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"Opinion Post"

I have been seeing on television and thinking that how the time turns. Pastor Terry Jones called for burning the Quran and USA’s government is just touchy is discouraging it because they are more concern of their interest across the globe and their security.

I am seeing all this in entirely different perspective. Quran is far important and even more than my life for me even how sinner I am as a Muslim. But I know that Quran’s message can not be ignored and stop. The Quran is prevailing and this is the future of the world. This is the only scientifically and logically proven holy text after the Bible of God revealed on Jesus Christ A.S. Whatever one man does can not stop our respect for Jesus A.S. and the Bible of God.

Let me state what is my take on this issue and the scenarios in making. Let me start from some quotes of United State’s forefathers.

Abraham Lincoln said that those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. I read once what George Washington said; our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind.

The most important is when I read from Alan Keyes that freedom is not an unlimited license, an unlimited choice, or an unlimited opportunity. Freedom is first of all a responsibility before the God from whom we come.

I have been a fan of USA’s growth and their social liberty before the new millennium regardless of my close study on many of unfair that USA have committed specially in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. They have always been considering the interest of USA and their nation supreme even by selling chaos to the world. They made many of the countries a security state. They socially split the nations in the name of religion and sects to weaken their enemies and for their causes. The US foreign policy have always been bias and based on the interest of what can strengthen USA's capitalist's interest.

USA was actually a state that was started on brilliant principles of social justice and liberty but in the middle of their journey they were hijacked by the capitalists. Their whole nation has been making media as their god, they started believing TV more than their intellect and science. This scenario was well utilized by their establishment that always has been so powerful in USA even more than the vote of common US citizen. The people of USA have been thinking that they are living in a democratic country but actually since 1990s they have not been.

People talked a lot about 9/11 and they thought that 9/11 has become a US license to invade countries and install antiterrorism software in the hardware of countries that US don’t like. But actually 9/11 was the start of activation of weakest attributes of US society.

Those who had seen the economic and financial crises emerging in early 2000s had no other way then selling what even get great profits in economic turmoil. They boost the world’s military expenditures to $1.46 trillion in 2008 that was consisted of US share of 41%. The tally is growing at 4.1% per annum. Whoever planned 9/11 was actually interested in two aspects. First to earn money in form of selling defense and second to plant COST BOMB to US economy that was on the edges of crises. The ways US government reacted on 9/11 was more destructive than 9/11 actually.

I am sorry to state it but it became tit for tat. The way USA had been making countries a security states they became the same security state on 9/11. Their entire focus had shifted on defense and security on 9/11 i.e. in an age when they had to plan their economy. In my view economy for USA is more important than any other country. Declining economy is the threat for US integration and that can easily adds frustration in US people who have been seeing all sort of brisk times for over three decades. It is even more dangerous when majority of their people didn’t know how to live in a country that offers lesser opportunities of growth.

It was from 2001 till now that USA has been declining on economic front and their leverage status and the status of superpower is eating their economic viability. The first cause of whoever planned 9/11 has accomplished. The interesting point is they have not even hurt a nail of Al-Qaeeda or Taliban in this time rather they incur a hell lot of cost and the money of US people on their illogical and crazy campaign.

I think it is hard to realize for US anti Muslim segments that they can not even hurt the interest of Muslims as no one in this world can hurt Muslims other than Muslims. Muslim Nations have a class ability to survive in poor economy and worst social system. This reality is really not exploring in majority of anti Muslim policy makers of US that even don’t represent the majority of US people. How US consider a small group of terrorists as their enemy is another myth. This is really unscientific. I know no one in US shall understand today but their future generation can estimate it after burn.

Now the plan to burn Quran by Pastor Terry Jones is the second step of US destruction. This is more a second hit to the falling wall of the world’s human superpower. They have lost their economy and now it is a turn of their social structure. This can not affect a little to Muslim World other than the US society within. This shall be the end of Washington’s USA and this shall be the end of Lincoln’s America. US citizen’s have no idea that this act shall dislodge the foundation of US society.

This is the time when I understand when Alan said that freedom is not an unlimited license, an unlimited choice, or an unlimited opportunity. Freedom is first of all a responsibility before the God from whom we come. This is the end of responsibility and this is the start of unlimited choice and license. This shall not stop here but it shall divide the Christians in US and as I said that they become a security state while making others so now they shall have religious and sectarian splits in their society same as CIA has been carrying to other countries over the years. Even US have no idea that demographically they have dozens of point to split on.

9/11 and the loss of innocent human beings can not be appreciated anyways but the way it has been responded by U.S.A. is far cruel and unjust. I have many intellectual friends in USA and I love the way they think and regard humanity. I think it is a time for them to think that now they are going towards destruction that is not anyone’s installed but their self destruction mode. If US people shall not be able to produce a leadership that can control all this, then the myth of great norm’s liberal USA shall be a part of history.

I have no idea whether the burning of Quran [a shameless act] shall happen or not, I hope it shall be controlled but here the point has to be taken by US people and they need massive awakening.

Regarding the respect of Quran; so it is not, in any case subjected to the stupidity and ignorance of one man or dozens. I think the Muslim World have to react humbly. I don’t know why we give so much of publicity to this minority stupid stratum. Muslims need to implement Quran in their life and that is all for their respect and revival of the glory of Islam in form of their political, social and economic system.

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Soul Skinner Says:

9/11 was indeed a planned destruction of USA or in other words the powerful lobbies conspired to threaten muslim world by engaging USA in the so called war against terror. USA was once an economic power house now it is struggling to fuel its economy. It has fallen prey to the deadliest enemies of human kind that is jewish lobbies. USA presumes that Israel is its “dog” however it is other way round. The America dream has actually turned into a nightmare just because USA is now a pawn of the Zionist lobbies which are serving their own purposes and USA has been tightly grabbed in their clutches.

12 - September - 2010 02:58:15 PM

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