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Pakistan has been seeing various political parties that have been talking a lot about people and their problems. But many times we think who is actually a true representative of people? Political parties across the country are more the vehicles of elite to ensure their power structures. Sometimes I personally feel that may the day will come in Pakistan’s life when Bilawal shall vote for a son of poor farmer, may a day will come when Hamza Shehbaz shall work for a campaign of capable daughter of mason for national elections. The real revolution shall be the day when common man shall elect the common man of this country for solving the issues of common man.

Actually the elite of Pakistan who are few in numbers want to make the whole nation slave of their own will and strategy. I am not saying that if someone is capable so he/she has no right to govern this country but he/she have to work him/her in a democratic system rather than claiming as lifetime leader of people on one notice of their respective political parties. If the probability of non-sharief to become the leading force in Pakistan Muslims League is not there so there is no democracy. If the probability of non-Bhutto to become the leader of Pakistan People Party is not there so there is no democracy. Equality is the foundation of democracy.

Regardless of any doubt, if any political party in Pakistan i.e. working on the leadership of common man (and for leading the common man) is MQM. This is the only political force that sends an ordinary worker in the houses of power with no resources other than intellect and management capability. This is the only political party in Pakistan where performance is the only reality.

After studying MQM we find incredible results that this movement has achieved in her short life of approximately three decades. Their current performance in local governments of Karachi and Hyderabad (2004 – 2009) is not the hidden truth. They have changed the shape of the largest city of the country with massive infrastructural developments. This is being recognized by local and international critics. Today MQM is the symbol of the leadership for youth whereby majority of their workers and leaders are young, energetic and qualified.

There is no doubt that being a big political party, they have shortfalls too but this can not shrink the scope of their overall vision and mission i.e. actually related to the core issues of this country. Yes in the ranks of MQM there are some people who are not top of character but this can’t negate the caliber of class individuals who are well capable of leading this nation.

I always find five points to support MQM to rule at national level:

1- They have organized party hierarchy where each organ of party knows her role and limitations. They worked principles of management that is always visible in their conventions, gatherings, sessions and whatever they do.

2- They have people from the ranks of real Pakistani society that belong to the middle class. If you have to find a people related to Finance Affairs, International Affairs, Economic Affairs, Globalization issues, Education, Defense, Law and other expertise that are required to ensure governance, so you can find easily in MQM with backup people who are ready to replace others. This is the instinct that you rarely find in any other political party of Pakistan even there are many political parties who have no one who can talk properly.

3-Each worker of MQM have a chance to take a ticket of elections for National or Provincial Assembly. He/She just need to be capable and eligible for the task. Here there is no need of being billionaire to become a ticket holder of MQM because it is MQM fund that bear the whole expenses of election. So a common capable person of Pakistan have clear probability to be elected and through to the top (only in MQM) because other political parties are merely the exhibition of family reputation or wealth.

4-Majority of the leaders of MQM lives nearby you. So it is not possible that they can run away from your problems. It is actually the problem of their localities, so they are more eager to solve it. It is visible that people on the level of MNA & MPA sits in their respective local offices to solve problems of their constituency. Even if someone is MNA or MPA but the sector of MQM reports progress of MNA & MPA to headquarter of the party i.e. 90 and it is not possible for MNA or MPA to ignore core issues of people. This is the best example of self audit of public representative.

5-The main stream leadership of MQM is always available to people and their communication centers are well organized. They have a website that is efficient in term of updating people about their activities and what they are doing.

These five points are basically the strengths of MQM and their leader Altaf Hussain has been a guiding force for the movement to run as per the predetermined objectives. The best thing about MQM is that they have never seen the relatives of their leader Altaf Hussain in the scenes of power neither Altaf Hussain presented himself as a candidate of Chief Minister, Prime Mister or President. This is the gesture that says to a common capable Pakistani that if MQM shall have a national majority so every worker of MQM shall have equal chance to be the top government official of the country.

Apart of what MQM is, I think MQM have to take some key serious measure to ensure their smooth drive to become the most popular party of Pakistan. Below are some of those:

1-They have to come up with a new dynamic communication strategy that would be based on clarifying their perceptions of people about MQM. It includes the development of new webpage that looks more attractive than their current webpage. This has to be more youth oriented because 55% of country population is below 25. In addition they have to arrange road shows all over Pakistan for serving the same objective.

2-They have to reorganize their SECTOR structure and ensure more public participation via SECTOR launch activities. Their SECTOR INCHARGE must have to possess a nice character and he has to qualify enough to motivate youth of the locality towards education and changing the fate of our country to progress.

3-They have to restructure their student wing APMSO. They need to develop proper check and balance system on students who are running APMSO as there are many cases where people in Universities and Colleges are directly involve in undesirable activities that harms MQM’s credibility and this is the point where people make general perceptions about MQM by seeing specific activities.

4-They have to publish their master plans for Pakistan’s economy, foreign affairs, education, healthcare and other key issues and present it to people so they can understand what MQM actually have i.e. other than mere slogan of Middle Class Leadership. This shall be helpful for MQM once they shall be reaching all parts of the country for their awareness and election campaigns.

5- They have to start more public welfare activities like KKF & SUN SCHOOL that is their social responsibility. This shall ensure people of Pakistan that MQM is well activated on the venues that are not the houses of power.

This article of mine is in support of MQM upcoming “Punjab Convention”. I am sure that this time MQM shall rock in Punjab and all over Pakistan. They have many good things and they have some bad things also. They just have to polish their good and workout their bad. No one is perfect but here I support the best in the lot and that surely is MQM. There is no one who can stop MQM if they shall always sincerely work for the common man of Pakistan. Go On MQM…………….

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