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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED


March 2 2011

I can not claim that I have been so fearless, aggressive & an eager performer since I got senses. Before becoming the gold medalist in university & establishing myself as a well recognized professional I had the most conservative and an ordinary school life. On the other hand I can claim that whatever I am today is the courtesy of events and learning in my life about LIFE. Since I had decided I have to move I have been moving and it is paying me off.

In the countries like Pakistan we grow in an environment of fears of different kinds. Those are the fears that are being planted by our parents, teachers and elders. It was hardly a single person in our life that urges us to take high risks and train us to perform tasks of high nerves & credits.

There is only one trainer, one teacher or one preacher that resides within us that enlighten us on the realties of life so liberally. The more we expose ourselves to the challenges by considering them essential for our survival the more we explore that ONE person or a personality within us.

Yes it is always difficult to do extraordinary deeds that can bring our professional life to unmatchable heights because equally it can crash our initial career. The difficulty comes from the fact that we care a lot about what people would say.

I sometimes feel that the people who surround us are merely the representative of their own capabilities and experiences. The claim of seeing the world and time is so baseless when the speed of time in our age is far faster than any other age in the world.

Experience of different people is not a standard for us. We need to keep their experiences for learning but our decisions must have to be based on our own capabilities, opportunities and initiatives. If something was not possible for our elders so it never means that we can’t do it.

The world of today is a dynamic place because of the endeavors of few who worked against the winds and trends. They never got disappointed even if they had to try it several times. They never cared what the world would say rather what they would feel of doing it. They never left their inspirations & dreams because people can’t see it.

I always see what people do and they stand failed. I always see what people don’t do and they stand failed. I always see what people do and they stand successful. I always see what people don’t do and they stand successful. This is just 10% of my analysis. I then see what has been done and what has not been in this world in totality [natural & manmade]. This makes my analysis 20% in accumulation. Then I jump in my very self to ask myself that what you can do Saqib & is it in line with time or I have to change the attributes of time! This make it 100% of my analysis that generates a sound target that then I try to hit hardest with a determination “NEVER STOP MOVING”.

The key attribute that is required is having an impact factor determination. We need to make worthy objectives and stay firm with them. I always consider my objectives as a handicap child; we need to learn living with them with class determination to make them successful in the fittest world.

Nothing in this world is so easy to accomplish, this is why we get ourselves educated & trained. We go to the universities and institutions that equip us with knowledge and training to face the challenges of the world. But unfortunately the behavior we carry after attaining degrees is so immature because we generally get degrees but we left ourselves there.

We always live in fears of being failed. The thinking that starts from the fear of being failed can never attain long lasting successes. In our feeling of fear we deliberately develop a failure personality within us and with that personality we try to find success. I bet this can not work. The first success of a person is to plant a successful personality in his mass.

I started my career with a good job in 2006 but in the search of being a successful and impact self I left the way that was ideal for many people like me at that time. Till today my search is growing courtesy to my restless, curious & fearless personality that I developed for myself after paying the big price of exposing my very self to various risks that people can’t bear. This differential is my advantage.

What I don’t have is not the point of start. What I can have motivates me. Even if I can’t have it, it can’t make any difference over my life because I never had it. But once I have it, it shall gear up my confidence, learning and experience. Yes the way is not easy but when the God committed us that the world would be an easiest place to survive.

The first principle to be successful is to leave two things. First is EGO & the second is FEAR. If you have to do a smallest work to achieve a great success in the long run you must not be ashamed of it. If you have to do something odd to be evenly successful you must not be in any kind of fear. The rest is the way towards success.

We can not loose anything in this world that we brought because we came here without a single paisa in our hand, we came here without a qualification, we came here without any ideas & we came here without any of our abilities standby to jump in the show. We certainly have to go back again with empty hand but the deeds that we accumulate in this world. So since we came in the world, the nature has been saying us “NEVER STOP MOVING”.

If we who came in this world without anything in our hand get so fearful by having the stuff from this world so we need to think that whatever we got is really fake. One thing that we bring with us is our own SELF and this is what we shall carry till the end. So better we have to use it. This is what God has given us and if God has sent us with the SELF of ours so this must be worthy of using for any biggest and impossible looking target in our life.

Have you ever seen the movement of this earth? She faces earthquakes, floods, cyclones & disasters of different high intensities but it never stops moving on her circle. Even insdie the world it never stop moving that writes the quality myths of progress and heights of impossibilities are become possible. It is simply because “stop moving” is end for this world of ours so do for us. So the world is also appealing by her performance that “NEVER STOP MOVING”.

NEVER STOP MOVING! Never think that our desire of being successful and worthy in the world can end. There are breaks that need to be bridged by sheer determination and hard work. There are always reasons of being failed, we need to research those reasons and find alternatives to work our grand plan. In the business of the world the failure is the one who stop & surrender, so “NEVER STOP MOVING”.

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m.ayaz Says:

gud, No doubt that fear is also a motivating force to acheive success but not tat much powerful infact as mentioned in article it keeps on generate and establish a failure personality at every success . The other motivating force is success be prominent, to be seem as succesful person of society or even ths m.force is of no use at a certain extent.because it would also create a chaos at a particular point,bcoz of it a an unstop race of people for sucess will start ,no matter one gets success via right or wrong path or even humiliating otherz rights.bcoz success is the key or the target. This force would become much more beautiful when 2 other strong motivating forces "love" and "ahsaan" are along with the force of success which will keep person or society or world in an ideal situation and then our self will be happy to turn back to Allah s.w.talah.

04 - March - 2011 03:23:21 AM

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