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Myth of a half cooked Muslim State

What a dilemma? We promised Allah in 1940 that we shall make a new country that shall work on the principles of Islam. In fact we are the only nation that is committed to Allah about the way we shall govern our state.

In 1940s the only thing that could unite the nation was Islam and people’s sentiments about their life to run as per Islamic Fundamentals. But once we started seeing the tone of the world and the material aspects of life we turned our faces opposite to Allah. In local Urdu it is “KULATI MAR GAYAY”. And we are equally bearing the punishment of this noncompliance in form of terrorism, extremism, crimes, disasters etc. but we can not see this aspect.

These days we are more interested in tags of Moderate etc. Are we saying that the way of life Allah selects for us is not balance so we need to be moderate in the implementation on the message of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)? Do we have more intellect that we can come up with a new mix of Islamic Principles other than Quran and Sunnah?

I think we are making our own self a joke rather than the principles of Islam. Islam stands high with his glorious message and the world admits it. I am not saying about anyone but even me. Our problem is sense of inferiority that we feels once we see the world progressing. We are almost cut from the glory of our brilliant past and we have no vision for future as a SELF.

We have forgotten that it is we that ruled the world for about thousand years. We have forgotten that it is we that started the streams of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics etc. We have forgotten that the nations across the world used to pray that may Muslims would conquer our part so we can live in peace. We have forgotten everything because we have no SELF in our mass. We are not that actually are we.

These days people debate about things that are crystal clear. They debate about interest on financial products. They have their own perceptions over a cleared reality. Does anyone need to see whether interest is prohibited in Islam or not? Or Quran and Sunnah are ambiguous on it?

People talk a lot about man and woman interactions and dress codes. Is it so difficult to understand that what Islam said on dress codes and how men and women have to carry their affairs in society? Even it is not Islam but all other religions in the world that clarifies dress codes and ethics for men and women. But we want debates and discussions even when the Quran and Sunnah are not ambiguous on it. Or do we think that Quran and Sunnah are ambiguous?

We say ourselves Muslims whereby we deliberately eat the income of our fathers from bribery and corruption. We say ourselves Muslim when we cross red light on the road in hurry or even not in hurry. We say ourselves Muslims when we sell our promises for a mere advantage in this world. We say ourselves Muslim when we escape the witness while we see a crime happening before us. We say ourselves Muslim when we stand with our own people even how unjust they would be. We say ourselves Muslim when we spend thousands for our happiness while the society is hungry and in problems. We say ourselves Muslim when we hear a voice of Azan and even we don’t bother to attend prayers. How much I can say and how much we have done to show that we are Muslims. We even don’t know the responsibility in this single world MUSLIM.

The problem is simple that we know exactly what the way of life Allah want from us is. But we don’t want to live it. We are scared from the world. We are scared from our own self that what I would be termed as once I come under the cover of Allah’s system. We can say that what Al Qaeda is doing is not Islam but we have nothing to show the world what Islam is! It is the show that we have to carry by our character and the way of life.

At one end there are people who want freedom from the message of Islam and at other end there are people who are going far above what Islam asks. At one end there are people who want to cut the neck of people for Islam and on other hand there are people who want to live naked. Where are Muslims in all this? Actually this is the divine justice from Allah that both are killing each other. This is the cost of noncompliance of our promise that we committed from Allah in 1940.

We have a majority of population that is living the norms of their forefathers rather than what Islam says. They are even not bothered to open the Book of Allah and Sunnah to know that what the reality is. They only know what their parent taught to them or the world of today. They have a same excuse that Quresh gave to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). How we can leave our traditions and the ways of our forefathers? How we can disconnect from the world in our affairs? How we can crush our economy if idols shall be broken in Mecca? Unfortunately after living 14 centuries we have same questions from Islam. We are still confused about who we are!

We are still unable to determine the role of Muhammad Bin Qasim because it is we who killed him just when he reached Multan while he was trying to build a true Muslim society. We are unable to determine the sacrifice of Tipu Sultan that cascade down the greatest message of courage. We are still unable to understand that QURAN is the sole message that is enough easy and understandable to work our life in accordance to the will of Allah. Why we need poetry & Dhamal to be motivated on human service when we have Quran as a sole & simple charter of humanity?

