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In the world of materialism and selfishness it is very difficult to convince people on love, passion and selfless dedication. I have been seeing people in Pakistan abusing Pakistan as a failed state or system. They are so keen to collect immigration of U.S.A., Canada, or any developed country. Giving up is shaping as a rational in our society and we are proud to live with red or blue passports.

It was November 3 2009; I was taking my session of Investment Banking & Security Analysis in CBM. In the middle of the class around 1 o clock in afternoon I received a call from my aunt that my father is seriously ill and I have to reach the hospital. I was surprised as when I went from home in the morning it was all Ok and suddenly I was getting a message that my father was not fine. I just excused my students and opted my way to hospital. When I reached there then I came to know my father got a gun shot in neck, while he was resisting the robbers who wanted to snatch money from him. He was actually coming from the bank and parking his car at home, when it happened. The days from November 03 2009 to November 17 2009 were the difficult most. My father passed away @ 10:45 pm on November 17 2009.

After this tragedy I have been meeting with a lot of people and all have one point to say, it is better to go abroad. I asked why? they said because Pakistan is not safe. It is one of the rubbish approaches that these people have. Pakistan is my home and if some thing is happening wrong, so I have to make it right rather than leaving it. Yes I have lost my father but I am clear on one thing the Pakistan is more than my family for me. It is my home, the country that grown me for her service and if one incident happened with me so I have to apply for immigration for another country. Is that the rational we people are having against passion and love? If I am living in my home that is beautiful and some outsider or bad person came in to sabotage the peace of my home so what I have to do, to go out of my home to leave all my people on those cruel outsiders or curing my people from destruction. Can anyone give immigration to 17 million people of my country so Ok I would be the last one to have. But no, I can not leave my county and people in miseries. Being an educated and thinking individual, it is more my job to fight for people interest rather than running away like cowards.

You talked about U.S.A. U.K, China, and France etc. They have never been so progressive from inception. They faced a hell lot of problems to reach their today. They never ran away from their country. But we always find one option to quit and give up and this is the only cause of our high class disrespect in the world. Even truly speaking the big cities of modern world is more unsafe than our cities. But what can we say to us, we can prefer to live as PAKIZ in overseas by changing our life style and language but we can not work for our own country. We always want rewards and returns. We never see that the reward and returns are in long run. The rewards and returns will be for our generation to come. The system and things shall not be change until we will give this sacrifice. We have to die to give life to our country’s future generations. We have to give our next generations a shinny tomorrow, the tomorrow that will definitely be glorious if we will stand.

My dear people this county is so unfortunate that she have us as a nation who is living on its surface. I am 100% sure if we would have 17 million disables in this country with patriotism, zeal and affection so this country would have to be the super power of the world. But the problem with Pakistan is simple that she has a nation full of ability and skills but with no heart, character and courage. The resources we have shall not give us a way to excuse before history that we had nothing to work on.

Understand the reality that our time is not good but there would be no one who can make this beautiful land so successful other than us. If my father died of a worst law and order chaos in the country, it doesn’t mean that I have to leave Pakistan and find my future in any European or North American land. Yes I can go their to have education that can benefit my country but I reject to have BLUE or RED passport in return to giving up my struggle for my own people and my own land. In accomplishing my goals, if I shall have to loss my own life, so it will be the inferior cost. There is no give up from my side. Pakistan is still my motivation and the love of my life. Life and death is in the hands of Allah but my passion to serve Pakistan and my dream of seeing Pakistan as a respectable power on the globe shall never die. We never have to shy in going over seas to have education that is beneficial for our society but once we gets it so we shall never have to waste a second to come back. We have to open businesses in the countries abroad but we have to base our head quarters in Pakistan. Let us start it. Let us not be in fear of the current situation. It is the test for our national character. We never have to prove characterless in the history of the world.

I know people can say me crazy or emotional but I know this is the real rational and this is the foundation of new Pakistan that the youth of our time shall construct (InshaAllah) by giving any sacrifice that time will ask from us. When love, passion and courage is there so there is no shortage of positive possibilities; we need to have these three for Pakistan and then see the change prevailing.

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Iqra Akhlaq Says:

May Allah give this passion to all the youngsters of our country so that one day we would be proud on what we have.As our ancesstors gave sacrifices to obtain this land,now we will have to give sacrifices for its sovereignty and prosperity.

20 - December - 2009 09:10:35 AM

Adeel Says:

I am agreed 100% with you, there is always a hope, INSHALLAH, the things will be beter.

12 - December - 2009 06:32:36 AM

sheri khan Says:

pakistan is our dear homeland ,we will work for his glory and dignity. pakistan zindabad

03 - July - 2010 10:59:34 AM

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