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Now it is our war and their failure

It was right back on May 12 2009, when Mr. Richard C Holbrooke (RCH) appears before U.S. Senate’s foreign relations committee. Richard is a special representative of U.S. State department for Pakistan and Afghanistan. He stated a really amazing concept i.e. below;

“A stable, secure, democratic Pakistan is vital to U.S. national security interests. We must support and strengthen the democratic government of Pakistan in order to eliminate once and for all the extremist threat from al-Qaeda and affiliated terrorist groups.” (RCH statement)

I came to know that now a democratic Pakistan is vital for U.S. national security. I am surprised that couple of years before the dictator regime was vital for U.S. national security. I some times get really confused that is it U.S. national security that determines the political setup in countries like us? It really brings one question in my mind that the strongest country in the world has security issues from the poorest and weak people on the crust. It defines me the legacy of the states (super powers) ruling the world 250 years before. The opponents of Islamic state for 1200 years were Persia (Ancient Great Iran), Rome, Spain, India etc. The super powers of our age have been confronting against countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam etc. Even then they have no ability to wrap up any of the opposition in style.

I am not saying that American nation has any fault in this or major fault. They are the people who have shown the world the new horizons of progress, liberty and democracy. They have proved their performance as the world class but I am talking about those folks in U.S.A. who have hijacked their progress, liberty and democracy for their evils plans. I still have hope that U.S. new generation and intellects can bring harmony in national strategies. They can also be a force to influence their government to avoid clash of civilizations and get out of inferior wars against week countries as this is a mark of dirt on their national history that is in making. We are ready to hear where we have done wrong and you can be liberal enough to understand where you have messed. Leave the governments, people to people contact is necessary to address current crises.

It was a couple of years before when people in our part of the world raised their voice against WAR ON TERROR. They accused our leaders for fighting U.S. war on our land. We all were on one point that this is not our war. It has been an American war history and their style of management; to enter in big tasks. But once they look vulnerable they try to put the load on other’s shoulders (even it can be termed as RISK MANAGEMENT or mitigate of U.S. Strategy’s Inherent RISK). It is even, one of the reasons of their financial crises. In our term “APNI TOPI USSKA SIR (my cap on other’s head)”. If you check the record of wars that America fought in last forty years after the new world order, not a single time they conclude things well. Today’s terrorism is the consequence of their failure to conclude Afghanistan in style in late 80s and early 90s.

I was talking about objection a couple of years before that IT IS NOT OUR WAR. See how beautifully it becomes our war. Here some new characters came in, Local Taliban, Baitullah Mahsud, Fazalullah and obviously Al-Quaida is the leading role play as ever. I want to mention here that the ruler of Afghanistan Mullah Mohammad Umar stated that he has no connection with activities of Baitullah Mahsood (statement of Baitney who has been associated with Local Talibans), Umar also stated that I had said Mahsood that if you are against Americans so come to Afghanistan and fight against occupational forces. But he refused.

So, whose war these extremist are fighting on Pakistani soil? Attacking innocent Pakistanis; for what??? The objective is simple and one MAKING IT YOUR (OUR) WAR. It is evident that U.S. & allied forces have shameful performance in Afghanistan. They opened the front in their ego after 9/11 but with all their technology, money and electronic media, they are unable to fight to success with the most poor and backward people on the crust. They said these terrorist have some technology with them but who is the inventor of modern technology. You can track our phone calls, emails and even our breather while sitting in America, so why you are giving excuses for your failure in Afghanistan. This question has to be asked from the government of U.S.A. and this has to be asked from U.S. government by American people. I request American intellects to understand. No one in the world will face misery from what your governments are doing today but you. You will be financially week, mentally exhausted and appear with no conclusions in these wars. Let them stop by hitting the future of your great nation.

Mrs. Clinton stated a couple of days before that we are against Al Qaeda but not Taliban; she stated we can talk with them if they will stop supporting Al Qaeda or even negotiating them in distinct capacity. I am really sorry Mrs. Clinton, we are living in third world, we have lesser per capita income, our rulers have been in your domain but being a nation we are not fool. The day when we announced negotiation with Local Talibans, so it was ridiculous in your view and when you have got slaps on your face of power in Afghanistan, so you can even have soft corner for Talibans.

American authorities have been claiming that all Al Qaeda and Taliban leadership have crossed the border and now they are escaped in Pakistan. It is same story as 10 plus terrorist went to U.S.A. to accomplish 9/11 and perform the terrorism just after some days when U.S. justice department refused to increase the budget of your secret services. It is the story with same model that the attack on the most dynamic and powerful nation was planned in country like Afghanistan where there is no telephone, internet or any kind of infrastructure.

I am surprised that how well they are working to make it PAKISTAN’s war and disappear again as 1980s. I am sure as a financial analyst that now this war can not be borne by anyone for next four to five years. The cost of the war is too high in the age of financial crises. Even the revenue and economic benefits that was estimated when they started it are in high RISK today. So it is all better to shift this to PAKISTAN. IMF can give more loans; U.S. can give assistance financially and in other ways. But now Pakistan has to fight it out. If I have to spend US$ 100 to fight a war that has no or low benefit now so it is better to outsource Pakistan on US$ 1. This can work in two ways, saving of US$ 99 and saving the credibility that it is all Pakistan’s war and the prospective defeat is also theirs.