We are the people who witness that there is no god except Allah. We are not those who worship 300 plus idols. But see our society we also have idols in form of shrines and personalities. Those who worship 300 plus idols even claims they worship one God but these 300 plus idols is the way to reach that One God. We also have a same concept when we have many idols to reach one God even once Allah is saying you don’t need anyone to reach me. Stand before me five times a day and ask whatever you want. Even then we goes to those centers but when it comes to going mosque five times in a day, so we all know how good we are in it? What a Muslims society and state? Just half cooked!!!

Many of the folks in this part of the world became Muslims once Mughals imposed tax on Non-Muslims. They became Muslims to save their money / property and till today we are practicing the same traditions and culture of Indians because still we are half cooked. We admit Islam for our own advantage but we are not ready to implement Islam because we never like to give up our culture and traditions.

Today we are talking about religion to be set aside from the governance of state but we are unable to see that we got respect and progress when Islam was the law of state. It is Islam that provides equal well being to the people in state regardless of their faiths. Islam is not merely a religion. It is a way of life and code to run the government and society. It is the code of life that gives same status to all citizens. It is the system where Ruler can be questioned by an ordinary citizen about the size of his cloths.

I feel ashamed before Allah for my own self that I am His sinner. I am really ashamed to state Allah that we as a nation have forgotten our promise. All of us know that we have to implement Quran 100% on our life but then we find moderation as a way out to serve this world of injustice. Moderation! Moderation for what?

Can any moderation allow us to eat interest? Can any moderation allow men to dance with a woman on a dance floor? Can any moderation allow us to breach our commitments? Can any moderation allow a woman to get out of the dress of modesty? Can any moderation give us a way to exempt five time prayers? Can any moderation allow us to state lies? Can any moderation allow us drink wine? Can any moderation allow us to enjoy illegal sex? Can any moderation allow prostitution in the country as legitimate? Can any moderation allow us to save our life while not reporting a crime that we see from our own eyes? Can any moderation allow us to stay calm when our daughter is being taken to U.S. illegally and immorally? What a nation we are that live in pieces and hoping for totality.

It is not enough to say Islamic Republic of Pakistan! We have to be Islamic Republic in true sense and we have no way out for ignoring or avoiding it. The dream of welfare state can not be accomplished until we surrender our highly materialistic life styles before the law of welfare. It is not a time of talks. It is not a time of discussion about what Islam says. We all know what Islam says and want. We just have to implement it before we shall face more destruction in lieu of our promise from Allah.

I am sorry to say the more you deduct Islam from Pakistan the more your society shall become a jungle of beasts. You can not live happy after breaching your commitment with Allah. You are booked in the books. So settle your account of disappear from the scene of the world. We are waiting for the time when these highly radical elements in our society shall eat us. We are unable to be true Muslims that can counter these elements and the whole evil forces that are working of one agenda to undo our existence and entity.

We can not fight with Al Qaeda, Local Taliban, Global Anti Pakistan forces until we implement Islam in true course on our society. This half cooked Islamic State is not in our interest and it can’t be. The decision is in our hand that can show Allah to take the decision of our glory. We are very emotional to stand against EVERYBODY DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY but do we have any idea how massive we are disgracing Muhammad (peace be upon him) by our conduct? We are the followers of Muhammad (peace be upon him) do we have any idea about our responsibility? Can we stand against ourselves in this regard the way we stand against those shameless people who insult our very beloved Prophet (peace be upon him)? It is a time to think about it.

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Muhammad Iqbal Says:

whether someone likes it or not, a half cooked islamic state is actually a hypocrisy which we have sanctioned to protect our own interested without weighing them in the light of Quran and Sunnah. The problem is that since the past 60 years, our beautiful and human friendly islamic principles have been tarnished and portrayed in the worst manner. This has forced ppl to turn their faces away from Islam. I would like to blame both the scholars for their misrepresentation and sectarian dynasty, and also blame the masses for blindly following watever nonsense was being conveyed in the name of Islam. When we have all the time and resources to research on various fields of education, why not Quran and Biology? Why not Quran and Anatomy? Why not Quran and Embryology? Why not Quran and Oceanography? Why not Quran and Geography? Why not Quran and Astronomy?...This happens, as rightly pointed by the author of the article, that we turned our faces away from our very own promises of the 1940s and started considered the western civilization and lifestyle better than our pure islamic teachings. As for Draw Muhammad Day, the only difference they (the kuffar) drew bad pictures of our Prophet (PBUH) with their hands or computers, but we have been drawing some of the worst pictures with our deeds for the whole world to see...did we ever think about that???

06 - August - 2010 12:49:01 PM

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