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These days there are different websites that are facing ban in Pakistan. One of these is the famous social networking site Today I received calls & emails from many of my readers to know what my view point on this issue is. I think it is better to share my view with my other readers also.

Regarding the issue, so being a Muslim there is no second opinion that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. is more than my life. If facebook allows any affair or page that touches in negative the legacy of my Muhammad S.A.W. so I have all my right to post my just reaction against facebook management and those who initiated that sort of shameless act. Regarding the act of Lahore High Court (LHC) to ban facebook all over Pakistan till May 31st, so there is no doubt that LHC have no other option to direct PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) to ban the site where any act is in process that harm the sentiments of Muslims and especially when it is connected to our beloved Prophet S.A.W.

But here my concern is facebook management that has not been initiating any action against many registered reports against the person and page who have started the controversial competition. If I analyze it so I think it in few other dimensions. This is my personal view point and I request people to think over it.

The whole world knows what Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. means to Muslims. I can very openly says that if any followers of religion love their Prophet more than their life so it is Muslims for Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. but some where we forget that this love is meaningless if we don’t opt the way of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. in all aspect of our life. The way we jump on the road with play cards in our hands and we protest wildly is not the norm of anyone who claim himself or herself the followers of Muhammad S.A.W. This type of negative attitude of ours generally becomes an asset for our enemies. They can plan any activity of chaos for us by sponsoring any activity that hurts our sentiments.

If you sees last three years these Social Medias like facebook have been well utilized by Muslims across the globe to start discussions and promoting the cause of Islam. It is the clear cut opportunity to interact with people that have misperceptions about Islam. The way Muslims have been dominating facebook and the way they got their opportunity to clear the misperceptions across the globe has been phenomenal.

If you talk about Pakistan so people have been connecting with each other on national issues and internet has been planting revolution actually. The way youtube is bringing a new concept of mass media and facebook has been giving opportunity to people to connect on national issues is really dangerous for rulers of countries like us and even for the west that thought they can use these types of media to change the identity of Muslim youth. Actually I have been observing for last six months that there were many issues discusses or addressed on facebook’s profiles of youth that is directly related to the failure of respective governments, U.S.A. drown attacks, the way Israel crushing Palestinians etc.

Actually facebook turned the table and it becomes more a tool for people who can never connect with 10 people with their response and buzz for change. Facebook actually gave a platform to people to connect with each other and even it was something that can harm many powers across the globe. It was even not a simple game for a country that has 55% of population based on youth that is below 25 in age. If youtube or facebook keep exposing corrupt rulers so may one day we would have an online revolution that can do what no one can imagine. Even the way whole west was unable to coup Muslim youth proving War on Terror unjustified and blogging for their religious norm has been looking a serious point of concern. I was expecting something to happen because all these forces never like this to go on.

The most important point in all this is the role of facebook management for not removing the controversial pages that even violate their “Report Abuse” policy. People are saying that due to Muslim boycott or ban in Pakistan facebook shall loss a handsome amount of revenue. So my point is simple; was that very difficult for facebook to understand? It simply means they willfully loose their business and if it is so, so for something big!! Why they decided to loose their revenue on the cost of a page that is even violating their terms and conditions. In my view point that is not a non-sponsored act. Who ever have done it had always have an objective to stop Muslims bloging on social networks like facebook and keep the rest of the world away to understand the perspective of Muslim youth. They even didn’t like that people in large numbers (millions) can talk against corrupt governments on social Medias that can be a severe problem for them.

In a nut shell an independent inquiry at highest level has to be initiated that shall involve facebook management, the promoters of disputed and controversial pages; so many facts can come forward. I think now it is a time when Muslims across the world have to understand that it is not that simple. Those who are not our well wishers know what Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. is for us. So they can spoil our love for Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. for accomplishing their objectives and sometimes the act that we think is against them is actually their objective that they planned against us. Indeed facebook management showed a class carelessness and irresponsibility by not removing the controversial page even they are very well efficient in removing many pages even with tolerable contents.

To end this view point I would like to state that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. is the man of legacy and no act can destroy Muhammad S.A.W. legacy when Allah is the protector of Muhammad S.A.W. from when He was alive till now. Being a Muslims we have to learn from Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. journey to TAIF. I think we are really not trying to understand that we have to act in Muhammad S.A.W. way to get success otherwise everyone in the world shall use us by spoiling our emotions. We need to respect and protect the legacy of other prophets also. We need to show us distinct by not becoming the tools of those who want to divert us from our objectives.

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