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Today Mr. Richard C Holbrooke met Pakistani politicians. He was annoyed and frustrated on the attitude of Pakistani government and politicians. He has to be because now they are seeing every thing getting out of their hands. Now American government does not understand how they can manage that has always been unmanageable for them. The way American officials are reacting on Pakistan shows their frustration and the fact that they are not happy with behavior of their slaves. They do not understand why these people who have been growing in the shelter of United States of America are not abiding by their instruction in full. They are really frustrated with their failures in Afghanistan. They are annoyed on the way the governments in Afghanistan and Pakistan are reacting on their calls.

If we analyze the situation in proper perspective so we can easily understand that United States of America have lost the war in Afghanistan and now due to the excessive pressure of Israel they can not get out. The exit of United States of America from Afghanistan shall put Israel in great risk. Their exit can give one message to the world that the U.S. WORLD ORDER is all over and now just 300,000 Taliban defeats the super power of the world. This can easily wake up the whole suffered nations and Muslims across the globe shall get courage. If it will happen so there will be no super power that shall have any courage to invade weak nations. Today Taliban are defining history and changing theories. Regardless of my opposition on many of Taliban acts, I personally believe that Taliban shall be taking charge of the world power scene sooner or later. They will change their models and they will come up in new image but keeping their fundamentals intact. Media, propaganda and any other mean can say anything but reality on ground is suggesting some thing else.

If you analyze the history of Afghanistan, one must say that Afghanistan’s prime business is WARS. They bring Soviet Union in and then the way they fought with the help of world and U.S.A. we all knows. But one thing is really interesting that when Soviet forces came in Afghanistan they started selling drugs to them and the price was AK 47, their Uniforms, Army supplies and many more commodities that Soviet Union used to supply to their troops in Afghanistan. The blessing on Soviet Union was, they went out quickly. When they were departing from Afghanistan, it was not that easy. Many of the Russian soldiers were captured by Afghans and they started asking price to let them go. Many of the Russian gave their weapons, many asked their families to give dollars to Afghan’s representatives in Russia. This is how many Russians went out from Afghan land as they reported afterwards. In my view Afghanistan is the biggest market of wars for powers of the world. The land provide state of the art infrastructure to bear super powers and location of the country is quite supportive. The best thing on this land is cost pattern of invader and local fighters. The sponsors (today anti American forces) of local fighters (today Taliban) have to spend lesser money than invaders (today U.S.A.).

United States of America have been one of the finest of super powers on the basis of technology, economy & media. What they have done before Vietnam War was nothing but they created the THREAT SHIELD on the world that they are unconquerable and they are great. The world perceived that U.S.A. can never be defeated and it shall always rule the world. It was the threat that the whole world became American colony and the leaders of the world bowed down before the States. They committed first mistake by attacking Vietnam when they destroyed a lot to their THREAT shield. But they realized and then they repaired it again and then they became so effective on diplomatic front. They got involved in politics of other countries and this was the start of real New World Order of that time. They managed defeating Iraq by fighting Kuwait War against Iraq. They fired Iran Iraq war; they boost Israel to become policeman of Middle East. It was all going fine. The greatest strength of American ruling elite was nothing but innocent American people who were so concern of their economy, continuity of their life style, healthcare, progress and their security. They always mobilize the objectives of their own interest by saying them National Interest and due to the innocence of American people they always had been able to prove it as National Interest.

I have no ideas who are Taliban and Al Qaeda. In my view the world have to see Taliban and Al Qaeda in different perspective. Al Qaeda has been saying a lot about their objective to work for Muslims Nation but their acts always destroyed interest of Muslims across the globe but Taliban in their most rigid version of Islam was not having any bad attribute. They were the people of their words. They helped people who were seeking Justice in Afghanistan since Soviet forces depart. In their age they maintained excellent law and order. They were not up to the mark on many issues like education, progress and tolerance but anyways there is no doubt in my mind that they are the best warriors on the plant today.

