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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED


There are two types of human beings exists in the world. The first one is a person whose pains demolish the zeal of doing great acts and the other whose pains promotes the passion of crafting extraordinary deeds with all his loyalty to his preset cause of life.


I don’t think that there is any significance to talk about the first person except he has to do what the other do as “life”.


There are some attributes that distinct a real man from an unreal and the most important out of those is strategically no deviation from the stands of reality even how hard the life hits in the way.


Over each failure that looks destroying everything we have a chance to muster for planning a bigger success by taking our mistakes and others faults as learning.


What we had planned in earlier stages of our life cycle as a true noble and great ambition was not that light to go in disarray over a fact that as on now we have not been able achieve it.


Yes sometimes we can be physically and mentally affected by the winds but these winds can never be superior to our status of being a human being. It is the human being that has all in his arsenal to fight the pains of life.


Our denial to notice pains as a deviation factor from what we thought actually promotes passion to be consistent even whatever the world or time can speak.


We can not give up if the whole world stands against us when we think we are on right standing. We can not declare ourselves a failure over our timely mistakes and courtesy of other’s weaknesses.


Let us fight it out and invite more pains that look enough to dismantle our soul and mass to the world. These risks and pains actually develop the reality in our totality. It provides us an unmatchable experience to face the ‘worst’ as ‘interesting’ in our language of performances.


To be the world class; it is more class that is required than the world. But we always surrender our emotions, feeling and ambitions when we think that they can not be acceptable to the majority or critics or time. If it would be the case then today our world would be entirely different.


If Galileo Galilei could have stopped over a pain of being called ‘stupid wrangler’ he could not be recognized as a person who defines the concepts of pendulum.


Who cares what others says, who cares if we are not recognized over our true feelings, who cares if for a time being we are being left alone, who cares if we are not getting the results from a practical business plan.


The real thing that we have to care is not leaving the mark that is feasible to produce light if not today so for the people to come. We just need to be strategic enough to force our exact plan to reach success.


There is no pain in human history that is more than our will and passion to prove our existence with dignity and honor. There is no hardship that can deviate a true soul from doing a just cause even if it is not getting a way to success.


It is indeed our efforts against all hardships and pains of life that shall be defining our ultimate success that few can not see but we are actually writing it over the pages of time.


Let us collect all our pain and kiss them. They are our assets to be what no one can ever be. They work great success for us that shall make us distinct from those who try to live ‘PAINLESS’ or in my word exactly “USELESS”.




"If ink feels regret over spoiling through pen we can not have great pen crafts. The same is for blood in our veins but there are few who have courage to write great in the world of regrets" [I produced it after writing this article as a central idea of this post]. 

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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