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LPC I cannot be a puppet to make them say I AM NICE

“Informal Post”


You generally see posts on business, investments & management over my blog; I do write on politics but as of some reasons I write once in a while over politics. Even politics is one of my main domains. Anyways leave this TU TANN & BLA BLA………


But today’s post is entirely different. It is not something regarding any core business, professional or management issue; rather it covers one of my very personal policies that I have been implementing for last some years.


It is regarding our social or family sickness of accepting whatever people want or say in order to please them, on account of their reputation & status, their relevant position for our well beings and so called relationship affairs that in my view is a core social disease.


Since childhood I have seen our elders teaching us not saying anything before their idols that they created as of their family system & social order.


If someone was saying to the extent of stupidity I used to listen. If a relative came from abroad and talking the hell loud about their economy being sound, I was bearing regardless of having sound statistics of DEBT/GDP ratio.


If someone was a husband of any of my sisters, aunties etc. I had to classify his arrogance & rude behavior as his honor. I was supposed to bend over my knees like he was the king of the country.


If someone was standing in the role of my teacher even he knew nothing and got the position by using unfair means I had to respect them because teaching was the sacred profession.     


If someone was a damn rascal and he possessed weapon so I had to give whatever he want from my mobile phone to money. Why? Because he had the power! This is same like an idiot brother-in- law who had a power of being what he was! Just see it in mindset perspective.


If someone was my boss and I felt that he is the most stupid person I have ever met, so I had to keep my calm to please him with agreeing to his unjust calls. Because end of the day he was my god and keeper of my future.


O GOD: It was the world. And I know it would be the world for many of you folks in Pakistan. Puppets that works all on the basis of what others are and what they want. Never being in thinking of what is right and what is wrong!


And one day! I decided to get out of this shit………………………….


I have been facing a lot of problems as of my policy of being so killing over what I don’t like and to do what I want over principles and my own likings. But these problems can not reduce the impact of living a free life, yes to be honest till now it is hard but KOI NAHEE; It rocks.


A life free of surrender, a life free of bending on knees in social and family pressures, a life free of being driven by others and their acts!!!!!!!!!


I felt; O GOD the disbelievers of Makkah used to worship 360 idols and we have more than this.


But at my point even being not a very good practicing Muslim, idol’s worship is totally banned. I don’t care who is who and what is what but if someone says or do something silly or arrogant as of social, family, professional or relationship basis I will get their bones absolutely broken.



If you are talking stupid, I do say the same that you are stupid even whoever you are. If you take bribery being a government servant and you are my uncle so don't anticipate any courtesy. If you are knowledgeless and you are my professor as of education system in the country so stay away! If you have no brain and you are in a role to direct me so don't try to do it!


And if I do the same, so never hesitate to do the same as I said for others with me as I can reform myself over just critisim........Or at least I shall not mind it.......


If someone doesn’t like me, so don’t like me but as of their liking and disliking I cannot leave living myself.


And this is the first step for a curious and restless person like me to end up over a point whereby I can achieve my real personality & what God want from me………I am over my journey of learning and rectifying…..The courage is getting up day by day and fear factors are in disarry....


If you believe in the power of your being and performance then why bearing non-sense in account of diplomacy or need.


Enjoy your day folks….This post is informal but firmly a formal personal policy……………lolzzzz

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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