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Personality has been a word that I have been hearing a lot since I got professional senses. In today’s world everybody try to be like someone.


Even the reality is that to be like someone is exactly not our own personality. This can not make us distinct from others rather make us like someone else and indeed in appearance but not self.


In my view whatever is required to be a great personality is actually being supplied by the Creator in default and inside our inner. We just need to explore and polish it as per our preset objectives or ambition.


We consider personality being shown by dresses, shoes and the goods that we have. If you see the advertisements of big fashion companies they hire people of superiority [celebrities] to create inferiority in their potential buyers so they can buy this sense of superiority.


All those celebrities are the personalities that become great without those big tags over them and once they become the same then these tags feels a lot of honor to be on them. This is the simple logic that every one of us has to follow. Be what make others inspire of you rather than becoming the same from which you are inspired.  


Even if you buy the superior product you can not make yourself as a master personality. It is merely because personality is merely not the dress we wear. It is actually our distinct self that make whatever we wear looks good and whatever we do looks great.


I am not talking about the physical attributes of ours. It is actually about the combination of physical and mental features of ours that develops our whole personality. Having one without other is not the call in this regard.


The first thing that is highly essential to develop a clear personality from your inner is seriousness. Those people who think themselves happy go lucky are merely timely attraction. It is necessary to plan your path of life firstly. This imparts seriousness automatically.


Once you are known about your objectives and where you want to be then you can explore your inner to calculate variables that you have in your inner to develop a personality that shall best match your objectives.


Now an argument can be there that we have to build our objectives as per our personality and I am saying to build objectives and then find the variables to develop a personality accordingly.


It is actually because whatever you can think to make objectives can not go out of your general liking and your own pre-assessment about what you can possibly do. This is the least personality you can always have in your mind.  


In the process of developing personality and organizing it, it is better not to state false points to yourself. If Warren Buffet is successful and a symbol of success in the world of investment I would never follow his path if I am a person of distinct attributes.


But if in craze I shall try to be like Warren Buffet without having same features that Warren have in his personality so I have high chances to get failed in my efforts even how powerful I work or even if I work more than Warren.  


I would rather try to develop my own model based on my strengths and weaknesses. Warren Buffet is not successful as of how market handles his investments but rather how he handles market for his investments via his distinct skills & personality.


It is knowledge that can power your speaking and talking skills. You can learn the tricks of being great speaker but if you have weak things to talk then it shall destroy the whole image. It is really important as half of your personality reflects from your talks.


Once you have knowledge and talking skills then understand that people like those people who talk humble and gently. Always try to convince people over your point but never try to say that their point is not respected by your very self. This friendly attitude can make you the winner of heart.


Appearance is very important. Your looks, your dressing and your body language are other half of the personality. It is actually a part of your personality communication.


It never means that you need to merely wear expensive clothes; rather you need to be clean, clear and presentable. Official presentations need official dress code but care that you must have enough power in official message than a powerful dress or belonging. Your diamond watch can impress the audience for a time being but in business everyone is interested in your ideas that can yield them at best.


Personality is not something that I can explain in short writing but the point I tried to advocate is that the personality is not something that you can buy from the store. It is the mix of many mental and physical attributes that we need to polish from the variables reside inside us. They have to be developed in accordance to our life and business plan.


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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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