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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED


I think they can better start a new cartoon program that they think in their own perception as “super leaks”. Whatever Wikileaks has been revealing is not exactly a secret for a common man in Pakistan. At least not a secret for those who have a little brain to see U.S. foreign policy and her dynamics over last thirty years.

What if someone says someone a dirt or danger? What if Pakistani Politicians and Military chief visit U.S. Ambassador [U.S. viceroy to Pakistan]? Come on! We don’t need written text to understand the United States of America & our brotherly Islamic countries that have been so known for OH I SEE. They can even say donkey to each other. Who cares?

In my view whatever they are leaking are drops that they want to add in a massive flood that has already been there for ages. At least I can say that for whatever they have revealed as on December 01 2010.

Now the claims of jeopardizing Ummah and Islamic Unity are really silly. Those leaders who can not live without a bottle of wine and warmth of prostitutes can make nothing, even if they get united for a big cause. There is no harm that Islamic Unity can have if whatever they said privately for each other shall reveal.

Arab rivalry with Iran is even not new. It appears more once the foundation of Islamic brotherhood had departed. Why it is so interesting that Saudis think worst about Iran or U.A.E. wanted them to be controlled. Can’t we see what Sindhis think about Punjabis and what Balooch thinks about others in our own homeland? Islamic nations are more racist now than ever before after living a brotherly ages under Prophet [peace be upon him] & Rashidun Caliphs.

Now regarding the authenticity of the documents presented by Wikileaks; so whatever I can say is that they can be authentic or not but who says that the U.S. Statesman are credible enough to write rational. Even then whatever they wrote is not more than the scope of a myth of a Kindergarten classroom. I am really enjoying after seeing how many stupidest are governing the international scene of power and foreign affairs.

This post of mine is the result of some emails that I have got from my readers otherwise Wikileaks is not my 100th priority even. I think we don’t need to waste a lot of our time on this kind of stuff. Our media also need to react sensible. The main point is our own mobilization to make our country strong and prosperous.

Yes we are living an age of problems in our national life. Even our corrupt and slave leaders are the index of our own incapability to standup and work aggressive for our national pride. Our priorities being a youth of this country need to be education, entrepreneurships & invasion of Pakistan political scene. Being a citizen of this country more demanded actions and reactions of ours must be in response to direct social and economic challenges of this country rather than crying on our today or past.

Let us stand together. Let us do something of worth that can never be denied. Let us leave these conspiracy theories. Let us see visible open issues rather than waiting to hear from Wikileaks that what these corrupt leaders and unethical Super Power have done with us. The most important question is that what we have been doing when they were playing with the future of our country and generations? So do something and make Pakistan and this Islamic Ummah greatest as it actually deserve. Address the flood of chaos rather than the leaks of silly unethical statesmanship of so called developed countries of the world.

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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