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Striking on the voice of your inner

This morning I was just remembering the saying that I read in a book in my school’s life. This is the saying of the Spanish writer of seventeenth century i.e. Baltasar Gracian. He said;

Men of great abilities are slow to act, for it is easier to avoid occasions for committing yourself than to come well out of commitments. Such occasions test your judgments; it is safer to avoid them than to emerge victorious from them. One obligation leads to a greater one, and you come very near to the brink of disaster.

Honestly, I shall not agree 100% with the learned Baltasar but I agree on one thing i.e. selection of target or if you are over aggressive in chasing every thing so selection in strategy.

I have seen many times parent dictate the search of their child in profession. Many time a student opt his field of profession merely in the magic of most popular professions. In business, it happens when we select the new businesses, just because they look good and profitable. Here the role of thinking brain is critical. Those people who are rationale decision makers, they never see the chances of object’s success but their own chances to bring success by the handy object.

A guy who becomes a good doctor can think him successful but the question is so simple, that whether his inner is the doctor or not???? May be he has great abilities to become a charted accountant or an engineer or a religious scholar. A lay man can say him successful but those with rational mind would evaluate his rate of success over his embedded or gifted abilities. I believe every single person on the surface of the earth have one magical ability. The successful people are those who spot it and spoil.

In business consultancy profession, I have been so clear with my clients on selection of strategy for investments and new business. I found lot of clients who want to establish a kind of business, just in sake of brisk return. My response to the request is “Are you capable of converting the expected return in reality”?

It is possible that Cement production can give best return on capital employed today. But what if you have all the abilities to start textile business and market it. Return on Investment (ROI) is a historical record even it is up to date. You are today and future of yourself; it is your inner that tells what you can do best. It is not necessary that the best option for the world is the best option for you. You are the world yourself. It is all about your abilities that how well you utilize the variables outside you.

Discovering yourself is the first step in business decision making model. The work force you have, the quality of your strategists to define and resolve problems, the class of your decision makers to take risk and pressure and the experience of yours determines the direction. If you enter in any brisk opportunity with unlimited amount of capital with you, the success is not guaranteed with out your capability to understand all in and outs of the field and your ability to execute. You need to be made of for the work you are willing to do otherwise you are merely doing it. Many times you are the best for any particular task but not well refined, so training is required.

It is the responsibility of the parent at home and business strategists in companies to facilitate their juniors to discover their own arts and traits. If they will implement their models on them without seeing how good they are for this, they will fail. It is the responsibility of individual to spot his magical attribute and spoil it for success. He must not need to be a part of prevailing fashion. May his discovery become a new fashion for the world?

You can take advice from many experience people. You can consult management gurus. But the voice you get from your inner is the source of secrets of extra ordinary activities. Those are the activities that the world has never seen before. The people who made aircraft for the first time, those who designs Windows, those who came to know for the first time, how the atom can be break to diffuse energy are the member of group who knows themselves perfectly. Those who discover themselves can discover any thing.

If you are hitting the target and it is not working to success, so just stop for a moment and check it; are you the one who need to hit it? May it is not the fault of the target but you are not the one who can do it. Again if shortage of expertise is the reason so you can attain it and try again but if the voice from the inner is not coming positive, so you are doing some thing that is not inline with your embedded skills.

Your endeavor is utilization of energy. You need to preserve your energy for the biggest of tasks to enhance the circle of your success. Selection of target or commitment of taking challenge must be synchronized with your inner ability. It is far better to avoid than accepting it with lower level of performance ability. It will hurt your credibility and confidence. If you see some thing hardest in your life, so plan its success and work. If you see some thing really attractive but you are not refine enough so, get yourself trained first and then jump.

If your line of efforts is perfect so you can extracts success from the scenes of failure. The world, people and critics disappear from judgment seats when the class performer performs. There is no limit of innovation when you are working the best from the best of yours. If your target selection is up to the mark with over aggressive efforts so there is no chance of loosing it. Even if you deserve some thing and some one is not giving it to you, it is the failure of that person who is not respecting your eligibility. Don’t dishearten yourself. It is not luck; in fact there is no luck. It is all about striking in the right direction with sheer exhibition of abilities.

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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