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While being in the market place Dubai these days I have been seeing pathetic selling practices in different markets.


It is indeed a great opportunity to work in the smallest of countries where you can find the buyers and sellers of every nation. But on the other hand; it is clearly visible that hardly can we find folks who work the mark best.


It is very important to understand “the market” first in today’s world of selling and marketing or even it is not a rocket science it has always been like this but in current world whereby the pace of change is so fast so it requires more focus.


Yes it is always important to make clients understand that what he/she can gain out of certain product but it is equally important to explore what shall not be lost.


Price plays a vital role but information that the price the client shall pay is an exact index of the utility he shall have is actually required to be communicated.


Some clients are seeking for quality, many can compromise over quality for price to their relative extents, few needs the summation of good quality and good price; It is required to have a range of products that can serve the popular ranges of clients anyways.


Today’s world is really different; it is not a normal market place. We need to be strategic enough to reach buyers to tailor what they can possibly demand for or the stuff they are actually demanding on the spot.


Other than few fast moving products, being sellers we need to be fast moving in our networking to reach the strata where we can create demand via specialized supply as per required variables of product.


It is essentially required to make buying easy, effective and efficient for our clients. We indeed need to respond their inquiries fast. We need to enhance our online selling infrastructure so well that makes clients more comfortable to have basic info or even if they can execute from the portal.


It is obvious to keep an eye on our competitors. Yes everyone knows that we always need to know what our competitors are doing but the thing that plays significant role is our understanding and knowledge that what has not been done by them.


The areas that are untapped as of lesser focus of our competitors can prove to be the vital areas of success if we show a little differential courage to spoil them in a way that the dead surface looks green through vision, it can turn the growth rock.


 I think we need to see a lot more than just cost in competition; this is where your smartness proves the point that you can actually sell in any condition.


There are many sellers that tell all good points about the products or the offer in one go to the clients. I always recommend keeping something good for the end. It is really vital that from the beginning till the end that you always have good news about your sale or product for the clients.


After-sales service is more important than sales; it actually endorse your growth. Those companies that forget clients after selling are closing the doors of new clients in long run.


It is highly important to locate markets that offer higher margins. Those would be few in the world but actually they would be those that can make the difference. They must be the risk of class like a war zone, newly built country etc. Selling strategists need to focus big scores with their normal ones. It is the sign of a real diversified selling portfolio.


I can talk a hell more about selling and there are many dimensions left that I shall cover in my later posts but my message for those who sells from Dubai is simple. You have an opportunity to be in the best selling place where you can have all means to be the success, so be real to do it.


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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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