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I just end up reading the report of Transparency International over their National Corruption Perception Survey 2010. It is an enormous feeling of shame and embarrassment. I don’t know why people of Pakistan become innocent while speaking about corruption. It is not only top leadership or rulers that are involve in corruption. It is we who are corrupt if we see more logically

The survey indicates increase in corruption from PKR 195 billion (2009) to PKR 223 billion in 2010. I think this is a survey over national institutions, government and public enterprises.y

The survey brought some key features of top level corruption. They ranked Police, Power and Land in the top of corruption list. They declared Motorway police as one of the least corrupts. They suggested Judiciary and Armed Forces to come under consistent check and balance system. They marked land allotment and auction as equal. They suggested promotion of grade 20 and above government officers through service commissions rather than by the head of government. They mentioned that media freedom has contributed in exposing corruption. They suggested land records need to be computerized and published.y

But I think we are still ignorant of the real fact that corruption is now well cascaded down in our society.y

I think the basic problem is our attitude towards corruption. Come on people!!! We have to accept that corruption is really a common attribute in our society that we have even accepted as a tender of respect and statusy

Those who are doing corruption are not aliens. They are human beings and frankly speaking the citizens of our Pakistan. They are father, sons, brothers, daughters, mothers and sisters of ours. How innocent are we? We say our government is corrupt even we never left an opportunity when we can do something in the head of corruption to avail advantage.y

Students in Public & Private Sectors Universities freely involve in cheating. Ph.D. scholars are involving in plagiarism. The one who is a store keeper in private company is freely bringing corporate inventory to his home. The one who is sitting in KBCA is charging top ups to award permission of construction of wall even. The one who is working in Board of Educations is selling examination papers. The one who is assessing the examinations script are asking for money to grade in A. Oh God, how can I say that it is not only rulers but our whole nation that accepts corruption as a culture?y

I know many people shall not like my point of view but the reality is ultimately a reality. Transparency International said 70% of people think that current government is corrupt. But I ask what we can say about 70% of our people who are working in private companies, education institutes, doing businesses, working in media, doing real estate and stock brokerage? Are we working all in order so we can sound a hell loud against our rulers?y

This culture of corruption can not be change until we shall not change our attitude. If your father is corrupt leave him. If you see your relative showing status on the basis of looted money so boycott him socially. If your husband is giving you top facilities of life by spoiling unfair means of business so get disconnected.y

It is easy for me to accuse rulers. But when I see a one with minor authority not leaving a chance of corruption, so how those who got top powers can not involve in corruption? We have to admit a reality that those who got power positions think to carry corruption once they see the over all tone of the nation. Let us see our immediate society.y

Let us see our own ranks and ask yourself aren’t we corrupt? If we are, so let us face it and say we are corrupt. Let us promise that we shall leave any kind of corruption that we can do to facilitate our needs. Let us pledge that we shall die but we shall not snatch a paisa of anyone by using our position or brain.y

Corruption is demolishing the basis of our society. If we will not be stop immediately so we shall be finished. Think the importance of this issue and stand for it by considering it a national priority.

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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