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We need basic fostering not a gigantic revolution

Revolution is the product that every political party wants to sell in Pakistan and people of Pakistan are also interested to see a kind of revolution that can change their pathetic national affairs even how pathetic they would be on individual level!

In my view the talk of revolution in Pakistan is not more than a premature debate. I think our nation & leaders need more fostering than a revolution. We are actually facing a high class moral and intellectual poverty than economic poverty and mismanagement. I have no idea how a revolution can awakes our dead souls that are not trying to work basics.

Revolution is a big word. Why we are unable to assess our own entity as a nation before talking about revolution. Are we sacred enough so we are claiming brutality over us being imposed by elite? My dear people, our society is highly corrupt in totality. Including me and you, no one has a sound character to talk about bringing change to society. We are on the stage where we need change for our own life & personalities. At least if we have 10,000 character-worthy fearless and capable Pakistanis, then we can talk about revolution on standby because at least a group need to show the clean life then people can join! But unfortunately we all know what we have!

I have been seeing blow & flow of low grade words from Pakistan Muslims League [N] and MQM for last couple of days. What I can say about PML – N who is even not a class to talk about. But when MQM sounds in blow mark words it really hits and hurts a supporter of MQM like me. It is not about what others are saying. It is all about us who sees you responding as our representative. Mind your language because you have our votes of representation. I think MQM’s top leadership has to take notice of all this issue and try to rectify in this regard because it can harm all the good work and ideology of MQM that is standby to be Pakistan’s No 1 political force.

Today I realize the caliber of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] and his [peace be upon him] worthy followers. A lady had been throwing garbage on the beloved messenger of God while he [peace be upon him] walked the lane but neither Him [peace be upon him] nor his [peace be upon him] followers respond in a same way. This was our revolution. This was our leader. This was the revolution that actually changes minds, hearts and life of people.

What if Rehman Malik read Surah e Ikhlas wrong; are we capable to work it in our life. We the people who claim one God with a lot of other gods in our range have no idea when we only look on brief affairs. The whole we are the same. What if we recite Quran perfectly or not? They are not good of people but are we enough good to talk as Quran’s true followers?

Why we are so interested to solely talk about corruption at upper level. Can’t we see our own corruption? It is from our lanes to roads, from our houses to residential areas, from our schools to universities, from our political institutions to religious institutions; everywhere we can find any kind of corruption eating our national legacy.

If any revolution is required so it is all about working basics. There is no rocket science in boycotting your own family members if they take bribery. If any change is required so it is stopping your own self from cheating while you are sitting as a student in examination hall. If any glory is required so it is your own resolution that you shall not be a part of tribal society & culture as we are a nation. If any rectification is required so it is committing that we shall not use any unfair means to accomplish our goals being a professionals. If any loyalty is required so it is the loyalty with Allah and His Messenger [peace be upon him].

Kindly understand the fact that there is no oppressor, we are being oppressed by our own oppression. See the realities of people who are talking about revolution. Are they perfect enough to claim themselves as revolutionaries? Are we being 180 million people deserve any legacy while we never leave a chance to be a part of oppression by doing and bearing it?

People! Revolutions never comes from leaders, it is revolutions that bring leaders. Revolution is a positive panic that a nation feels and they change their life styles. They first pay the price of it while leaving their own bad deeds and then they produce leaders of legacy. To bring revolutions we need to foster societies that produce quality human beings, human beings that are the people of character. They need to produce societies that prefer justice over their own, family or social biases on individual basis and then it becomes system at national level. Do we have any leader like this or society that signals that the revolution is in?

If any revolution we need, so it has already in while Muhammad [peace be upon him] established the first Islamic State in Medina and second when we committed and got a country in 1947. Now it is a time to comply our words rather than bringing any revolution. If we need big revolutions for doing small things then we can never be considered as capable nation. Gigantic revolution is to have faith on One God and His commandments that we have already carried. It is merely the call of implementation. So do it then saying it a hell high.

Being a nation we are even unable to stop our vehicles on RED TRAFFIC LIGHT and we think that we deserve any extraordinary change! I think we better need to sit back and try to workout some basics otherwise our claims of revolutions shall only be considered as jokes in the history of nations.

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Faisal Mehdi Says:

Mind Blowing

06 - January - 2011 10:25:46 AM

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