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Years ago there was a king ruling a big country. Once he was on a visit of a city in his state. He saw a place where bridge was essentially required. He ordered his minister to construct a bridge so people can drive its benefits. The minister followed the order and made a bridge on marked place with in one year.

A year after the country faced shortage in treasury. The king consulted his minister for the solution. He advised the king to put tax on the bridge. They decided to charge Rupee 1.5 from every one crossing the bridge. After some times king got from his finance minister that the situation is worst so, on the advice of his minister, he ordered to collect Rupee 10 from the people crossing the bridge.

After some days king got a lot of confusion. He was surprised that why people are not raising their voices against his decision of increasing the tax. He consulted his minister again and asked the reason. Minister said him that people can never raise the voice against you. King was annoyed, he said Ok, follow my new orders. He asked what? King said put two policeman on both sides of the bride and order them; whoever cross the bridge, the government will charge Rupee 10 and policeman will slap him twice additional as non monetary tax . The king said to his minister that now people will raise their voice against.

After implementation of the new law, there was a big crowd who gathered before the palace of the king. The king was delighted. He said his minister to “listen the buzz”. He said people are annoyed and they will ask me to adjust the structure of the tax. His minister smiled and told the king listen the public first and then conclude.

The king went to the balcony of his palace and asked people about the matter. The story he listened from the people was really frustrating and against his desired results. Actually people requested the king to increase the number of the policemen to slap them on the bridge as they had been facing a problem of delay in reaching their offices in the morning. They were not happy with two policemen for the big task.

Today, I have heard the government is coming up with new taxes. Some are known as carbon tax, I don’t know when they will charge oxygen tax also. They are thinking to tax every third children taking birth in the family. If these are the tax being levied due to genuine problems so it is not a problem. Even it is not a problem today anyways. Our nation will not be in panic as we are well to do in accepting whatever we get from wherever in term of decisions or tax.

I heard the story of Gen. Ayub Khan’s departure from my grand mother years before. My grand mother told me that he raised the prices of sugar by 25 paisa. People started protest and he was in pressure. Today these unqualified economic managers of the country start spoiling the country to get the jobs in World Bank and IMF afterwards. No one bothers. It is really a dilemma that for last ten years the head of country’s economic team has been a banker. They can not understand the economy neither they are trained to run the country on economic fronts. Their inability and weakness is the strength of IMF and World Bank. They are tending Pakistan towards economic-policy failure by adding the leverage to the most resourceful country. This leverage is not for any constructive purpose like industrialization or growth related. Just to manage their five year term financially.

What GPM (General Parvaiz Musharaf) has done in his nine years. He was also the one who put the banker leading the economic show. The banker naturally was more concern on money management. The same he did. He played game in stock exchanges. He made banking industry to boost credit with out assessing the quality of lending. Today the NPL (Non Performing Loans) of the banks are clear outcome of their decision making. The industry in the country is on stake. Power generation is hardly on table. What we can expect from these people. They are not fit for the job even. They have big tummies and grass brains and they are the country’s so called economic managers.

I have never been disheartened by the economy of my country. I know it’s potential. Pakistan can never get bankrupt; the “Foreign Policy” of U.S.A. can say whatever. I will not go on numbers, just one fact if Pakistan has highest potential of bankruptcy or failure, why the financial institutions of the world are lending to Pakistan? They have enough financial analysis sense and rationale to enhance credit. They know the strength of Pakistan’s people. They know they will definitely pay back. This strength is not in notice of our rulers and economic managers. They can take the same loan from Pakistan’s Public and we will not ask return on it also. The key factor to this decision, there is no leadership on economic front to utilize the potential. They are doing messes on the highest level and public are covering them on their level. They are seeing towards U.S.A. who herself has a great begging record. They used to visit Middle East so often to collect the money for their economy. The additional money they got from rich Islamic word, they lend the same to poor Islamic countries and earn interest.

Anyways, our economic managers need nothing to worry. We will definitely give you tax as per your wishes. You are asking about third children. We are ready to pay in advance the tax for our next three generations. We will cut our food, cloth and necessities. We will sacrifice our needs but we want one financial model that shows the utilization of this money. We want to know what are the benefits we will get from our money and when. Tell us your targets and your punishments, if you would not able to meet them.

Today we are coming to your palace, we want some additional policemen to slap us quickly but very shortly we will come to your offices to slap you. We will terminate any one, when we say any one means anyone. If we sees you doing blunders to the extent of crime so this time we will chase you. We will make your CVs for the World Bank or IMF with some latest photograph pasted on it.

If we need to live in this country, so we need to make this country a place to live. The first step towards cleaning the shit is screwing the folks who have done it. We are near rulers........ Don’t live in any misconception.

There is some thing remaining in the story of king, minister, public and tax that I have not mentioned here for the sake of courtesy. Don’t let me mention it because it can snatch your sleep…………………………..

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tas Says:

marvellous sir, but if we stand for protest against our govt. about their policies , will u like to join us?

20 - August - 2009 10:26:45 AM

Saqib Omer Saeed Says:

Yes off course. You talked about whether I will??? I have a history of standings not only against government but whoever destructing my country. But I never support people creating mobs, halla gulla & blocking the roads and creating inconvenience for public. More than any thing what you all expect, my writings on the website gives me an easiest time. I am in……..

20 - August - 2009 12:02:22 PM

Asma Says:

nice article. I believe its high time that we start revolting against these injustices. They are very much accountable for what they do with the fund all we pay as taxes....whereas, a common man still striving n dying for basic necessities of life.

30 - November - 2009 10:53:59 AM

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