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Security of the national geniuses

Her thought make me remember the saying of Arthur Schopenhauer i.e.
Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.

She is none other but my sister Dr. Afia Siddiqui. She is actually the real daughter of the East. She is a kind of a person who is selfless, gifted and graceful. She is not the one who can sell her culture and pride for material satisfaction.

It is not an open secret today that the geniuses of Pakistan are not safe. If they opt to work abroad, if they become a part of wine culture and fun society, if they will have nothing to do with religion, they are more than acceptable. Otherwise, they will be crack down if they offer five time prayers, they try to mobilize the nation and produce any thing that can strengthen Pakistan. This is all because, the world is keeping close eyes on Pakistanis with excellent researching skills (the brains that can transform ideas to mega workings). It is from Dr. A.Q.Khan to Dr. Afia Siddiqui. Even there are many individuals who came out from our learning stream are being tracked for their direction of efforts. The way they work, the mosques they visited, the life style they opted, every thing is on screens. Today it is very easy to pick any one in doubts of AL QAEDA or extremism, so it is not a big job for our agencies to pick our people and import to wherever they could sell out in good prices.

People have no idea, what Dr. Afia means to Pakistan. Generally people think that she is a simple doctor by profession. The matter of the fact is, the great lady is Ph.D. in genetics - neuro science from U.S.A. and have 10 years of experience in the relevant field while working in U.S. institutions. She is also the HAFIZ E QURAN i.e. she memorized the whole Quran by heart. She came back from U.S.A. to serve her homeland and just some years after in March 2003, she disappeared with her three children while going to Karachi Airport (for Rawalpindi) via Metro Cab. Afterwards we all know what has happened and what is happening now (Detention and oppression in U.S. custody)

The point here is simple; our geniuses are not the master mind of any terrorism activity. But it is the perception of some agencies in the world they can be. This is the main reason that Pakistan’s prime talent in science and technology, investment and finance and in nuclear physics is not safe. All the discipline I have mentioned can produce a massive activity, positive or negative. The combination of these folks can change the fates of nation. The world has no threat with Pakistan’s Nuclear Bomb but the niche in brains that we have got with patriotic and Islamic Ideology embedded. The people who can perform their jobs to perfections are the real concern for the enemies of Pakistan. It is more sensitive if a researcher or a scholar of tremendous capabilities have more interest in his religion i.e. Islam.

Today, I am having a mix feeling. I am really concerned about Dr. Afia. She is an example for those girls who just acquire education for passing times. She is an example for all educated people who feel proud to be a part of fun society and work their whole life with out objectivity.

Dr. Afia, her family, her mother, her children and all the folks related to her, I personally salute you. We are sorry that our sister left us far behind in the race of glory. She knows the meaning of appraisal from her Lord. Her mother Ismat Aunty, we are proud of you that you gave birth to the genius bravo for our nation. You need to be so calm in this hard time. You need to prove the whole world that you and us are proud of Afia. We are not seeing her as facilitator of terrorism. She is our hero.

My message to you sister, don’t worry, Allah will pay back your miseries with highest return. Don’t ask Justice from the society who can never understand people like you. Your justice shall come from the sky. Once it will be there, then you will have nothing to desire for. Your Lord knows every thing. He is more watchful than any other eye in the universe. He is the only one who knows your real caliber and character.

I promise you my sister; I will walk on your way as I have been walking for years. I promise my genius and talent shall have objectivity as you have shown. I will not care what it brings to my family, people, profession or life but only with one focus that I will work to get my Master agree and our country become the most powerful. We are not the weakest of people; we will fight till our last breather InshaAllah for the sake of honor, dignity and success. If it will not be there in our life so I am sure by the grace of God, our children will definitely sees it.

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Muhammad Iqbal Says:

It is a shame on the government agencies of Pakistan for doing nothing to protect our valuable citizens. Such attitude towards sincerely serving citizens has resulted in the major brain-drain of Pakistan.

06 - July - 2009 08:35:18 AM

Tas Says:

this article is the voice of my heart. i am really shamed that i cant do any thing for dr.aafia, i hav only some tears for my sister.

14 - July - 2009 10:49:29 AM

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