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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED


I have been in search of a mentor, role model, guru or leader. May times we use to take many names. We talked about many people. We use to talk about people who are not perfect and we try to follow them. We have been listening from our politicians to follow the way of Zukfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sherif, Altaf Hussain, Wali Khan, or anyone. I don’t know how people can follow the people who are not perfect within themselves.

I am not saying myself a sacred man. I have been seeing people thinking and posing themselves more sacred to talk about Him. I am such an ordinary, sinful and poor of character fan of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.  I am not saying I am following His S.A.W. way in full. I am just trying to learn and praying from Allah to give me enough courage and consistency to opt the way of Muhammad S.A.W.

But what if I am not good to present myself as Mohammad (S.A.W.)’s follower in true spirit? What if I have more sinful entity to praise the greatest man the world has ever seen? What if I am shameless, by not following the way and life style of the mercy for mankind? But I am at least more than those non believers who believed Muhammad S.A.W. in Mecca 1400 years before and praised Him S.A.W. regardless of their enmity. The history witness that those who were against teaching of the Mohammad S.A.W. praised His S.A.W. honesty and affairs of life. Even they knew that what He (S.A.W.) is saying is cent percent right. Even every single human being in the world knows that Islam is right but they can not implement it because they have no full inside view of Islamic teachings and how they can better their life by Islam. Even what they will do if we are unable to have betterment in our life by Islam. It is just because we are in complete denial of Muhammad S.A.W. teachings.

Today we are seeing our people getting agitated by materialistic problems. I am not saying these problems are the good things to have. If you sees the people’s wishes, so they want money, good jobs, good material future, and lot of fun with their families but see my Mohammad S.A.W. He S.A.W. would easily have all this at that time, if he accepted the tone of society. In fact my personal analysis is if we will run for these materialistic objectives, we would never be able to get it. The success of Muslims is to leave materialism. This is in his instinct. The society that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. established in Madina used to be scary if they have more money in their pockets. They think it more an assessment than their fortune by Allah (the only God). They used money and wealth for good tasks rather their own pleasure and life style.

I studied that age on Muslims when Muhammad S.A.W. said that the neighbor have more right on your house if you are selling it. I saw in the history people sold their houses to their neighbors while moving to another one, on the prices lower than the market. Just to acclaim the right and importance of their neighbor. I have studied the age when Muslims proactively help other people in poverty, disease and adversities. I have studied the age when people used to gave half of their properties to the migrant brothers. I have studied the teaching whereby Prophet S.A.W. said the heaven rest beneath the feet of the mother. Is their any other revolutionist in the world who has taught revolution like this? It has been none other but only my Mohammad (S.A.W.). He (S.A.W.) is the Charter of humanity and mercy for mankind.

I am really surprised to think, the time till Muslims followed the way of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. (till CALIPHATE OF ABASSIA), they were the strongest in knowledge, politics, economy, business, culture, life style, human rights etc. The day when our people started opting their scholars, rulers, politicians, parents, dynasties, themselves as an instance (or rule) to follow, they have been collapsing. It is really good that the book of Allah (Quran) is unchanged because its security is in the hands of Almighty. But what if those who suppose to read, understand and implement it have changed.

My Muhammad S.A.W. had not been sleeping properly in his nights. He prayed for his nation and asked their forgiveness from Allah (the only God). Ayesha R.A. (the wife of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.) reported that many times she found His (S.A.W.) chest whistling with tears in eyes while praying before the Almighty. Muhammad S.A.W. was not the soul of sin. He was free of all defects. So, what he was praying for with tears and His (S.A.W.) chest whistling? What was the concern for my Prophet S.A.W.? I am really sorry to my Muhammad S.A.W. today; he actually faced all atrocities and adversities because of us. Today we have no care. We are sacred, holy and innocent people. We love our job, we love our profession, we love our parent, we love our children, we love our families but we said a lot but we don’t know how to Love Muhammad S.A.W. The real love for anyone will start (in Muslims) once they will start loving Allah (the only God) and Muhammad (S.A.W.) properly (as explained by Quran and Sunnah). I never accept any Muslim could love honestly to anyone without having love for Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W.) by heart & act. If it is looking like love with out these two great loves so it is all fake, selfish and timely.

