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Special Post for Sep 29 2011, the sixth anniversary of my love that stays unconditional...



Hardly few can understand because few can have the love that is unconditional.


In today’s world where everyone is seeking to forecast what benefits he/she can derive from the relation there are few who knows the importance of being standing over the feeling that is truly unmatchable.


I know it would be the easiest but how disgraceful it would be to surrender the crude honest sentiments of your heart once you see the winds starts blowing in opposite direction. But surely few can stand and march over the ways of originality of heart.


Today’s world is incredible whereby we let other destroyed over making of our own settlements. Even then we believe in God but merely to the extent that we credit all our sins and carelessness in the account of fate.


We never sees that we missed the courage that we had to show when the unexpected was reaching our love. We were more concern that how we could have a calm settlement. Even if this settlement is over the cost of being so selfish to ruin the emotions of anyone, it become fair for us because we just want to get out of the timely troubles in our way.   


Regardless of anything, any condition, any opposition the true love stays unconditional. This never sees the material norms of the world and people. This love stays for ages and ages and bears the cost of emotional destruction. But never have he regretted neither he surrendered.


Over the history of mankind the love that stays unconditional has been changing the scenes of totality by beating the oppressive and selfish conventions of the society.


If you do something that you recognize as true and just then you can not go back. There is always a way forward. But those ways are only for those who keep their stands high and over whatever harsh and harm they bear.  


There are always miseries. There is always a sheer opposition. There are always our own mistakes. But they are not something that bothers the souls who knows the worth of life over the importance of standing over just positions.


Care, concern and commitment are the easiest to claim but if all of them are conditional; then they are nothing.


I hope all of you who love someone must understand that if your love is true then it stays unconditional and if it is not then it is a mere affair or attraction that is lesser worthy than doing it.


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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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