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Synergy Crises of Energy in Pakistan

Energy crises is the term that is now not new to the world and even for Pakistan. Everyone is talking on it. Some of our ministers are claiming that it is from God that there is no water so we have to face energy crises. We have IPPs, Ministry of Power, Alternative Energy Development Board and number of institution working in their own perceptions.

I have been a greatest fan of Pakistan’s potential. The day when I heard first that we have shortage of energy I thought that it is nothing but a misperception. I tried to find out the realities and the variables on the ground.

While living in the country where we are facing 8 to 10 hours load shedding and our industries are getting suffer due to shortage of power I know its look odd to say that our problem is not the shortage of Energy Resources. We are actually facing synergy crises. It is the crises where people who are responsible to provide energy to different sectors of economy and society are not serious and even not capable.

The prime business hub of the country “Karachi” is facing the shortage of 700 MW against the total demand of 2200 MW. Pakistan’s current installed capacity is around 19,845 MW that consists of 20% from hydroelectric sources and the rest from thermal, gas and oil resources. It is really amazing that out of our installed capacity we are producing about 13,146 MW to meet our demand of 16, 484 MV (summer peak).

PEPCO accuses IPPs in this regard that they produce 3800 MW on average out of their confirmed capacity of 5,800 MW. IPP blame PEPCO that they don’t pay IPPs on time so they run their fuel stocks under the required standard of minimum 21 days.

One of the problems that we have is our focus to produce energy mainly from oil and gas. At the moment Pakistan is producing 80% of her energy by oil and gas. On the other side massive resources of coal, wind, solar and hydro energy are unspoiled. Even when it comes to produce atomic energy it is easy for us to say that it would be costly and the world shall hinder us. If we live in excuses so there would be no possibility that we could research for making expensive process cheaper.

Even when we are discussing the profile of energy in Pakistan, it is a dilemma that we lost 30% of power in transit mainly because of our obsolete electricity infrastructure. Riaz Haq (an author / researcher) quoted ADB and World Bank in his research that a lack of spare high-voltage grid capacity limits the transmission of power from hydroelectric plants in the north to make up for shortfalls in the south.

It is indeed a chaos that Pakistan is the richest in energy resources whereby “Environmental Peace Review” reveals that Pakistan is fortunate to have something that other countries don’t have that is high wind speeds near major centers of activity. It is near Islamabad where winds travel at 13.8 to 16.5 miles per hour and near Karachi where it travel at 13.8 to 15.4 miles per hour. According to Ms Katz (writer and researcher of South Asian Energy Potential) there is a corridor between Gharo and Keti Badar that alone can produce electricity up to 40,000 to 50,000 mega watts.

The research of Mr. Riaz Haq have pointed out that Pakistan is fortunate to have many rivers and lake so wind tribunes adjacent to lake and rivers can enjoy uninterrupted flow of wind because they can not be hindered by tall buildings.

Other than wind we have remarkable resources of Solar Energy and Coal. We have excellent landscape and agriculture that can provide us an opportunity to have bio fuels that are environment friendly and best to serve our country sides.

We possesses 185 billion tunes of Thar Coal that worth US$ 25 trillions. The country that is facing severe energy crises can have power supply for 100 years after utilizing the same coal reserves. This same coal reserve utilization can save US$ 4 billion by reducing oil import bill. As Dr. Murtuza Mughal of Economic Watch stated that coal power generation can cost Pakistan PKR 5.67 per unit for power generation while IPPs cost 9.27 for the same. Other than coal Pakistan is also rich in Wind & Bio resources of energy.

I have discussed briefly about the energy profile of Pakistan that sounds that we have enough energy resources to produce in excess of our anticipated demand of electricity i.e. 41,142 MW in 2020 (Source: Private Power and Infrastructure Board - Govt. of Pakistan). But where we lack is in financial planning and coordination among responsible institutions.

It is not difficult to set a national energy preference plan. We can invite international power institution to venture in energy sector that is offering high expected returns. We can raise bonds in international Financial Markets. We can even initiate new companies that can be listed in stock market that jointly work with government energy’s regulators and executive bodies. This can also help us in employing people in energy sector that work to reduce unemployment in the country also.

Where all over the world energy is the most demanded we have enough resources to produce it. It is not all the countries in the world who are so fortunate to have as many alternatives for energy as we have. But the things that we are short in are direction, planning and synergy. This is why I say our crises are not energy but synergy. I advise our government and power producers to sit together and work aggressively to convert our embedded energy potential in power. Waste of time shall make things expensive and increase frustration in the nation.

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very good

02 - March - 2011 05:46:21 PM

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