Aggression based on ego can not work for the nations. The money spent on fake wars and international dramas can be utilized for health, education, and prosperity. The nation like U.S.A. is in deep financial crises. They need to get out of it also. It is far better for the whole stream of U.S. intellects, businessman, students, people and every one who want to live with prosperity in U.S. to stand and let their government on board. There is no point of U.S. security in all this. If a country like U.S.A. have threats from these people whom they said Al Qaeda etc. so it is better for them to review why they called themselves super power. If it is a reality that you can be hit any time by people living in caves in Afghanistan and living a life in miseries so it is better to review your own policies. Why Al Qaeda is the enemy of U.S.A. why countries in the world have problems with U.S. policies. If you will ask for referendum in the world today, no one is happy with American versions of policies. It is now your turn to understand things rather than pushing the wars to other's lands.

I can say to every one in the world. Give as much hard time you can give to Pakistan, push your mistakes in our account, accuses us in whatever way but you will never find us off the shape anytime. Our nation has great capability. We are not running our fate with materialism but faith. It is our cadre that being a nation we never harm other nations. We have a sound track (Muslim History of Conquers) record that people of other countries prayed our troops to enter their countries to free them from evil forces. We have no intentions of dislodging the progress and life of the people living in other parts of the world. I know today it is not visible but after hundred years once the historian will sit and investigate your murder, he will not find any thing but your own strata of people involved. Today it is premature but the time will prove what ruling regimes in U.S.A. and Europe are doing with Middle East and Asia, is nothing more than their planned national suicide.

I want our philosophers, intellects and media to come up and start a dialogue. We need to see many aspects. We need a change. It is in any case, not our war. But if it is a reality today so we have to fight it in honorable and sensible fashion. The making of this as our war is the courtesy of our name sake friends and handy neighbors. Even then we will have to talk with both to make them understand that they are doing wrong. We need to honor them as we are people who can forgive our enemies even; but let not ignore a single step in defending our premises (& Ideology) at any cost from anyone. We need to support our troops, intelligence agencies and strategic control. If this war is pushed to our area, so we need to finish it to success rather than pushing some where else. May our success in given hard time can be a break for us and bring a shinny new world order!!!!! But it is all dependable of how we perform in this time and the ability of our leadership. I have no doubt by the grace of Almighty Allah that Pakistan will not disappear from the map regardless of all efforts of our opponents. But the level of freedom, honor of our next generations and the respect of ours in the world will highly dependable on the success of ours in the WAR that is being referred to us by the ineffective giants of the world.

Our fight is against those people who are the tools of terrorism but the original terrorists have to be identified. We need to do a massive exercise for this globally. May this fact finding study shall change the whole version of thinking.

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ali raza Says:

u have no fear of reaction on ur writings by forces arround us. u know our government is not 2 good in accepting freedom of speech, specially the way u are writing boldly and truly.

17 - July - 2009 01:42:58 PM

Saqib Omer Saeed Says:

It has been about 62 years of fear. No more. Regarding REACTION, so I have learnt one thing, saying bold realities always have cost and some one have to pay it off to bring severe changes for your next generations. I am not writing against or in favor of anyone. My ideology is not to hate anyone but don’t do enmity with people by hesitation in speaking truth. It is our image that is on stake, so it is more our responsibility to bring facts forward. If our own people will mind it and cause trouble for us, so just forgive them. Even any one who hurt you in response to you effort for real liberation so forgive them and always opt the way of dialogue and continuous struggle. They can kill you but your thinking will live forever. Non violence, continuous effort for progress and saying the truth loudly has to be our policy regardless of any fear or consideration. Rest on Allah. He knows better and he is the best evaluator. Your support is necessary for me, so I can go more than writing also. It is all mobilization. We need to work really hard now.

17 - July - 2009 02:00:52 PM

ali raza Says:

really impressed keep it up bro

17 - July - 2009 02:19:40 PM



17 - July - 2009 02:46:52 PM

Saqib Omer Saeed Says:

Yes we can. We just need to be positive, we have to accept our weaknesses, we have to confess where we are wrong, and we have to highlight black sheep in their system too. In response to any act or harsh words from them we need to show them that we can not hate them, neither we are against Europeans, Americans or non Muslims. We have to present a real image of our religion, that it is not the religion of terrorism, on the same side in defining our hate for terrorism we must not need to be so weak to stand against any oppression on us on the name of anti terrorism. Our religion defines the life, properties and respects of all non Muslim as our own. It is Islam that says the murder of a single innocent man is the murder of humanity. Yes we have some people who are not on right track but we need to talk them and bring them to right track. Regarding, what I am doing is the waste of time, so I am wasting my time on some objective, my cause is not success but starting the movement at the moment. If every one will sit back relax in home and stay quite by thinking negatively so who will change the things and perceptions. Just opt following six points, 1- Don’t be scary in raising your voice. 2- Criticize bad attributes but not people. 3- Don’t let your nerves stressed for any thing. 4- Love people from North America to Austria with out distinction of religion, color, caste or anything, if you feel they are wrong, speak truth but let them see their affairs by themselves. 5- Be on your religion in true sense and with out fear. 6- Work education and technology in your society. You will see perceptions will be changing. We are millions of people not the garbage, understand our strength and impact. Jumping on conclusions so quickly is not good, we need to be patience and give our efforts enough time to work. Things can not be change in months, it will take time but our run rate has to be strong. Thanks for your comments anyways. I really respect people views and weight them for my understandings.

17 - July - 2009 03:08:15 PM

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