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The things that our politicians knows very well


Sometime I feel that why we have such a stupid lot of politicians? How those who are not eligible to work as assistant managers of corporate entities come to run our country as prime minister or ministers?


How a group of wine drinkers were able to organize Islamic Summit Conference in Lahore back in 1974 and our nation thought that it is a step towards Islamic unity? How our people could think that a man who cried when he went behind the bars in 1999 was enough brave to take a decision of testing our atomic power in 1998?


How our political leaders are considered more than God or Prophets by their followers? How a man can not respond to the call of prayers five times a day from Masjid while he is so efficient to move on the call of his political leader?


How are we so ignorant to support those people who have a great record of corruption all the times? How are we so cruel to vote killers and looters so they can rule our treasury & economy? How a person studying in west with no knowledge about our land can become Chairman of a big political party of our country?


How easily we call the most corrupt and cruel politicians “Martyr or Shaheed” once they died as TIT for TAT in aftermath? Are we so stupid and senseless to call Piroh or Namrood or Abraha “A Martyr or Shaheed” if they would be there to die in our time?


Hence there are many questions that circulate in my mind. But I know the answers though.


It is all because our politicians know some things very well:


1-      We as a nation have almost disconnected from our ideology that was the base of making our country. So the nation that put her face behind from her commitment can not stand as a nation of character so they do deserve characterless leaders.


2-      Our politicians knows very well that we were the part of Indian society that worships cultures, idols, superior in power and human beings of authority so now they can easily make themselves a point of worship for those people who hardly knows who deserve worship even if they say themselves “Muslims”.


3-      Our politicians know very well that being a nation we never leave a chance to get involve in corruption whenever we gets an opportunity. So they never mind going the way we are. It gives confidence to them when they see illegal hooking over electricity cables in localities where people come out to protest against corruption.


4-      Our politicians know very well that if a child respects his father a lot even when he knows that he earn bribery so how can he stand against them when they do the same with this country?


5-       Our politicians knows very well that even if our people gets super degrees and qualifications they shall still stand as selfish to work for their own rather than society so who is there to stop them when they become worst for country or people.


6-      Our politicians knows very well that we are being so inspired by vulgarity of international TV channels who lead us from far away so, we have all the tendency to be inspired by them even once they lead us from overseas with a mere telecast.


7-      Our politicians knows very well that whoever become rightly educated shall go out of Pakistan and shall not come back to serve Pakistan again, so they always have an opportunity to mold illiterates and name sake educated people the way they want.


8-      Our politicians know very well that we are not “one nation”. We are a society divided in our provincial, lingual & clannish biases so they even don’t need to divide us, they just need to rule.


I can put a lot more in the list but I am really sorry people that I have no doubt in saying that we don’t need to have good politicians or leaders rather we need to be a good nation first to change our pathetic self to glorious. Once we are done with it then the rest shall lead us the way it has to be.

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Amir Nasiruddin Sayani Says:

Yes True!!! ALLAH TALA us qum ki halat nahi badalta jo khod apni halat badalny ki koshis na kary .

13 - May - 2011 10:30:48 AM

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