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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED

Pakistan; it is not merely a word or a country for me. It is the concept that I have been living since I got senses. I know people can’t take Pakistan more than a country. This is not the myth of those who are living outside Pakistan but those who are living on this land of mine. What is Pakistan for us? What we are for Pakistan? I sometime feel hardest to answer these questions when I see my people who talk a hell loud about Pakistan but in their social & professional roles they are hammering Pakistan.

I get really surprise when I see people complaining about the system of oppression in Pakistan. The people in our country are really unique as they bear oppression calmly and even then they anticipate that the oppression will get over. It is not only the case whereby they bear oppression but when they get an opportunity so they never leave a chance to do it.

We are talking a lot about corruption in the country. We just see elite of this country going in anti-Pakistan direction. But what if we ignored our own people in public and private sector involve in corruption & negligence. What for those who get quite after seeing all wrong before there eyes and they have no courage to raise the voice & act because they want to live calm?

What for that when we sees majority of our youth who is more concern on attaining the means of life by opting shortcuts? Education is simply a joke. It becomes a commodity that everyone wants to buy. The one who have big money goes to lavish private education shops and the one who haven’t goes to low price shops of education. The number of graduates and masters are growing in the country and the economy and social values are declining. Is this education for us?

What when the capable try to go overseas and the incapable find ways of looting the great homeland of mine? In my view both are the criminals. We just want to live our personal life so happy even if we have to sacrifice the greater interest of Pakistan. Even then we expect revolution and change. What if we cry when we see outsiders trying breaking our unity and on the other side we are distributed among sects, brotherhoods, clans and nations? What hypocrisy is this?

We talk a lot about liberty and freedom of speech model of the west but when it comes to point out mistakes and blunders of those who have strong and dominant position in society we keep our mouth shut because we know that this can harm our future. Our senior manager is doing bullshit with management practices in company but we are quite. Our teacher is demolishing the concepts in class room but we are quite. Our fathers are bringing bribery to home but we are quite. One strata of our media is promotion anti national interest but we enjoy as entertainment. Our leaders are selling the country but we are calm because our house is secure. Do we deserve any change by doing all this? Or are we waiting for a comforter who can clean it? We are not seeing that it is we who can and if we can’t so it shall never be.

My dear people it is not the time to value the cost that we need to bear to make Pakistan a real success. It is a time to do something that can make Pakistan viable. This can not be achieve without understanding that this generations of ours have to give sacrifices at extreme for our children to come and dwell in Pakistan that provides opportunities and justice.

I know our concern in our life. We never like to loose it or the moments that we perceive as the essence of living. But few have to stand for many anyways. The way is hard but destination is far greater than the hardships that we have to bear. The first change that is required is the change in our attitudes and behaviors then we can plan the biggest changes for the betterment of this great country and nation of ours.

Just writing and saying from me and you can’t make a difference. We have to stand up in wherever we are and whatever we are doing. If it is all about the future of Pakistan and the progress of this great nation so sacrifices are now more than over due! It is then what if it is the sacrifice of our relatives, home, prosperity or life. We have to hang in to hinder the system of brutality. We don’t need to stay quite on whatever wrong we are seeing in order to ensure our safety because it is just a deception rather than anything that can really save us.

We have to take hardest decisions in our personal and national capacity that can make sure the transition of this sick state into prosper educated and liberal Islamic society. We can not improve things just by seeing the affairs on television; we need to be the breaking news of progress for the world by our actions and stands.

We don’t require criticizing others rather we need to criticize and improve ourselves in all aspects of personal and professional life. I know the way is not easy but we are born for the hardest of ways. We are the followers of Muhammad S.A.W. who borne stoning but he forgave and equally he said if Fatima R.A. [His S.A.W. daughter] would commit stealing I [S.A.W.] go for cutting her hands. This is what we really are. Be yourself rather than living in the frame of deception and waiting for change.

Pakistan is our homeland, Pakistan is the concept and Pakistan is the commitment that we had made on March 23 1940. Let us make it. Pakistan is not an accident but our will to show the world that the concepts of 1400 years before that ensure human-welfare, social justice & submission before Allah are still viable. Let us start rather than waiting or anticipating. If we will stand for this nation and country so there is no one who can stop us saying PAKISTAN FOREVER!!!! Just do it as it is far sacred beyond saying.

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Tariq Qazi Says:

sir every thing is very ritly said in this article but ... every thing is motivating but i must there r questions not answers how can i make the difference this should be told to us.. for example..u said teacher spoiling our concepts in can we raise our voice against this ??? because we know administration is not going to listen our voice rather they will expel us ...

25 - September - 2010 11:57:20 AM

Saqib Omer Saeed Says:

Tariq; Thanks for your comments. I don't think people in education institutes can afford to ignore the voice of students [if they are right] for long. This country is changing fastly. Those institutes that are more a seller of education by opting cheap teaching solutions shall shortly be weeded out. I think it is also a responsibility of students to focus education with objectives. It is actually lack of objectivity in students in majority that allow institutes to sell what is demanded. I hope things shall change and education shall be audited all over the country. In my personal capacity I am on my way to write a report that I shall send to HEC and Governor Sindh about the education standards and how low cost faculty is demolishing the strengths of our nation. If you see anything going wrong at your end reach responsible people who have authoirity over the genuin issues within your institutes. The problem arises when we think that doing any such demand shall expel us, so better to remain degree-less rather than being a part of deception. This is why I said that it is we who have to give a sacrifice for our generations to come in all fields including education. If the voice is not being heard so everything is there media, courts and more than anything WE. Let us united to throw out all that hurt the cause of our nation. I urge students to develop National Student Council that shall take up all matters of these kinds. Let us say NO for any unjust act. Let us make everyone accountable of their acts. By the way I always find a lot of cooperative people in my University and where I have been teaching that hear just demands of students. I think we better get out of our fear and say what is right before them. 

25 - September - 2010 01:05:00 PM

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