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We require to be politically organized in reality

Is Pakistan need new political parties? If it is all about the way political parties are today, so my say is “NO”.


Is Pakistan requires new organized and progress focused political concept? Then my say is “YES”.


I have no idea how can we inspired by what happened in Egypt through social media whereby we know that real things had happened in the history even when the concept of social media or internet was not there.


It is all about the concepts, will and mobilization of a nation that changes the history or even the geography of the world. You can not do it by only being so aggressive in bla bla over internet based platforms or rather it is one part that is useless without being active in the real big game.


You can mobilize people through social media over a big park or square and expect the brutal government’s machinery react cautious in the presence of local and international media. But what when you have to face cruelty of oppressors over streets daily in seek of attaining shiny future for your generations to come?


I merely can not be a part of something significant while writing it over my blog. Believe me I can’t and surely you can believe that you can’t do anything significant merely by reading this or posting it over your facebook pages. We have to do it! And the high time to do it is now!


It shall happen when you and I shall organize in a clear & objective oriented platform to do something that shall change the fate of this nation and country forever to progress, prosperity and peace. It doesn’t require a lot of people [without the level of seriousness that the task requires] to be a part of it. Few can spark that can turn it for millions & the country.


O my people! Come out of your dreams and fantasies. We are willing to see something big for the future of our homeland and what we are doing is nothing. We are merely anticipating, guessing and waiting.


Time requires an organized constitutional and political campaign that the people of intellect and leadership have to carry for this nation and our future. This shall not be easy. It shall only be easy once we become so determined to achieve what we want. It certainly shall be done with the cost of blood, life and the loss of many individual entities.  


Those who are good in managing business, economy, industry, military, state affairs, foreign policy etc. have to pool their management abilities in a political pool. This is the only way out!


It is not a time when we can expect anything from the way our current governments or political parties are rather we have to become a political party and government.


It is enough to talk hell high about what is happening wrong with us. It is a time to come out and change the face of ours and be the best nation in the world. There is no need of emotional hurry in all this.  It is not about gathering on the road the second day! We can just start it now by being honest, rectifying our own shortcomings and connecting with whatever distinct ability we have to work the cause.


I know you would say after reading all this that where is the platform that I am talking about. So what if I would go back in the history to ask the same question from the Muslims of South Asia before All India Muslim League. Just make it excuse and regret free! If it is not visible today so we shall develop it!

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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