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Yesterday I thought to interview a knowledgeable person on U.S. war in Afghanistan. But when I tried to figure out the tally so I found there is no one in current world who knows war science better than those who have passed away but even today they are the genuine light.

I selected Napoleon to discuss this serious myth of U.S.A. destruction in Afghanistan. So just sit back relax and enjoy my talks with Napoleon:

Me: Hi Mr. Napoleon! How is Life?

Napoleon: Shut Up Saqib! I am died. The biggest problem of your age is asking irrelevant questions and initiating war on stupid answers.

Me: Sorry Sir! Aap nay tou bajani shuru kardi! I am not U.S. official neither you are Afghan!

Napoleon: I am really thankful that at least you recognize me that I am not American. Ask whatever you want but be serious and please don’t speak Urdu before me because I know you Pakistanis that you says truth in Urdu and when you have to speak lie from the world you use English. May be it is a way to ensure Urdu jis ka naam hay saab jantay haine Dag – Saray jahan maine dhoom hamari zaban ki.

Me: OK Sir, a simple question to you on Afghanistan war of U.S.: How you see Afghanistan war in one sentence?

Napoleon: Hmm!! Never interfere with enemy that is in the process of committing suicide*.

Me: So Sir, it is only the fault of Afghanistan instincts that no one can win a war there?

Napoleon: Have you read “The I Ching China Circa” of Eight Century?

Me: No Sir, what is special in it?

Napoleon: It states: Chaos – where brilliant dreams are born. U.S. dream were brilliant but their troops are not brilliant enough to implement that dream so it is all chaos.

Me: Sir, can you elaborate?

Napoleon: Off Course, They made really good calculations of Afghanistan and Iraq but they committed a severe mistake of not calculating their own entity. They are putting $ 944 billion on military operations this year including $227 billion in Afghanistan. They have state of the art technology. But they are unable to understand that they have no communication on ground for war. Believe me Saqib! The secret of war lies in the communications*.

Me: Hmm! Sir you are really good at war science. So, what do you think that who is better in it, Talibans or U.S. soldiers?

Napoleon: To have good soldiers, a nation must always be at war*. Afghan life is war, it is their culture and it brings a lot of business to them when they are not ready to do anything other than war. Regarding U.S. army; so they have a history of initiating war against weakest opposition like Vietnam and face insult. War is not their cup of tea. They are a good nation in international politics. They just have to rely on throwing money, playing games and getting the returns back.

Me: Sir, how you see U.S. economic crises to affect their military ops?

Napoleon: Simply; an army marches on its stomach*. In war like these the whole nation has to be ready like army. I am sure that now U.S. citizens are not ready or in consent of this war. You have to see the behavior of U.S. citizens. They have no other concern than their credit cards, life style, employment and health care. They are not out of those who can live hungry to support their troops.

Me: So Sir, what you count from war in Afghanistan? What exactly U.S.A. attains from this war?

Napoleon: Saqib you are a novice in this area! I really like when Friedrich said that the value of a thing sometimes lies not in what one attains with it but in what one pays for it – what it costs us. See what it cost to the U.S. People talk a lot, money, economy and headcount. But what I see is their credibility and threat that costs. Today after seeing U.S. failing in Afghanistan, countries like Iran and North Korea are not willing to give any respect to U.S. military and political power. They are finished as Super Powers.

Me: Sir how you see Europe when they supports U.S. ambitions?

Napoleon: Hmm Saqib, Europeans are politically very weak today but I have no doubt on the war knowledge of Europeans. They know; he that makes war without many mistakes has not made war very long*. Just see a little more time passing they shall realize that this whole war is the biggest mistake. They shall not take a long time to get out of it. It is just a matter of when Europeans stand against their own governments. Europeans are tougher than Americans. They are still in hope of getting something out of this war but when they shall realize that it gives nothing so they will quit.

Me: What do you suggest to U.S. and Allied forces in respect to Afghan War?

Napoleon: An army's effectiveness depends on its size, training, experience, and morale, and morale is worth more than any of the other factors combined*. I just ask all the forces in Afghanistan to see where they stand in morale. If they have no standing so they have option to see defeat or get back in escape of giving Afghanistan in the hand of Afghans. Their strength is politics; they can not run a war. So they have to do politics. War is simply reducing their political options.

Me: So what is the biggest thing that U.S. is loosing today? Is that money, economy or soldiers that means space in simple?

Napoleon: Strategy is the art of making use of time and space. I am less concerned about the later than the former. Space we can recover lost time never*. U.S. is loosing time in Afghanistan and it means that they can even loose their entity. Everything in our life is running like blood cells on the plasma of time. Health of blood cells is irrelevant once plasma starts getting short.

Me: What do you think that if U.S. shall return from Afghanistan so it shall be all fine?

Napoleon: It should not be believed that a march of three or four days in the wrong direction can be corrected by a countermarch. As a rule, this is to make two mistakes instead of one*. It is not only a matter of coming back. They have to surrender their intentions of making other nations slave of their national interest, even when the majority of the world accepts that what they are doing is right.

Me: How you see those who support U.S. in their campaigns and what is their future with U.S. in alliance? I am talking about countries like Australia and Canada?

Napoleon: Men soon get tired of shedding their blood for the advantage of a few individuals, who think they amply reward the soldiers' perils with the treasures they amass*. Just wait and watch Saqib. You are so impatience to know everything in one shot.

Me: If I says what are the two most important things for war in battlefield like Afghanistan, especially for the warriors of U.S.A?

Napoleon: Warriors of U.S.A. Are you mad Saqib? They are not warriors, they are even not soldiers! You are insulting me because I am soldier and warrior! Do you want me to boycott like your Parliamentarians?

Me: I am sorry sir if you mind. I take my words back. Even I know that you shall not boycott because warriors never gives up. Anyways I humbly seek the answer of my question.

Napoleon: In war, the moral element and public opinion are half the battle*. Everyone knows better where U.S. stands in both! War is like government, a matter of tact*. Unfortunately their governments can not tact even. It is a chaos all around. In war you see your own troubles; those of the enemy you cannot see. You must show confidence*. They are unable to see their own troubles so how they can gain confidence and so do their troops on ground.

Me: Thanks a lot sir for your time. I hope your thoughts can help American policy makers to understand the art of war.

Napoleon: Hmm. I don’t know how well they can understand me but I am sure that Pakistan Army understands realities better than them. The way they are involving people of SWAT in recovery of life, the way they are recruiting Balooch youth in Army and the way they controls their illiterate politicians until the true leadership reveals will definitely work for national purpose.

So people, I hope you enjoyed talks of Mr. Napoleon. I hope it shall enlarge your thinking horizons about Afghanistan war in the light of experienced and knowledgeable thoughts of the legend thinking warrior of Europe.

Note: all bold / italic and * mark sentences are Napoleon’s quotes

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