from everyone across the globe to do something. If I will also sleep after writing it so it means I myself is a selfish culprit and merely a writer. You have to think about yourself after reading it. Let us not allow these beautiful little fellows to become weapons of mass destruction.

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