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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED

Some scattered collection of thinking

I was reading Dr. Iqbal’s poetry and it came to one of my favorite verses from him i.e.

May God familiar you to any (massive) storm ------------- that I see no anguish in the waves of your sea (English Translation of Urdu verse

It really gets me back in my school life. I was thinking about the behavior of parent to get their children successful always. Some time they become so helpful to their child that abolish their child’s inner creativity, decision making tendency and shock adjustment mechanism. It is my personal experience that none of “so called excellent” children in school life reaches the top rankings in professional life in Pakistan other than those who accomplished their success on their own and fearlessly. The children that become so dependable on their parent and others never can excel in their real life. No one want his child to get fail but if your child is successful because of you so it is the failure that create unseen risk in your child’s personality. Let your child be in problems so he comes to know how to get out of it.

After this micro analysis, when I see nations. I have been reading history since my childhood. I have never seen a failure determines the direction of progress for nations but victories. The failure that is well understood by a nation in all its dynamics and in the result they decides to make it rectify and win the next time is the biggest VICTORY. Saqib is always a fan of failures that are required as a first step of biggest victories. I prefer our nation to fail once for wining understanding as nothing ends as on now, it is better than temporary victory that opens the doors of complete failure.

If you sees today’s world of nations, there is no difference in developed and underdeveloped world. All nations want to live a linear life. They want no crises. They want all well set and their governments to do all that make them so easy. The problems arising on social and financial front in Europe and Americas are only because of their easiest life that they had been living. In my view if the nation is highly developed and they have no problems in their social, political and financial structure so it means they are near to massive crack down of the nature and time. It always has to be the policies of national leadership to attain 100% progress but development must be not more than 75% - 80%. I know you all will think I am making standards on my own but if a society reaches 100% on development frontier, it will lead it to come back on 0%. Get the history out, to analyze my statement. See the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, the Empire of Piroh or the age of Qaroon the biggest problems and crises had arisen when they were living problem free life. The nation who wants to live long and progress more must have to expose her to risks that they will enjoy to manage. Otherwise the risks and problems get them to manage their directions.

In 1857, the people of Sub Continent fought the war against brutal and cunning British regime. They lost at that time. But there is no one in our national history who considered that as war of failure but war of Independence. 1857 was the start of the efforts of pushing the British forces out from Sub Continent. Today our nation use to cry a lot on difficulties as they are more expose to the doctrine of “Happy Go Lucky Life”. The day when we will welcome adversities by trusting our national character of crises management, these crises will lost their courage to come before us. I always miss Quaid e Azam when he said MUSALMAN MUSIBAT SAY NAHEE GHABRATA (A Muslim doesn’t take fear of adversities). Let me say you Quaid MUSLAMAN MUSIBAT SEY GHABRA RAHA HAY (A Muslim is taking fear of adversities). We must have to convert in a society that has courage and character. They will be not so “Mummy Daddy” (seeking for supports). See how France got successful; see how China convert as power after a nation that lost their way and more than any one see how Muhammad S.A.W. brought revolution from a small city of Makka. Ease never brings strengths forward, adversities refine it.

We are seeing the financial crises in the world. This crises is effected Pakistan also to some extent but the major crises that Pakistan is going to face is the lack of Entrepreneurs in the country. Our youth who passed out from business schools are shaky in trying some thing new and innovative. They are not ready to take risks. We sees student listening corporate sector, the executives who never take risk in their life but they are VICE Presidents, EM and other top designated personal. Can I expect that our business and commerce students will refuse to do jobs in renowned companies? Can I see Pakistan in which 100 students form a company to carry their own business??? It can only be possible if we foster and train our youth in hardest created environment that set the highest standards in their personality that make them seeing UNILEVER as the ordinary company to work for. This will be the point of change and progress. They (students) will have to be exposed to the impossible tasks and let them fail in their first ten efforts. You will find Pakistan progressive with out any doubt.

Fear of failure makes us slave of others. Why I accept slavery? Why I listen when a renowned personality speaking foolish? Why I get my head down before incompetent successful people? Why I work for a manager who is dependent on my progress for his success? Why I leave my country to most incapable ruling elite in the world? Just because I want success in my career, profession and life! I want to stay quite, just because I don’t want to take risk of life. I want to see oppression prevailing in society, just because it has not reached my door and I am happy. I will allow all unjust, just for one thing i.e. getting success. In my view at that time failure is a far better option. Death is far better than the life of slavery of humans. Understanding unjust and freedom of rejecting it is the real democracy. The renowned democrats of our national life of 62 years have been the slaves of “brutal wishes of the world”, just to strengthen their place in power. How they can teach us the lesson of democracy? We have to make our own model of democracy and beat the current political elite of Pakistan. We have to make them vote for us and be in our power. We have to cultivate an environment in which a capable son of a poor farmer can become a prime minister and president of this country. This will be a real revolution. This nation (Pakistan) is far capable than the way it is projected. It is our responsibility to discover us, respect our real competent people and reject those who are incompetent.

Let us not fear from Failures. Let us work for victories. Let us enjoy the hardest time to have the best times in our national life. Let us leave victories behind in the search of unseen successes. Let us decide that we will not allow anyone to reject Justice & principles for the temporary benefits. Let us love adversities to have greatest success. Let us not be so easy living that we will be failing in crises. Let us make our nation rock solid that make us horrible for those who use to make us fool. Let us reject our bosses when they want us to do wrong. Let us bring an education system that matches our instincts. Let us produce MBAs, MSCs, MAs, CAs, Ph.Ds that Europe and Americas desire to copy. Let us find our own color in business and finance rather than adopting the models that can not work in our markets and consumers. Let us grow our defense assets to address any adventure from any one in the world. Let us be so peaceful and merciful that the nations of the world would have no options other than loving you. Let us determine that there is no system better than Islam for us. Let us be united to accomplish the tasks that look unachievable today.

It is my last writing before August 14 2009 as I will have some busy schedule till Aug 14 2009. I wish Pakistanis all the best on the day of independence. I assure my whole international audience that Pakistan is the nation of peace but we are not the people who get in pressures of unjust demands from the world. May our leaders are so incapable to communicate the voices of our heart but listen us. Hear the buzz of change in our clusters. See we are in awakening phase. You will find us better neighbors, world mates and friends when you will respect our way of life and distinct us from international fake characters who are assigned to hurt our image.

May my Pakistan live forever, may we will have failures with respects that give way to the biggest victories, may we will not opt minor successes embedded with disgrace and may we as a nation produce the habit of enjoying hard time rather than crying like weakest AMEEN.

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Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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