See our houses. It is all prevailing darkness of greed, vulgar thoughts, no forgiveness, proud, ill will, hatred, prejudices, no care for commitment and many attributes like that. I am really sorry my Mohammad S.A.W. we have lost you. We are enough shameless to do whatever you said us not to do. We are not making any one but ourselves fool. Just for one thing Me, My House and My Family, no one is thinking what my Mohammad S.A.W. asked me to live my life like.

I don’t know why we give blame to non Muslims for our destruction. We are enough for our own destruction. It is our duty to tell Christians that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. signs of hint are there in Bible, we need to tell Jews that Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. is the last of prophets as per their teachings also. We need to produce the original versions of Bible and other books before Quran to convince the whole humanity to the message of Allah (the only God). They are enough educated to understand the simple and logical teachings of Islam and Quran. But how we can convince them? We have forgotten our own beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Have we all forgotten the day when we have to stand before Ahad (the one & only God) alone? We have to stand all naked and with all our performances being printed and we can not deny. The whole mankind has to think that their God is enough kind to send His beloved Mohammad (S.A.W.) for the betterment of the world but He is also good in judging and He is the Judge enough for the mankind on the Day of Judgment.

Love with Mohammad S.A.W. can not be expressed by presenting poetry to His (S.A.W.) excellence. I can not be a good Muslim and follower by writing articles or saying whatever. I can not be the real lover of Mohammad (S.A.W.) if I destroy some one’s property for protesting against His (S.A.W.) disgrace. I can not be Muhammad (S.A.W.)’s man if I will cut the neck of innocent non-Muslims or Muslims. My responsibility of being a follower of Muhammad (S.A.W.) makes my role most sensitive. The world needs to see the whole Quran and Sunnah in my personality. They will have to see the solutions of their problems in my life style. But what if I am far from this objective? But what if we all are far from this objective?

I have to stand up and enter full in the way of Prophet (S.A.W.)’s life with out any fear and consideration of what the world will think and say. We are hesitant to have beard on our face. Why?? Just to please the world. The face that is being loved by Allah (the only God) becomes shame for us. Just because of some terrorist have this. Have you forgotten Issa (Jesus Christ), Mussa (Moses), Ibrahim (Abraham) and more than any one Muhammad (S.A.W.)? Why we have shame to be like those who changed the world in heaven by spreading the message of Allah (the only God).

I have been seeing many times people doing injustice by thinking their way as a right path. Many times people follow their convention and they think they are following the route of Allah. I really miss Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) in that time. May I take birth in His (S.A.W.) period! I would rather like to knock His (S.A.W.) door for saying Him (S.A.W.) O my Mohammad (S.A.W.), please guide me and guide these people also. We all are sick. Our sickness is denial of your (S.A.W.)’s teachings in any fashion. Teach us how to bear stoning from people and forgive them to the extent of heartiest prays.

He (S.A.W.) left Quran and Sunnah for us. There is no other parameter than these two streams of light. Our scholars, politicians, mentors, parent, families, society, government or whoever is going against it, it is our responsibility to oppose them. If I feel my Mohammad (S.A.W.) have done a lot to make us living a life what Allah want and it is nothing but our own betterment. So I have not to waste a single second. Otherwise I am doing injustice with my Mohammad (S.A.W.). May the whole Muslim world will reorganize their ranks in the leadership of Mohammad (S.A.W.). There is no way to achieve glory for us rather than working our lives on Muhammad (S.A.W.)’s way. If we choose His (S.A.W.) way so there will be no one who can stop us by having progress, respect and success in this world and the world here after. No one in the world from Australia to United State of America will respect us before we start respecting our Mohammad (S.A.W.).

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Iqra Says:

I agree with this and thanks for making me think where I'm standing

17 - October - 2009 09:06:24 AM

ahmad ansari Says:

materials that u collected and described they are 100% right.Huminity is in following of The Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) other hand no difference between human and animal. God Bless Our Teacher

04 - March - 2010 11:30:07 AM

bibi maryam Says:

"husn-e-yousuf,dam-e-issa,yad-e-bezadari anche khuban hma darand tu tanha dari" in my view point we all muslims are only follow those teaching of which we think beneficial for us but Quran and Sunnah stop us from those things which is really harmful for us as a human being today science prove those things which is already define in QURAN and as a muslim it is our first periority to love MUHAMMAD(S.A.W) and follow the teaching of Quran and sunnah.May ALLAH guide all of us (AMEEN)

31 - May - 2010 08:24:42 AM

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