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My Travelling Tale of Tanzania


I landed in Dar Es Salaam on August 6 2012 with entirely a raw perception about Tanzania and the people of Tanzania.


Just as I went outside DAR’s Airport, number of Taxi drivers jumped at me, it was so difficult to decide what to do as it had always been in mind about the security issues in taxies in Africa or in general.


Anyways I spotted and agreed with a relatively lesser aggressive taxi driver Johan Francis. Where there are security issues the lesser aggressive gesture always looks reasonable.


While travelling to my hotel from Airport I found Johan as very friendly and a cooperative person. In the way towards hotel I fixed tour schedule with him to have his car for rent for the rest of my days in Dar Es Salaam.


He offered US$ 90 per day that was certainly better than US$ 110 – 120 that was demanded by many who jumped over me at the Airport. Even John has been living in Dar Es Salaam for last 25 years and being an ex-government employee he knew everything there.


In 30 minutes while chatting and fixing things with John I reached the hotel that was at the Morogoro Road that is located in the city center.


In fact while being in the hotel I found everyone cooperative and professional. The hotel is being owned and managed by Pakistani originated Tanzanians. It has always been a great feel while my stay that I saw everyone so friendly and up for the guests comfort.


Tanzanite Executive Suits is exactly the hotel for business people. It carries decent rooms with WIFI internet connectivity and all the essential requirements are placed. And they are very well powered by the standby management who is willing to serve their guests.


As the purpose of my visit was not tourism rather business networking I started the mission right from August 7 2012.


It has been from August 7 to August 15 2012 I visited markets, government authorities and businessmen in Dar Es Salaam, Arusha and Zanzibar.


It is really interesting that today’s Tanzania is aggressive for industrialization and brining investors to partner the dream of best East African economy and then the best in Africa too.


While visiting government departments like TIC, BRELA, and Department of Land etc. I found everyone looked so concern and they took me very positively. They provided all the necessary information and committed their cooperation if we would like to bring investment in Tanzania.


It was also great to experience one window operation in Tanzania Investment Center [TIC] where you can register the company, document the land bought, deals the visa issuance for officials etc.


After visiting government authorities I realized the hunger and keenness of Tanzanian government to bring investment in their country and planting jobs for their people with the support of global private sector.


Even they have launched special economic zones where they are giving incentives like zero corporate tax & VAT for the period of 10 years.


I met a number of businessmen and companies in Dar Es Salam, Arusha and Zanzibar and I found everyone very well aware of business realities in global and local markets.


I visited industrial areas that from outside was not looking so electric but when you enter factories and mills you can easily understand the massive scale of their work.


The best thing that I found in Dar Es Salaam is that the city is the only port for about eight countries that are land lock. Dar Es Salaam is working as a hub of trade for East Africa. And being a relatively secure city it has a clear edge over other cities in African continent.


Even the emerging scenario of oil and gas exploration is making East Africa in the buzz. They are eyeing the great future and prevailing education policy in Tanzania is spot on to the grand objective of a prosperity and brisk economy.


The most interesting thing that I found in Dar Es Salaam’s local markets is the availability of different products in one store. It was really amazing to saw Engine Oil on grocery stores or even in garment shops. Anyways they have a small Auto Parts and Lubricants market in the city that works so busy every day.


I met a lot of local Tanzanians and I found them really nice people. The city is indeed peaceful and other than minor crimes you cannot witness any notable law and order situation in Dar Es Salaam.


I met about all notable Pakistanis over the Independence Day ceremony in Pakistan High Commission and then in the Program organized by Welfare Association of Pakistanis in a local hotel. It was indeed a pleasure knowing that in 1982 all 13 textile mills of Tanzania were the property of Pakistanis.


Even today Pakistani citizens owned great businesses in Dar Es Salaam and Tanzania. They are the strong strata of Dar Es Salaam city. Pakistan resumed her diplomatic operation in Tanzania from 2009 after 10 years of being closed from 1999 but when I visited the High Commission; our folks were looking very aggressive on different fronts.


The High Commissioner of Pakistan Mr. Tajamul Altaf has been working for the benefits of Pakistani community and he is also in line to develop commercial agreements between Tanzania and Pakistan. This has been making him a popular figure in Dar Es Salaam’s Pakistani community.


While visiting different places for business in Dar Es Salaam and all along Arusha and Zanzibar I found Tanzania a really beautiful & exotic place. We can find a lot of tourists from Europe, Americas and Asia while travelling all those cities.


Zanzibar in fact is the most beautiful of places I visited. Even being on a business visit I enjoyed seeing the great natural landscape that Tanzania has. Even the hotels and restaurants in the city are very well maintained and beachside is absolutely fantastic.


These 10 days over a business visit in Tanzania has introduced me a nation that is willful to bring their life style up from where they are. They have even developed a lot in their limited workable resources.


You can easily sense poverty in Tanzania but if you belong to business and your business sense is strong enough so that you can even sense the takeoff that the people, government and business community of Tanzania are living in their approach towards prosperity.


My next destination in this spell of visits of East African countries is Kenya; I would love to share my experiences in Kenya too but for that I have to live it. So, I end this post here while I will be flying tomorrow [August 16 2012] for Kenya.



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Qadiryar Says:

Dear Saqib Sahib, Thanks for sharing your experience of Tanzania visit. It is wonderful information. It would be a great help and very informative for the people who want to visit Tanzania.

23 - March - 2016 02:43:55 PM

Azhar Titu Says:

Dear Mr. Omer, As salam O alaikum, I feel very good after reading your experience on Tanzania. Being a Bangladeshi Muslim , I feel proud that there is lot of muslim specially pakistani are living well. Is there any opportunity to set a small business like trading or export / import business ? Thanks a lot again

18 - April - 2017 05:41:05 PM

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