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The superficial and stressed WE

It has been a common problem with me that whenever I try to install advance games to my notebook the performance of my notebook reduce to inadequate to perform normal routine ops. It is obvious that I have to upgrade my notebook configuration like RAM etc to go all smooth with sophisticated and highly advance games.

But actually it is not the end of the problem. After every six month there is a new game and it need new up gradation of my system. It also needs cost to incur and a kind of a hassle. It is for last some months that I stop installing games on my notebook to perform my high worth professional operations effectively.

Life is easy without games and I know I shall adjust myself because my current working with my notebook worth in term of monetary advantages and it is actually my knowledge base today.

If I turn this issue to the life that we are having these days, so it is not so different from my notebook. We are accumulating activities in the account of entertainment and fun. We think these activities are making us lively but actually everything is stressing our life and really very sorry to say, they are not actual but highly artificial.

We do not understand but our life is getting more cosmetic. The race of looking different is making us so ordinary. People spending a hell lot of money on dresses, sun glasses, parties, dance gatherings, stupid social gatherings etc. but end of the day they are not happy even exchanging gigantic laughter.

Youth is more mobilize to organize concerts, fashion shows, cultural activities, beach parties etc and education goes in escape. Science and technology is literally absent in a nation that has a class potential to become greatest in engineering and technology. And then we talk about our economy. We cry for our future and we anticipate a miracle that can change our fate.

See our houses; we are almost sick in relationships. We smile when it comes to have a family photograph but when we see inside our family structure so it is highly unstable. We try to hide our frustration of being so isolated from our roots in a loud music.

On every second year of our life we appear with different friends because friendship is rare in an age when we keep hundred of friends on facebook that share class stupidity and we smile and laugh on third class jokes. If we don’t like someone so it is just a click away to remove from friend list. A minority of people use these social networks for worthy activity because we have lost worth in us.

Regardless of thinking to do something better for the society we prefer to pass one email or scrap on social network to discharge our liability. If you see different social networks it sounds that if you wake up the other morning so you shall see revolution prevailing. But actually it is all superficial. It is all the representation of our frustrate inner and courage free mass.

We enjoy reality shows on TV that have everything other than reality. We live in the fantasy to become popular if fate can give us any opportunity. We actually have no idea that it is great performances that construct great fames and successes. Today we are unable to produce Dr. Mehboob Ul Haq, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Dr. Abdus Salam because we become so sophisticated that stops us to work hard or rather with determination.

We are seeing enormous problem that surrounds our society. But if we see the majority social blogs and networks on internet so we feel that our problems are others. Who will win the football world cup? Even we are not so physically & skillfully fit to produce a football team from the nation of 180 million people. We are more interested to know how we look good after copying designs of Armani and Versace. Even we see many of our people who have no food to die everyday to wake up to witness the horror of a new day.

It is not a criticism on anyone; it is my criticism on my own self. I think this over sophistication and the race to sound modern is making me so superficial. I am not structured to live this life style and this is making me highly stressed even when I pose smiling before the world and list my successes as an index of my satisfaction.

Today I have rejected to be a part of this life style. What I have done with my notebook is exactly what I have to do with myself. Getting simple is the only way to be extraordinary. The more I reduce the part of nonsense and stupid activities in my life the more I shall have time to do activities of worth. I am a human being I am not a machine. When machine need ease from advance games to optimize her performance in limited configuration so how I can ignore this aspect for my own self.

The most important thing to entertain you is service of people, leaving the bad habits of yours, living a quality time with your people, sustaining in your relationships and discharging your liabilities for God. All other is so superficial and stressed in term of activities. I am starting thinking and implementing. What about you? Are you really satisfied with the sense of superficial satisfaction that you have today? Are you ready to face the reality of life that you shall have once you end your life to enter the life of reality?

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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