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Living in pieces hoping for totality

Today Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) has given a verdict that the emergency imposed on November 3 2007 by Pervaiz Musharaff was an unconstitutional act and he violated article 279 of the Constitution of Pakistan. Before the verdict Chief Justice of Pakistan gave a statement that we will not give any verdict that will derail or hurt the current system. SCP or Chief Justice means about Ordinances issued by Musharaff after Nov 3 2009.

Now here the point is not well understood. If some thing is constitutionally (on the basis of Justice) wrong but we need it to have stability in current democratic set up, so we have to keep it. If this is the logic behind, so I am sure and 1000% certain that Pakistan shall have more Army rules, if not in next five years but some where in next 10 to 15 years. This can also be the logic for anyone who will act beyond the spirit of constitution. I am surprised that the democracy in Pakistan is dependent on the moves taken by the dictator.

The dilemma of our society is simple that we are living in pieces but we hope for totality. We opts one article of constitution for our good and left others by thinking it will prevail anarchy. If our constitution is not perfect so what is the need of having it as a constitution. Richard Armitage threatened Musharaff for Stone Age (in our language HE BHUPPP Musharaf or in Sindh Police’s language MAAN JA WARNA ULTA LATKA DUNGA) but are we serious folks????? We are in Stone Age. Stone Age can be there with good roads, well maintained buildings and rich politicians. The difference between man of Stone Age and man of today is thinking and principles. If principles are not there so you can have some beautiful jungles and some others that look very odd. By the way if Richard would come to me so I would rather think that the Stone Age is up. He is so scary, isn’t he (in term of policies otherwise he is the cutest)??? He was out of many (Bush) appointed to threaten weak countries except Iran and North Korea. But see the reality of this world. Bush is history, Armitage is history, Musharaf is history. So leaders, read the text on sky, nothing will last except your acts of national service and justice.

It is when the Chief Justice of Pakistan said we will not give any verdict that will derail the system so it means it is not JUSTICE. It is simply an effort to stabilize the system. And if system is that weak to be stable by the ordinances made by a dictator so where is democracy in it or was the dictator right???? If system is that weak so how it can protect 170 million people??? Or say loudly who says it is for people?????

Being a citizen of Pakistan, I anyhow respect Supreme Court of Pakistan, if they have taken a decision, heads off to them but they will have to care that the mandate we have given them by restoration of "CONSTITUTIONAL" Judiciary in extraordinary circumstances is not to make statements but act for our protection and the protection of our next generations. May they will realize their responsibility towards democracy and people’s wishes.

Apart of all this I am not hopeless from Pakistan’s future. All Politicians, Dictators, Courts and government’s auxiliaries have opportunities to prove them good for the nation. The nation is watching quietly. But believe me it will take a very short time when the nation decide and will type their termination letters in politically maintained alphabetical order. We all know that it will be termed as revolution and by the way revolutions have no constitution, no courts and not the time for speeches and probes. It decides the fate of all those who fool people with in hours.

Our dear Supreme Court, we want total justice not the justices in pieces. If you are again in any pressure so just put one add on national media we will again get out from our homes to see who is stopping you. Go Ahead, the nation is on your back. The nation will back politicians, army, our courts and all state institution if they will see them fighting for the national interest that is based on (& for) nation. The way Army clear Swat valley, we are proud on our soldiers and the way Supreme Court has been taken proactive actions in public interest, we are proud on our Judges. The demand of ours is the total Rescue by our forces against all threats and total Justice from courts against anyone.

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TAS Says:

sir with due respect pakistan army is not a god, that we ignore all of the troubles which was created by pak army. but our chief justice is great, and another news for you that swat valley is not cleared yet.

01 - August - 2009 07:52:54 PM

Saqib Omer Saeed Says:

Thanks for the comment. First of all no one is god except Allah. Regarding troubles created by Pakistan Army, so who is in our country including you and me who have not created troubles? In aggregate Army has done far better than other strata of our people. Yes Army Chiefs who had invaded Pakistan’s political set up were wrong when they were not caring of people’s wishes. Yes Chief Justice is doing great but I recommend you not to think him god also as he is also not perfect in many things. Your news is wrong, SWAT valley is clear (only cover operations are underway to stop terrorists come back in the shape of returned refugees) and what Pakistan Army has done in Swat and what they are doing in Baluchistan is no point lesser than excellent. I am against Army in politics but what they are doing well has to be appreciated. I know our PAPER MULLAS (all religious leaders other than proper Ulmas) and some elements are doing a lot more than propaganda against Army. So they will not be successful. Pakistan Army is ours and it has same weaknesses and strengths as we have in ourselves for Pakistan.

02 - August - 2009 07:56:54 AM

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