If you see their strategy properly; they never liked U.S.A. The point was simply, they thought that Americans left them in the middle after Soviet war. They thought U.S.A. can not be a good friend. They always thought that one day U.S.A. can destroy them for her interest. I have no clue of this but my sixth sense always says that Taliban always wanted to fight with the U.S.A. or more logically the whole world who don’t like the way America addresses other weak nations wanted to fight with U.S.A. but U.S.A. has one power with them i.e. their technology embedded economy. But they sight the weakness of U.S.A. i.e. their ego and proud. They understood clearly that they can not destruct U.S.A. by bombs and weapons. The only way to get them down is from THE COST BOMB. They were always prepared to fight a long war that can be a cost burden for U.S.A. and this can easily destroy the THREAT SHIELD of U.S.A. by showing the world their real weaknesses when they engage in war. In my view the other enemies of U.S.A. who are also powers in the world are analyzing U.S. war strategy carefully to pin point U.S. weaknesses. They are also lab testing their war strategies in Afghanistan that can be effective some time else when they have direct interaction with U.S.A. If you see the dynamics of U.S.A. war in Afghanistan, you can better understand that this cost bomb is effective. The U.S.A. economy is not so consistent to support this war but they can not get out of it otherwise their national borders can not be secured or they ask pardon from the world and go back to their camps to make U.S.A. It looks a little difficult because of ego and proud of theirs. The worst happened is not even cost but the perception of the world that U.S.A. is nothing, if they can not fight 300,000 Taliban so how they can destroy the countries like Iran or North Korea. Now the game is open for many other nations who have previous accounts to settle from U.S.A. mainly Russia & China. The way Taliban are fighting their war is not possible without money and weapons. In this regard no one can ignore that Taliban are getting are logistical support and weapons from other countries. This scale of fight is not possible without the help of other powers of the world who want to invest in Taliban as this is the only hope to get rid of U.S. regime in the world. The whole trade, currency and economy of these countries are on stake with the fall of U.S.A. so it is not a bad idea to finance Taliban. Now if Taliban are getting support from the countries of the world so it is not a weak hypothesis that they have diplomatic relation with many countries across the globe. This is one of the finest foreign networks that is of the organization that is based on really backward people in the eyes of the world. It is also coming on media that U.S. troops are heavily frustrated in Afghanistan. Now it is more logical, the Americans who have no significant war history can not run these types of wars. They always rely on technology, money and their think tanks. They are not even Europeans who know the principles of war because they had been fighting number of wars among themselves. Taliban also caught these factors. The reality of today is horrible. The world’s super power can not supply the weapons to their soldiers without the help of local Afghan security agencies and these local security agencies pays commission to Taliban to clear ways of transporting these weapons and commodities to U.S.A. forces. This is really an understandable situation. It simply means U.S.A. is not having control over the ways of providing support and auxiliaries to their troop and the way Taliban is allowing weapons to U.S.A. forces; it simply means they don’t want this war to get over quickly. They know this is good business. Afghan history is repeating. Many people are praying that may U.S.A. shall not go from Afghanistan soon. They sell heroin and opium to American soldiers against money, their shoes, commodities and many more things. This situation simply means Taliban have created the trap for U.S.A. and it is working. The message that is cascaded down to the world is; don’t worry, U.S.A. haven’t have war expertise and they can not fight. On the other side the cost bomb is working. They are getting U.S.A. weakest by engaging them in war. This is also caused remittance of U.S. dollars in good numbers in this region. I know many of the people shall not agree with me but Taliban are defining world’s history today. May there would be a time when the world order shall be changed, the definition of terrorist shall be reversed. Media is so cunning like a fox. They can make anyone a hero within seconds. They just see where the pendulum is swinging. Today the perception on Taliban is not so very good, even in my personal view I have many concerns over Taliban because I don’t have any reliable information about what Taliban are? but I can say one thing with a lot of confidence today that Taliban shall again take over Afghanistan and they shall not let Americans go back from Afghanistan. China, Russia, Iran and other powers in the world are happy that they are not doing anything, just seeing U.S.A. getting weak and exposed. They probably spend 80% lesser to attain 100% objectives by investing on Taliban. Every thing is going against U.S.A. and they are even not realizing what they are doing. Their frustration & annoyance is the reflection of their curiosity that why their strategies are not working. Their concerns today are basically the objectives of Taliban who have done better SWOT analysis of their position than U.S.A. They had nothing to eat in 2001 and see today they have engaged U.S.A. in Afghanistan and they are not tired but the super power of the world is. I have no idea when people of United States of America will wake up. They have no idea that all the states in America are united because they are rich and once they will have lesser money so those who have more shall not be a part of game. It is a time for the real thinkers of United State of America to understand and get freedom from these sellers of war who are now almost trapped by war purchasers and resellers Taliban. The problem is simple that now U.S.A. is not a power before a weakest country of the world. They are totally exposed. They are not a superpower of the world even. So it is better to get back and they better care their own interest. If they will listen more of Israel so may be they could not be able to maintain their own survival. In my view it is the responsibility of Muslim Uma to water the fire against American people. We need to wake them up and make them understand that they need freedom. They have all their rights on liberty. No one shall come to free them at least, so they better stand up for their own safety and survival. It is also a lesson for Muslim world that if Taliban who are not on right Islam as per our view and stand against the super power of the world so why we are in fear? I have no idea what history will judge Taliban as. But I know one thing with a lot of surety that they shall always termed as brave warriors with excellent war skills and courage. I hope if they shall change some of their worst image issues. They can be better people. It is the mistake of Muslim world to disconnect their official diplomatic relations with Taliban. It is really risky. We have to keep in touch with them, so we can manage many things that we are unable to do at the moment. May they have many bad attributes but it is our responsibility to debate these with them. They are Muslims and we can not be so careless to leave them even if we think they are doing bad but at least today we have no idea what they are doing, good or bad! So here we have to take charge. I must say to Pakistani people to take lesson from all this. We are not Taliban neither we are Americans but we have to learn two things from this warfare. No one can be powerful by having super weapons, technology and money neither someone can be weak while living in poverty. It is all humanity, knowledge, justice and brilliance with a lot of courage required for nations to resist against powerful forces and rise as a respectful nation of the world. I have no doubt in saying that the role of U.S.A. is clear but I have no idea whether it is all Taliban’s strategy or Taliban is the strategy of other powers. It is time that shall unfold all these issues. I think our future generations shall better assess all this but I have observations that I have presented very openly.

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Iqra Akhlaq Says:

Well I agree with you on these points but I have some confusions as well, regarding the role of politicians of Pakistan on all these issues. Being an independent Muslim nation of the world, what are they supposed to be doing on all that? If just 300000 Talibans can fight with the so called super power of the world, so long, so why cant we stop taking dictations from them? why cant we stand on our feet? why the rulers do not feel ashamed when they are insulted for so called security reasons?If Iran, so openly oppose the Americans why dont We,the Pakistanis do that? I would be glad if I get answers of the matters that puzzle me.

02 - February - 2010 08:00:22 PM

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