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The new format of Nakkah contract was issued in Punjab by PML-N government. But it was still debatable. But no, it was taken back. I am really scary to write it because I just have to see next 24 hours to hear something else on it.

The resolution was mobilized by PML-N’s member in Punjab Assembly that criticized a segment of media which talks so vulgar about politicians and parliamentarians. But the role of media was praised by Shehbaz Sharief earlier in the day. A little earlier Nawaz Sharief condemns the resolution and urged his younger brother to throw Masti Khel out. I am really scary to write it because I just have to see next 24 hours to hear something else on it.

A friend of mine called me a couple of hours before and inquired whether it is the MASTI of Masti Khel or Nawaz Sharief also keeps Octopus for his political decision making? Now what I can say? It is a dilemma that those who have to decide on national issues are not stable on their own decisions.

I have never been counting Nawaz Sharief and his political party in political intellectuals. They are really very innocent people. Even when they tried to do something smart so incidence or accidents like 1999 happens and then their Saudi friends have to support them and stop their baby crying.

If I have to give an honest opinion, so there was nothing wrong in the resolution of Punjab Assembly, even it was not a legislation neither it indicates a will to hinder media from what they have been doing. But it was actually a test of whole PML N once they placed it. They had to resist it at least for a little more but they surrendered. They at least had to opt a buffer or persuasive message plan that they can get from any book of modern communication.

They had to clarify that there is nothing in term of intent against media. They had to make sure that the resolution was tending towards strata of media that is opting abusive language even it is not a law. To the extent they never required to bring that resolution in the house but once it was in, so there must be a sensible way to diffuse that situation. They had to call Media and Parliamentarians in a conference to reach some conclusion and code of ethics for media and politicians both rather than bringing resolution on the floor of the house. They did it after burn once Shabaz Sharief set a panel to water the fire but before it actually works his elder brother jumped from London and did nothing but nonsense

Even whatever they can say they can never say that media have to stop reporting about fake educational documents of parliamentarians. Media has a right to report fake degrees and even in most humiliating way so they can never try to do the same with the nation. But where media make highly vulgar jokes of politicians so there media has to be rectified. I think PML-N have mixed the issue of fake degrees and negative role of media in their nonsense. Or the timing of this political activity is wrong. They have no idea that this little move can turn the table.

Somewhere I am getting an intuition that PML-N is being spoiled by someone else. The way they always cry; “KAY HAMARAY SAATH HATH HOGAYA”. But this time it is worst of the scenarios and definitely it can change the direction of politics in Punjab.

I have an idea that these days Octopus is too popular for predictions so may Nawaz Sharief is having any Octopus that decides what to do for them. But sometimes the decisions of Octopus need a little time to implement or diffuse in its true course. But what we can say for those politicians in our country who have lesser intellect and political sense than an Octopus?

I know that media is very strong in Pakistan these days but there are ways to highlight media that what they are doing is professionally out of order. No one is perfect. Our media is also new to this challenge but they will definitely understand if the way would be gentle.

Anyways Mr. Shairef have to understand that if anything can go wrong so it will and if we sees the level of political maturity and intellect in the leadership of PML-N so if anything can not go wrong, even it will.

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