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A day before yesterday I was watching a TV show on local television and I found a most common victim of our society’s sinful silence. It was the mother who was crying for the justice on her child’s murder. She was from Lahore and her boy of 19 was caught by some rascals while he was in dinner with her at home. Those people who caught him were known criminal of their locality. There are about 80 FIRs registered on their name and there were many witnesses of the crime.

Now I think you are thinking that if the witnesses are there so what is the problem? The problem is nothing but the weakest and sinners WE. We; who have been taught by the society and our parent that if you see some thing happening wrong, so just close your eyes! WE; who have been fostered to just care of our own family and parent. WE; who have been trained to let people die and don’t raise the voice until we gets murdered.

I have seen many people who attends five time prayers, keep fasts, offer Taraweh, Hajj, Umrah and they have so called damn fostering that is top in calibers but when they exposed to the scene where they have to be just and prove their so called connection with God and Fostering so they shows the loose ends of their character. We are just foster to be good with us and our people, the rest of our responsibilities, we don’t care. We even believe (with all this record of social crimes) that we can face God when we will stand before Him on the Day of Judgment.

I have seen the tears of that mother and I saw the TV report that people are saying that yes they have seen that crime when happened but they can not witness in court or to police as they are in fear. WOW, we are in fear. We are in fear of some rascals who can kill us but we have no fear from God who says don’t escape witness. We want our life to be all fine. We just want calmness in our home the rest is all WHO CARES???

Believe me people, if we shall continue our attitude so God is not far to destroy us. He is just giving us a time to realize our mistakes. He is just seeing us whether we can rectify or not. He is just not far to tell us WHO IS HE? He is not forgetting anything. He is ALIVE. He is certainly ALIVE. The cry of that mother and our social crime may not be noticed today by any human being and the life shall go on but one day when the cry of that mother and the blood of that innocent shall be taken by God’s justice so the sky shall tumble and we will face what we can not face.

It happens daily around us. We know it but we don’t speak as we don’t want to disturb our life. We are in real misconception. There is always a tit for tat. It shall come to us one day. People, don’t be so inhuman. Raise voice when you see some thing happening wrong. If you have a capacity or courage, so stop it by your own hands. It has been 1400 plus years that the revolution have revealed and still we are standing in last level of faith i.e. thinking bad in our heart if we can not raise our voice or we can not stop from our hands. Raise your levels, raise your voices and stop it by hand as now keeping in heart shall not be acceptable any more. Enough is enough because sometimes I feel we even don't think it wrong in our hearts, we are so use to of it.

I request people to believe God, what our society and our parent are teaching us (if they are teaching that way) is wrong and it is not the one that God want from us. If our society and parent demand us to keep our eyes close while seeing an oppressor doing oppression and don’t witness, so they are 1000% wrong. It is the society and our parent who need fostering. They are going away from the standards. Don’t hear them, go to police station, and go to court. Go every where that counts. May you will not be hear in police station or court. May you will face miseries or adversities but this is what your Lord want from you and today you have to decide that whether this society and elders are important to you or your GOD. Think of our social crimes that we do just by thinking that we are accepting our elders and the norms of our society; it is not the way of justice. This is the same excuse that QURESH e MAKKAH had given to the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). Today it is up to us. We have two options to stand up and be just or sit down and wait for God’s Justice.

Just leaving you here on the verse of Holy Quran

"Say:'If your FATHERS and your SONS and your BRETHERN and your SPOUSES and your RELATIVES and the WEALTH you have acquired and the TRADE whose dullness you fear and the HOMES in which you are satisfied, if you LOVE any of these more than ALLAH AND HIS MESSENGER AND THE STRIVING IN HIS CAUSE, then wait until ALLAH brings about His order; and ALLAH guides not the oppressing people." (9:24)

This is the clear limit of LOVE & REGARD assign from Allah for us. If we love everything of ours more than giving witness for that mother for her child’s murder or any injustice that we are doing with anyone because of our Fathers, Sons, Spouses, Wealth or Relatives so believe it God is enough for those oppressors and you (because by escaping witness you are also an oppressors in the eyes of God).

Sometimes I feel it is we who are the criminals because we led these criminals to crime in the cover of our fear.

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Noshad Nawaz Says:

Definitely right. I wud lyk to say and request to all muslims, please wake up before you are slept. Don't wait for the Great leaders to come back and guide us on the right path, they all are gone. We will have to realize that we are alone now, My Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), Abu Bakar (R.A), Farooq-e-Azam (R.A), Usman Ghani and Ali bin Abi Talib are not suppose to come back. If anything good is to happen, it is to be done by us and let the world know that "We will rise again".

08 - March - 2010 11:35:47 AM

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