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The mindset crisis with our people

A group of people killed two brothers by declaring them robbers. The incident took place in Sialkot and renowned as Sialkot Lynching. The whole nation protested against it and it brings one point as common that who are people to declare someone a robber and kill them without investigation and proof even if they would be?

I am really very sorry but the same the nation have done when they came to know about the report of match fixing by The News of the World earlier this weekend. We have decided that our cricket team or some players are involved in match fixing with out spoiling a moment to think on it.

What exactly is the substance that made us prove our players guilty of match fixing, let us see:

Our Support to Allegation: Mohamamad Amir bowled a big no ball. How the no ball can be that far from the umpire line? My point: What I can say? Is that a first long line crossed no ball in the history of cricket.

Our Support to Allegation: The video came up with a scene of match fixer taking name of Pakistani players and telling the reporter of The News of the World that following balls shall be no balls in forth coming match. My point: What exactly suggest us that the recorded video is representing before battle scenario? If it was so, so why The News of the World haven’t taken ICC Anti Corruption Unit on board for observation on the lined up match?

Our Support to Allegation: The photograph of Salman Butt is there with Match Fixer and the reporter. My point: on this ground we can suspect that Osama Bin Laden is having support of American people because he has many photographs with Americans before he planned 9/11.

Our Support to Allegation: The issue is very severe that is why Scotland Yard entered the room of Pakistani players and taken their belongings in custody. My point: What is new in it? Didn’t they enter Iraq on weakest evidence that is even unproven as on now? Just if police enter someone’s house so they are criminal?

What I can say other than this that we are such a drama people. We responded so quickly on the issues on which we have to think a lot and we never responds on the issues where the reaction time is very little and things are crystal clear.

I just watched Kashif Abbasi’s show on TV in which he explores the history of The News of the World. They have a history of dozens false allegations. They put allegations on David Becham to Brad Pit and all the times they proved baseless and paid demurrages to the parties. Yes in my opinion they are even in profit by doing this. Creating a media hike for a week or month and making money. What if they prove wrong and pay a little of it in consequence. Even we as a nation can believe them and HAMARAY SAR SHARAM SEY JHUK JATAY HAINE!!!!! What a drama people are we!

But what I can say to you my people? You are the best in making cry over nothing and living calm where your voice is required. Can’t you see that the video that The News of The World has produced is weakest on forensic standards? The way they put camera in sting operation is highly unusual. The bookie who said that I can not trust on The News of the World’s reporter abruptly trusts him and explores all tricks of the trade in few days. They put British Pounds on table like the way they are seeing them first time.

Where we as a nation and media stand in this? We have started proving a weak myth by our weakest attitude and conspiracy mindset. Isn’t it like Sialkot lynching? Isn’t it a verdict before investigation? Isn’t it is prove that how sick are we? Isn’t it a witness of our ridiculous mentality?

By the way the harsh point in this is: those who never left a single chance of cheating in examinations, taking bribery, looting the country by corruption, teaching bullshits in the classrooms, weighing less in the shops are raising voice against corruption. I think we need to see before raising our voice that do we have enough character to say it? May the world shall say SEE WHO IS SAYING!

I can not say that who is right or who is wrong except that the issue has to be investigated properly and if Pakistani players shall proven innocent so The News of the World has to be taken high handedly to the extent of efforts to banned this rubbish Newspaper. We need to penalize all local media who has producing songs, parodies and jokes on this national embracement. Let us give investigation a way to prove things rather our claims of hanging our players. In my view we just got a chance to shower our anger on bad performance of our national cricket team and our national crises with the help of The News of The World’s report. This is highly unfair anyways.

Let us not make our players unproven guilty. If they proved so then we have a life to do what we usually do and feel proud about it. I am not saying that we are 100% free of bad attributes but my point is: we are making ourselves 100% bad before the world in our conventional mindset that we have to leave now.

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Ali Q Says:

sir u should chck out Vina Maliks take on this whole senario , she is like i knew it and now i feel like i should tell u everythng as my my nation needs to knw :P ie Vina saw and heard Asif doing it :P

30 - August - 2010 10:08:40 PM

Bilal Ali Qureshi Says:

I would like to make a point here after watching all this on news and media..i just ask one simple question in which century are we living in? 21st right! and we are much familiar with the concepts of plastic money and electronic money. Even in Pakistan its usage is very common among the middle and upper classes..The fixer is living in 1st world country and one of the biggest financial hub of the world! He is a rich young lad so i guess he must have all the resources to transfer money online where ever in the world he wants to. However he paid note by note hand by hand in this age just to bring in notice in the video that money is involved in the deal. How can we believe this video without any further investigation by an independent party.

30 - August - 2010 10:45:49 PM

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