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Pakistan is my country. I have no doubt that this country has a great potential but equally she is living in a lot of problems that we shares daily in our life. But not at any point of time I think that give up is the call. We always have to work for our country and try to improve it because it is the only country that we have in the world that owns us and we own her.

There are many Pakistanis who have been serving the interest of Pakistan even while living overseas. They work hardest and represent Pakistan in the countries of the world. But there are some black sheep that insult Pakistan and Pakistani community overseas.

Today I am stating a myth of a person who went to U.K. from Lahore in 2006. This myth is revealing on BIZOMER to make Pakistanis aware that there are many people who are more interested to raise their voices for counting weaknesses of Pakistan and to prove that there is no future of this great country of mine. Actually they are well incapable and this is what they want to escape through the current problems of our country. They have no courage to solve it even they are not capable enough but regardless of sitting quite they abuse Pakistan to satisfy their inner that they are not fail rather it is actually Pakistan that is not the land of opportunities.

He was a third division B.Com from one of colleges from Lahore. There were many people who witnessed that the culture of using unfair means for increasing marks and manipulating results from the corrupt contacts of education boards were common in his home. The whole lot of his surrounding was incapable but they were getting all their academic examinations passed on the basis of bribery and influential family contacts.

The person who has been fostered in an environment that is unethical and corrupt never feels a significant need of hard work. The same happened with him. He was feeling himself unfit in Pakistan because it was hell hard in Pakistan to reach success for capable person, on the other side he was even not capable enough to do anything.

Shortly he tried to manage being in U.K. after getting a support from some of his family members. Again U.K. was not an easy world to survive. It was an expensive country that requires a lot of work to do. It was WORK; again, not his cup of tea. He was on student visa in the country courtesy to a third class school that was even not recognized on ratings. He was doing illegal odd jobs to earn some revenues.

It was hardest to manage a student status to live long in U.K. in post 9/11 scenario so he thought the other way. He worked paper marriage in U.K. with a girl who had a British Passport. Just after few months of this contractual arrangement there was a dispute among both parties and the girl reaches police station to report the affair. He went to jail for a while but got out from there after his relatives settled the issue and made him back to Pakistan after some months.

He came back to Pakistan with two master degrees i.e. of MBA & MS. He never tried to think that people are not that unaware in Pakistan who can’t guess how a B.Com third division can get two master degrees in U.K. in a couple of years. Even when our graduation system was of two years and in U.K. they had to complete one year probation to lead for Master Program. Even MS requirement is tough to take a little more time than MBA. Even MBA needs two year professional experience to take admission in any recognized University.

He promoted himself as double masters in Pakistan but Pakistan is not such a backward country. Human Resource Departments are well aware of who is who and what is what. His parents were cursing Pakistan in a meanwhile that Pakistan has nothing to offer to their talented and genius son. But actually they were well aware that this kind of duffer can not be inducted without any influential support and this is what they got in form of a relative who ensured his job in one of the banks in Lahore.

Even the bank in which he is working is not aware of his track record. He is appointed on the note of his relative who is a senior banking official. He and his family are still not loosing a chance to use abusive language for Pakistan. They are more interested to find overseas residential opportunities because they find no future in Pakistan.

These types of people are really a point of concern for our society. I think we shall be thankful for them for leaving Pakistan if they get any chance of doing so. But the concern of the insult of Pakistan and Pakistani community overseas is more than anything.

It is our responsibility being overseas Pakistanis to spot this kind of peoples. We never need to be in sympathy with any Pakistani if he is committing a crime or illegal activity. It is indeed essential for our overseas credibility to expose these black sheep and bring them to justice. It is a sin and insult of a Pakistani to support his countryman if he is well guilty.

Even once we hear anything against Pakistan from people who are corrupt and unethical, we need to respond. It is a time of activism. We have to be active to point out black sheep. Sometimes we get quite because we can’t raise voice against our own people but the responsibility being a citizen of this country is beyond any other concern.

I am leaving it on my readers that they can comment about what we have to do to cure our credibility from these acts that make the whole Pakistan community shameful before the people of the world. What we can do while living in Pakistan against these type of people who use fake degrees to get themselves employ on jobs and professional roles. Even they feel so character worthy to say that Pakistan is not a country to live in. Aren’t they a real black sheep in our nation?

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Ghazali Saya Says:

The person you talked about need to be terminated from the bank where he is working. Is there anyone who can inform the bank about it for action. How he get a job when genuin people are away from it. thanks for highlighting the issue saqib,

10 - October - 2010 08:46:20 PM

Samina Rana Says:

I really enjoyed this read. You pinpoint a critical issue. There are some people who feel excellence in defaming Pakistan without seeing how sound are they.

10 - October - 2010 08:43:51 PM

Amin Raheem Says:

interesting article. I live in England for last two decades. Boys from our country live in same style. In last ten years majority of the students live over fake education institutes and their visas.

10 - October - 2010 08:34:03 PM

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