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In last some days I have been thinking a lot on scenarios arising in my life and generally in society. Sometimes life is too confusing to the extent of simplicity and it is equally simple to the extent of confusion. I am not saying that life is a new philosophy. It is as old as human beings or even as old as God but it brings new meaning to old statements and scripts always. This is the delta of innovation in true sense. Why I am here and why I need to work for hereafter? The answer is not so simple even it is clear that everything exists. Actually we know every thing but it is difficult for us to implement our knowledge to our sinful inner so we can march on the way of destiny bravely and to success.

People around us are maintaining the depth of oceans but this depth is highly meaningless as it is only the depth; but free of treasures of true concept that are required for positive change. It is all because knowledge is now becoming a commodity and a product of showing high caliber rather than a tool of bring harmony and peace to people’s life and progress. The desire of having too much ease in our life is exposing us to miseries.

It becomes our habit to disgrace those who have all the instincts of grace and those who have noting to respect for are our gods. Yesterday I was traveling in the city and I found the banners showing Benazir Bhutto as a real leader of this country. Yes it is logical because her people have money to spend on billboards containing her praise but the founder of this nation (Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah) is too inferior so he is limited to some statements and few teasers on the television channels even Dec 25th is his day. They made a qualified lady politician that superior so the interior Minister of Sindh said that they thought to break Pakistan on the death of Benazir Bhutto. They relaxed and didn’t make it because Mr. Zardari raised PAKISTAN KHAPPY (Pakistan to Exist). It simply means that today’s Pakistan is the courtesy of Mr. Zardari and we all know what sort of character Mr. Zardari is in our politics.

I am a Pakistani and I just want to say one thing to whole Pakistan Peoples Party and their leadership don’t think it ever; we will not let you do this again with Pakistan. Pakistan is superior than 1000 Benazir & Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. You have no idea that if your leader is the daughter of the East so the sons of Pakistan are enough to tumble all you to East and West and through you in the Arabian sea with all the records of your corruption and splitting Pakistan once. Consider our sleep as our generosity that you are still our rulers even you have no moral or rational eligibility to rule this country. We respect the caliber of Mr. Bhutto and Benazir but this never means that we will hear your bullshits for Pakistan. I know this sentence of mine is against the principles of communication but Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza, you deserve it.

Why we are cursing our leaders? See ourselves and understand why they are our rulers. The way we are defining our today for our generations to come shall not make us respectable for them in their today. We have been hearing and watching a hell lot of discussion on television about various issues and we project ourselves like sacred. But the base of the problem is our own entities. We are only interested in creating the depth of oceans but this depth is so empty to bring any positive change in our social structure and lifestyle. It generally happen when knowledge become fashion and has nothing to do with changing our own inner and society.

Some days before I got a chance to attend a marriage ceremony in one of the city’s five star hotels. The Nikkah sermon was recite by the well known religious personality of the city. He was talking about many things but not a single time he pointed out that if you would spend Rupees 10 million on one marriage ceremony so how you can mobilize society for betterment. It was all fun and songs in the city where it is even not possible for a lot of parents to arrange marriages for their daughters because they have no resources to do so. Our youth is so mobilize to talk big things but when it comes to convince their parents to avoid show offs so they are not so effective because they also want fun. They want fun in a society where people are giving their life for chasing the bags of flour. Again we have depth of oceans in knowledge but no courage to implement this depth for positive changes. End of the day we are making these sacred relations as event to cheer but see the results, like west we are having same problems in our family system. Expensive marriages are making divorce cheaper in our society. This is just the beginning and I am sure if we shall not deviate from our behavior so the outcomes shall be worst.

I know you can observe that my today’s script is too scattered and it is difficult to understand that what is my basic point or objective. The objective is simple, it is all depth of ocean that we are creating from our words and statements but we are not ready to implement our own thinking. We are just too good in discussing good concepts but when it comes to work these in our own life so we can not sacrifice the patterns that we have been working even we know that they are false. It is from our political system to basic society; we are always involved in making big statements but there is no work visible on implementation front. This applies to every one of us including me.

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Talal Sharif Says:

True !!

28 - December - 2009 02:38:46 PM

NoNi Says:

you hve no fear of death. writing against power players.

28 - December - 2009 03:49:53 PM

Saqib Omer Saeed Says:

Noni, Is that a warning or a question?? Anyways, I love to bear the death but staying quite on injustice and oppression is difficult especially when I am knowing the reality of life i.e. just one breather that will not come out from inside even when I shall not stand for Justice. So OBJECTIVE & MISSION is important than life and regading life so Allah is the best protector untill He want to award me a real grandure of top death. May God Bless you and give you the wisdom to judge the realities AMEEN. Pakistan is the passion that I can not drop @ anycost.

28 - December - 2009 04:15:14 PM

Iqra Akhlaq Says:

If some one thinks that he or his party has made Pakistan and he and his party can break Pakistan, these people should come out of their sleeps to know the realities. This land is not the property of ANY individual nor its easy to break.Inspite of all the flaws and faults of the people of Pakistan, they are still reticent enough to protect their land from being broken.

29 - December - 2009 08:47:50 PM

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