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There are no ideal conditions in life

I have no idea how come people think that they shall initiate their endeavors once the conditions would be ideal. I have no idea why people think that we can not do anything in a society where doing anything looks impossible. Yes I can say one thing that this is simply an approach of losers. I have never found any great successful personality that work in an ideal condition because the great successes always derive from the adverse of conditions.

I heard once that winners translate dreams into reality and losers translate reality into dreams. The best idea will not work until you work the idea. When I heard these sentences first I thought it merely magical words that have no practical meanings. But since I have been associated with people and companies I came to know the reality of it.

The scarcity in our working environment is not of opportunities. It is actually a shortage of initiatives that we have been bearing that is making our great potential unused. There are people who are carrying their roles as students, corporate professionals and sportsman but they get frustrated once they see success not coming their way. They have an easy excuse that this system can not support us to be successful. I am really sorry those who need support can never be come successful. Success comes from collaborations never from supports.

Why we go to West to take examples of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates? Let us see our surface. The one who hardly manages to accomplish his intermediate education due to poverty become Dr. Abdus Salam, the only man who got Noble Prize from Pakistan in Physics. A man who had difficulties to economically survive while he was studying DJ Science College in Karachi becomes Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the top atomic scientist of the country.

I have just quoted two instances otherwise there are many. None of them worked in ideal circumstances but they worked excuse-free. The main difference between them and those who can’t is they said it is up to me and that who can’t says I can’t. Now if you are sure you can’t so how you can. If you says you can so ultimately your mind try to sort the way to make it. But simply waiting for ideal circumstances is useless. Your initiative can construct ideal situation neither your wait for it.

I have been seeing people chasing to be successful in the field in financial markets. They worked their MBAs and once they don’t receive initial success they start crying with lame excuses. I can believe them but when I came to know the myths of KALIA & KHANANI, AQEEL KARIM DHEDHI etc then I get my belief strengthen for the other part of the myth. They started from the scratch with no MBAs or foreign qualifications but they are now the icons in the market. I am not saying doing MBA is worthless but any education that adds fear in you and hinders your initiatives is just a degree or certificate but not an education or training. Here we need to embed a character of success in our personality with our education.

The point is simple that no one becomes great while waiting for ideal conditions. Even nothing great can be done in ideal conditions because it is ideal conditions that termed great rather than those who achieve in it. The class builds once the conditions are adverse and challenge is on prime. The great personalities are blessed once their exposure is towards adverse scenarios.

We need to program ourselves for success and this programming is always addressing the volatile environment rather than waiting to have ideal conditions to start initiatives. We can not wait for good news; we need to create good news anyways. We always need to jot down our variables by keeping clear targets in vision. If one way is not working so we have to sort relevant alternatives. Generally youth get frustrated while they are unable to attain initial success because they only focus on one channel or they try to knock on all the channels. We need to have targeted area and diverse alternatives within that area.

Sometimes we need to change our focus and sometimes we need to change our perceptions. Both changes depend upon the reality of ours. It is actually we who can, rather than what environment can do for us. It is very important to do something different but sometimes it is important to do something. If we are not having an ideal task in our hand so whatever we have in our hand we have to do it in a way that looks so ideal within its premises to the world. We can not get ideal to work but we have to make our work ideal even if we are doing something really normal.

The things that distinct successful and failed people are initiatives & no give up. It is really foolish to wait for ideal conditions in the world that is projecting declining economies, social & political crises and deteriorating morality & ethics. If change is vital in business the world, society and in personal aspects of life so it shall come from our inner and the work that we carry even seeing the harsh volatility in surroundings. There are no ideal conditions in life; we have to construct ideal scenarios by working what that looks impossible. Believe it people that the best can be done where & when the worst is happening. So Go On!!!!

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hayat khan Says:

i am very pleased to see your column ....but beleive me my mind is still fused. in this market with out job how can u servive. feeling unhappy..... waiting for something good happen thanks Hayat khan

26 - June - 2016 07:33:26 AM

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