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I think the title “Measuring people by uneven” would offend many but I hardly could had find any sophisticated title for this post. Even it is not making people tools rather making a point of scales within each personality that requires measurement anyways.


Actually in our personal & professional life we deal with nothing except people.


They are people that make things and they are people who break. Even whatever other than people we manage is highly subjected to the people around it.


In the early years of my career I found the need of understanding people and then in later initial years I realized that we cannot understand until we will measure them.


Understanding and measurement cannot go without a certain objective with them. And the objective plays a vital role whereby you try to find attributes that are workable to reach them.


The most difficult part is that being a manager, leader or responsible you are required to see how tough people can prove in difficult scenarios.


Technically you cannot understand the dynamics of people working uneven variables until you see their responses in difficult scenes or situations. And waiting for difficulty to understand how people can react is a big risk.


Then it comes of creating scenarios of controlled difficult situations that carry all the essential of abrupt possible difficulties. Even it is applied to processes and our own behaviors or policies that deserve a positive or negative response from people.


Once you do it then people start posting their responses to the situation and you can better measure who is who and what is what. This defines you the gap between what you want from people and what they are. And this is the striking point for strategy.


Once I was sitting with my friend and we were discussing about a person who was considered lucky as he was surrounded by people who were very good with him.


My friend posted an amazing point that people are not good with him rather he is quite good in accepting whatever people want. As per my friend; the day when he will start taking things on rational grounds then the affairs will start tumbling.


Over that day I got a lesson that to measure people for the sake of keeping the account of what they can do we have to put some variables that actually are not the index of our policy or personality rather those that will challenge their entity. So that they will respond with their complete reactivity potential and the moment they put a response they will be exposed.


Even this is something that I practiced in investment business whereby we put some structured unreal offers for this cause to understand the sentiments of people or their reactions. This helped us in understanding about their possible behaviors with the things that we were planning to break in the market.


You cannot stick to measure people in the normal course of business. You anyways have to assess their worth that they can exhibit in the days when you need tough minds for tough tasks in your team.


To accomplish the objective you anyways have to measure people over different scales. This provides you comprehensive knowledge about what they are, what they can do and what they can react with.


And once you know all this stuff you can better be in a position to install strategy to make them more effective and efficient.





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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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