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It has been always difficult for me when I use to stand in Entrepreneurship lecture session in University of Karachi and talk with my students. I still feel people in Pakistan perceive Entrepreneurship & Business as synonym. This ambiguity in perception is the main cause of shortage in value addition in an economy whereby Business becomes privilege of those who have “easy access to capital” or they have their ancestor’s set businesses. The death of business system is the lack of entrepreneurship culture; entrepreneurship culture, which gives motivation, courage and electricity to every rational common person to jump in business.

Here I don’t want to discuss in wholesome the differences between a businessman and an entrepreneur but some instincts that distinct entrepreneur from businessman in my view.

There are people who use to be so consistent in one discipline like textile, pharmaceutical, dairy, realty etc. They never like to deviate if their discipline of business is all set to their desired level of return. They moves to other sectors once they feel panic in their core discipline. Entrepreneurs are entirely different in attitude. They doesn’t use to do business of textile, pharmaceutical, dairy, realty etc. but they use to do the BUSINESS OF BUSINESS. This is the blue area where the entrepreneur works. They are the restless souls and curious minds. They even like to jump in Risky opportunities by sacrificing their set businesses. I know many people would oppose me in this but the hierarchy of needs of entrepreneur start with Self Esteem and ends on Self Actualization. They are relatively lesser bother of basic needs. They are more a big match player.

I remember that I gave a case study to my students (last week) connected to RELIANCE master mind Dhirubhai Ambani. Students presented many attributes of Ambani’s personality as an entrepreneur but in my view Dhirubai’s will to do BUSINESS OF BUSINESS made him more an entrepreneur than a businessman. Dhirubhai Ambani’s three decades of success in business (textile, petrochemicals, telecommunication, realty, financial sector, energy, power, infrastructure services, capital markets & logistics) gives us a lesson that entrepreneurs never stops neither they are satisfied merely with good returns. They are creative people who always seek opportunities and many times they convert unbearable risks in opportunities. They never feel infinities beyond their reach. They are the people who weed out the word of UNCONTROLLABLE & UNMANAGEABLE from their vocabulary. Dhirubhai Ambani started business with no family background in prosperity and he became one out of the richest folk. You can have examples of Donald Trump in U.S.A. Laxhmi Mittal & Vijay Malaya in India, Mian Mohammad Manhsa & Arif Habib in Pakistan. Even though most of these folks have family business backgrounds but they put all their net worth on stake at some point of their life for some thing unseen and innovative in term of idea. This makes these people an entrepreneur also. Their versatility and diversification is the key concept to study.

Doing business of business is not an easy task. Here you have to jump in areas where many times you have no expertise. Your intention must be so exclusive to learn while working it and managing any hassle that comes in its way. This needs a lot of character that many times you can not find in the businessman of US$ 10 billion net worth. The entrepreneurs are distinct in class in this regard. Business is not a privilege for entrepreneurs but a passionate opportunity. They have high class shock absorbing nerves that makes them optimistic, even in the scenes of frustration for others.

Pakistan’s basic problem is lack of entrepreneurs. We have many businessmen but the number of real entrepreneurs is lesser. The system that has to produce Entrepreneurships & Entrepreneurs is failed because we have no proper training system to induce youth towards businesses. The fear of loss and risk stops us getting gains. Self esteemed and Self Actualization of educated people is compromised by working for some stupid & illiterate earners of money. Every body want to be an employee, the desire of becoming employer is absent in general.

The potential of Pakistan is not lesser than any other progressive country in the world. I have firm believe that if the majority of our top business graduates prefer their own business over employment so the issue of unemployment would be resolved to the extent that we will have to hire people from abroad also (to cover the shortage of human resources in our economy). Today we have a fear of GDP growth lesser than 2.5%. This issue can be resolved for long term by creating an environment of entrepreneurships. Lets people have a concept of doing Business of Business.

I end this short article by saying; the one that can not leave his/her career, comfort, current stable state and certainty for one massive idea that can enhance self esteem & actualization, are not entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs even leave this self esteemed & actualization behind once it has achieved for any other new and more power level of self esteemed and actualization as they are doing the Business of Business. All other people who are involve in selling & servicing activities as owners are normal businessman but not entrepreneurs.

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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