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I have been seeing many people with excuses of luck (or fortune) & system for not performing or initiating an effort in my country. If we analyze these terms LUCK & SYSTEM, these are merely the index of our own weakness rather than the genuine reasons of avoiding or failing in some aspect.

I start from “Luck or Fortune”. I have been listening since my childhood that Allah (the only God) is the final authority to award failure or success to any of our efforts. I am now of 27 and with a little level of intellect, I accept the statement whole heartedly and with no doubt in my mind on Allah (the only God)’s authority on our success and failures. I can not be Muslim with out accepting it. But have any of us tries to understand that Allah (the only God) is not unjust to fail us while seeing the best of will, efforts and faith? In my personal view “NO”. Allah (the only God) can not be unjust to mankind to dislodge their efforts for nothing. There must be a reason that we some time mark merely as LUCK. This is the first step of ignorance of understanding the real cause of our failure. Now if someone can not convince Allah (the only God) for giving him/her success so it is simply his/her failure rather than Luck or Fortune or Allah (the only God)’s will. If you are doing perfect job for you boss so he will always regard your request even though your boss’s authority is limited but if you are doing whatever Allah (the only God) commands to you so How you can imagine that Allah (the only God) will decline your efforts for your business, life or whatever aspect of consideration. He is more just than anyone, He is more powerful in rewarding than anyone, He is truest evaluator than anyone & He is the freest to award than anyone.

If anyone, a businessman, student, professional or common man will start studying first 700 years of Islam, they will not believe in LUCK but Allah (the only God). If we believe LUCK or FORTUNE more than Allah (the only God) so being a caliph of Allah (the only God) we worship LUCK & FORTUNE more than Allah (the only God). Even if LUCK or FORTUNE exists so they are the creatures of Allah (the only God) as all other than Allah (the only God) are creatures. Now when Allah (the only God) is the final authority to approve or disapprove some thing, so you have to know the way to convince Allah (the only God) as a final authority. Let we all have to make it an essential part of our projects or endeavors that we will care the aspects required by Allah (the only God) for the success. If we get failure in our efforts even by applying all force of the world so it means we fails in convincing Allah (the only God) or may we under look some parameter that Allah (the only God) would like us to do for the success of the particular project. So if we claim we are the best managers so we have to manage our relation with Allah (the only God). In my view the success is from Allah (the only God) & a failure is because of our lacking in performance, it is as per the concept of Quran also.

I know whenever we talk about performance, we as a nation must point out LUCK or FORTUNE as constraints. So I started while clearing my concept for Luck & Fortune. I am not saying that I am a good practicing Muslim but my god is not LUCK, FORTUNE OR FATE but Allah (the only God) who is so kind to His people and never rejects the applications with all documents intact. It is my belief after a brief study of Quran and Sunnah. People can keep their concepts as all are free to opt their ways. It is my problem that I can not accept people’s injustice, unfairness and failure (or my failure) on the name of FATE, LUCK or FORTUNE. I don’t like people to disgrace my Allah (the only God) to cover their own acts that lead to curse, chaos and failures. I know my international readers will think that I am making it more religious but the people living in my country (Pakistan) regards religion and practice it to certain extent, so it is also the part of land’s business, political & social practices and behaviors.

If we study the pattern of challenges that our nation faces on performance front, one of the biggest excuses is system. Why people are not coming in their own business? Excuse is SYSTEM. Why we will not involve in POLITICS to make our country better? Excuse is SYSTEM. Why a common man will not raise the voice against corruption? Excuse is system. Why I will not protest against my boss if he takes illegal or immoral action against my work mate in office? Excuse is SYSTEM. Why I will stand in honor of my corrupt rich relative? Excuse is SYSTEM. I never understand what is this SYSTEM all about? Is it a monster that will eat us or it the cover of our own weaknesses and lesser courage? What maximum this SYSTEM can do? Just hinder our performance opportunities and stop us doing and taking chances. So ok, try, try, try and try. I am sure one day we will win but this system will die. Any SYSTEM based on unjust and oppression is the index of our own weaknesses and no courage in our heart to fight it out. Was that a SYSTEM that made 5000 English Officials (soldiers & administration) ruled the whole subcontinent for over 100 years illegally, immorally & brutally? No, it was the weaknesses of millions of the people of Sub Continent that made them rule otherwise they were not capable to rule even for 100 minutes.

Today, we have been hearing the stories of corruption in our countries. We are seeing our country getting back in the corruption era of 1990s. We calculate Sugar Prices, we calculate 80 plus sugar mill owners who are inflating the prices of sugar and they belong to the political elite of Pakistan. We calculate the oil prices & taxes and cry on the burdens on our nation. We calculate every thing. But can we calculate how many people are they who are making us living in misery. If they are not more than 100,000 over the nation of 160 million, so who is responsible for our destruction? Is that these people, the SYSTEM or we?

Today we have to set these two excuses, LUCK (OR FORTUNE) & SYSTEM aside. If we want to grow personally or as a nation, we have to create an excuses free society. Otherwise even if we would be capable of reaching the Jupiter and we have excuses of LUCK & SYSTEM, we can even not exist on Earth. Capability is not the only index of national progress. It is all courage, self confidence and bravery that count to convert capability in success. We have to come out from the world of excuses. We have to be true enough in saying whether we can do it or not rather than proving ourselves so innocent that fortunes are not favoring us or the System is bad.

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Asma Says:

i wish we can enlighten this thought among 160 Million people, but unfortunately the major chuck of our population is illiterate; who are the major ones promoting this SYSTEM thing in Pakistan since they say they have to earn their bread in this country only... going against the flow will destroy them. While the elite class is ruling and their generations have already planned their future abroad so they dnt have to bear the consequences of this system SO THEY DNT CARE... We need to bring uniformity in our thoughts as a nation i believe than only we can break these shackles of SYSTEM

24 - November - 2009 07:27:15 PM

Muhammad Farhan Says:

Well basically we are the part of a nation where majority of us believe on Luck and Fortune but the thing is that our efforts make our Luck or you can say our success. A person who is in home all the time and he is saying that i will not work or i will not do any kind of job and ALLAH has promised to all mankind that He will give us food. But the thing is that if you are not going outside your home and no hardworking and efforts so who is gonna give you that.. Untill and unless you work hard and show some efforts which will make your way to a successful person.

30 - January - 2010 07:31:36 AM

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