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Yesterday (Dec 28 2009) was one of the sad days in the history of the city of Karachi when we saw a bomb blast on Moharram procession. After that incident some mobs torched the fire to city’s center markets and they made Pakistan to loose key business opportunities and adversely hit the sentiments of new investors. The total loss was estimated Rupees 30 – 35 billion in first go.

After all the horrible myth created by unknown well wishers of Pakistan’s destruction; our investigating agencies and political administration started to assign responsibility of terrorism and fire to their so called escape goats for last seven years i.e. International terrorists and Taliban. This is the basic fault of our investigation strategy that we always come to conclusion first and then says, ‘we will investigate’. Sometimes I think Taliban is really a good character show for our incompetence in investigation and giving cover to real terrorists and corrupts in our own ranks. This is the same strategy that U.S.A. has been opting when they promoted Al Qaeda as a reason for doing all unjust and their interests.

In my view some points really have to be analyzed to carry investigation that can result in some key findings of this sort of act of terrorism and unlawfulness.

First of all; the timing of this incident is important. This is the time when country is in massive political chaos. President Asif Ali Zardari speech on Dec 27 was considered as the speech of man going out. President eventually left for Dubai after that speech. NRO and other issues are still on board that become a little dull in media while President has to settle his affairs U.S.A. & Army that he realized after his speech.

Second; the way unidentified mobs torched fire after the blast shows that they were known of the happening of blast far before or they planned it, so they were ready with massive material required to boost this sort of fire. The whole wholesale markets of medicine, paper, perfumes etc were burning soon after the blast. Now here it is a bit difficult to understand why Taliban would do that. They have no record of burning fire after blasts. Even if you take this assumption that they were Talibans or other terrorist groups so they can not torched the fire of this level because for this they had to be present there in large numbers and in fact it was not possible to be there without the consent of law and order maintaining agencies.

Third important point is; it was for a long while that we have been hearing the buzz of old markets in the city to be transferred to Surjani town. The plans were there to vacant old markets and put them away from the city. The real estate games have been on in the city for long but it got hit by realty crises in the city two years back. Now if all the key markets are burnt so it is easy to transfer them to wherever they want. Here the ultimate beneficiaries would be those people who have taken position in it. II Chundrigar road and M.A. Jinnah Road has been the point of attraction for international investors also but they were not happy with current old markets present over there. The way Karachi have been developing for last five years shows that there must be a big business game pending in this city and I know the big games always have a big cost.

Fourth point could be terrorists, Talibans, Al Qaeeda, Religious extremist, RAW, FBI, CIA, Black Water, MAUSAD etc. that we always have been there as a doubt bearer of these sorts of incidents.

The job of investigating agencies must have to assign probabilities to all these variables and test their chances liberally. If we will investigate properly so we never need international teams to investigate on our soils. But this equally need full independence of investigating teams. Generally our governments are not interested in exposing pro political violence myths.

My objective of this writing is simple that now we have to learn that we have to properly investigate every thing appearing on our ground. I think Supreme Court have to take a suo-moto notice to investigate December 28 2009 by an independent Judicial commission. We don’t have to fix one cause of these effects in our minds but we have to liberally investigate all the variables here. It can be anything; our inside conspiracies or any outsider’s design but this is what we have to honestly find out.

I have even very little hope that the characters and master minds of these shameless blasts and fire can be circled to the court of justice but end of the day it is our national dilemma and we have to think about it from all aspects. Karachi is the biggest city of the world and in this big city the big games are always expected but being a citizen of Pakistan and resident of Karachi, my only concern is my city is in fire and there is no control.

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Muhammad Iqbal Says:

Dear Brother, It is sad to see not only our city but almost whole country on some sort of fire. There are many who have written in sympathy of the affected people, but there are few who are trying to educate the people about the hidden agendas and hidden agencies that are driving all these BRUTAL ACTS against our beautiful country Pakistan. People are generally innocent and emotionally driven and tend to move towards where the news channels take them. But only few sit and think about all what you mentioned in your article. Unfortunately i am also one of those overseas Pakistani who feels helpless sitting and waiting for a leader to miraculously spring up somewhere from the public and lead us to freedom as Musa (AS) led the Israelites away from Pharaoh. I wish the tables turn over and the concerned and intelligent youth win over all odds and get rid of all this brutality seeping amongst us. May Allah help us to adhere to his teachings and walk on the 'Siratual Mustaqeem' Aameen Regards Muhammad Iqbal

29 - December - 2009 03:09:08 PM

Iqra Akhlaq Says:

This disastrous bomb blast seemed to me as a pre planned activity to attain the maximum benefits and putting all the suspects on UNSEEN ALQEDA or TALIBAN. Just to divert the attention of the people from the major issues of the country, these sort of activities have constantly been plannd so that no one would pay attention to what is happening in the country. For the purpose of investigation a SO CALLED investigation committee will be made and then every one will forget about the incident and the report of this committee would never come with its findings.

29 - December - 2009 08:28:43 PM

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