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If some one says to me “the most gorgeous”, I will say “Karachi”. The darling of my heart, the sensation in my blood, the city that lives in me, is none other than the great, the bewitching, the bewildering, the gigantic i.e. Karachi.

If you think, I am creating this context to tell you about the history of Karachi or geography or economy or any thing. So don’t think like this. This is the lover’s pen or keyboard. If you want to know about Karachi you can browse on internet and get the more quality stuff on THE KARACHI. You can also click below link for valuable information:

What I am telling you about Karachi is all related to me and how I see my city. It is more feelings than facts. It is more a tribute and thoughts of a lover of the greatest and the largest city in the world. It is also an appeal for the residents of Karachi and Pakistan to understand what we need to do for our cities and country.

First of all, I have been listening from many people that Karachi is an unsafe place. I would like to tell you, it is as safer or unsafe as any other big city in Europe or U.S.A. Snatching, robberies, murders and other crimes are common in all big cities of the world. I am not saying it is all good to have; we have to work hard to reduce them. But if you love some one, so there is no calculation of advantages or disadvantages. If you think some one beyond your own happiness or sadness so the only feeling is association of heart. Love, if claimed anyways, must be crazy and insane. There is no love with logics, it can generate the greatest of logics but love’s own existence is based on nothing. If logic must be there for love’s existence, so on logic God can never love us after seeing our efforts to destruct the world and His laws. He probably stops water, rain or fertility of land. But love is there so with out logics but creating logics, continuously giving chances. This type of feeling can make the impacts. This is the essence of human history. This type of feeling can bring change. So if you love your city so bringing change is the only option.

I have no shame in saying to the whole world that I love my city with highest degree of craze and insanity. I don’t bother if my self-phone get snatched on the road or I will lose my life because I love to live in my city and country. My city is my hope and I am the hope for my city. Our relation is very unique, I know if I will not think and work for my city so she will remain facing problems and adversities. I know if I will just criticize my city and say BHA BHA BHA BHA, nothing is going to change. If some thing is bad so it is my responsibility to work it fine. It is not sit back relax condition, your city needs you to be praised by the whole world. Once she will be praised so you will have 100 times more honor for you across the globe.

Today we all are seeing towards the people who come from renowned cities like London, New York, Paris, and Dubai etc. You generally get more impressed while listing their stories of the way they have facilities in their cities. The thing is very simple; these cities had not been developed from ages. The people make their cities and counties great. The crazy intelligent people use to prove the world that is hardest to prove for any one. Don’t go in logics, create your own logic. Design a city in your imagination. Lets people says you mad. You can make it one day. Your place has more potential than London, New York, Dubai or any other city in the world. It was right back in 1960s when BBC’s training team to PTV was realizing that the way Karachi is developing, one day it shall leave London and New York behind. But what we have done after 1960s. We lost our hope because we lost working for it. We thought we can not make it. Come one; let us see some new dreams. Let us start some new endeavors. We are the first class citizen of this resourceful poor country; it is 1000 times better than becoming second or third class citizen of the richest country.

I never use to hear any thing from any one that hurt the honor of my city. If some one talks about problems for the sake of solution, I always welcome.

Many times I think, this is Karachi that gives me education on Master level just for PKR 1800 per semester i.e. hardly US$22.5. Can you imagine, “What it means”? Don’t underestimate your chances. If you are not doing well in your studies with clarity of an objective so you can be jobless even after studying in London or Tokyo or New York or Dubai. Yes many times you find hard patches while living in the third world countries. So what, what makes a country be in third world or first? Is that the country or city herself or you? Don’t behave like cowards. Your forefathers were Salahuddin Ayubi, Tariq Bin Zayed, Tipu Sultan, and Mohammad Bin Qasim. You are the sons and daughters of Al Farabi, Jabar Bin Hayan, Ibn e Sina, Al Kindy, Dr. Abdus Salam Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Dr. Mehboob ul Haq and many more. Your Prophet (S.A.W.) spent three years in hunger, thirst and deprivation in an open sky. Are you more sacred than them? Those who faced hunger and adversity made the greatest emperor that the world has ever seen in term of management, peace and service to humanity. When you talk like cat and mouse, it does not match your calibers. You are human beings, understand yourself. Understand your embedded potential.

I am sorry the communication was about Karachi and I reached Muhammad (S.A.W.), it happens, the sinful soul like me always find light from the great human being (S.A.W.) ever and why not we talk about him (S.A.W.) when we are talking about us, our countries, our cities or any thing of ours. We love him (S.A.W.) so very much regardless of the open denial of his (S.A.W.) teaching and the way of life. At least we have to love him (S.A.W.) so some time afterwards in shame we can start and turns our life to the greatest way.

Anyways I was talking about Karachi and my craze for the city of mine. Actually, I have been living in Dubai for last two years but now back to Karachi. What I like about Dubai very much is its distance from Karachi. It is an hour and forty minutes flight and you are there is your city. I used to travel every week end generally. Many times people raised question cum objection on me that why you travel so frequently. Many times people asked what is there is Karachi. Many times people asked you are loosing Dubai’s week end for going back. I had a long speech in response to this question and they got quite. The fact is, it is my home town. It is my passion. So I feel my loyalty concerns if I opt any other place other than Karachi. Some times I feel Karachi will mind it. So just making a bottom line, don’t live in your place, make a relation with.

It is not only the message for people living in Pakistan or Karachi. It is for whole sub continent, it is for whole Latin America, it is for whole Philippines, and it is for whole Central Africa that God has given you greatest part of the lands. The greatest that surface will shape is only dependable on you. Don’t leave your towns, districts, cities and countries in miseries and problems. You are the only hope for them. You can make it, at least try and try and try and try and try……………………… May one day you will make it for every one.

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Tas Says:

i love also karachi.

14 - July - 2009 10:45:11 AM

Asma Says:

y dnt you stand for elections seriously you will compete Mr. Mustafa Kamal. you have the potential to join Politics as well (give it a thought)nice Article Long Live Karachi!!!

24 - November - 2009 07:48:09 PM

javed ali Says:

Sir this is my first time visiting the website but really it is full of knowledge and many others things i never had read it before nice work sir keep it up.

24 - January - 2010 11:02:35 AM

Fatima Says:

salam,it's really something we all feel about karachi but unable to express.simply outstnding!May Allah bless u.

26 - January - 2010 08:26:38 AM

Hira Fahim Says:

HI i just wana say that im totally agree with you ....Karachi is Karachi...

09 - February - 2010 06:46:42 AM

Juzer Ali Says:

Very nice article, Sir!

30 - November - 2010 09:29:55 PM

bibi maryam Says:

I also agree with u there is no city like karachi in the whole world becuse i was going to perform umrah in 2005 at that time i really miss my karachi too much and at that time i came to know that how i am crazy about my city (karachi).May ALLAH bless karachi with all his blessing (AMEEN).

26 - May - 2010 05:08:13 PM

sidra Says:

thousands & thousands tributes to your love for your hometown

18 - September - 2011 05:24:41 PM

Farheen Shahab Says:

really awsum..!! a true karachite. these too are my feelings for Karachi. Love my city like CRAZY!

18 - October - 2012 05:51:44 PM

Ghufran Says:

No city Like karachi City... I Love karachi

01 - June - 2014 09:49:39 AM

mala Says:

its amazing... you are a true lover of Karachi city i have not given any comment at any site before..but u amazed me.. your words and the way you are describing Karachi city is realy amazing :) keep it up :)

07 - July - 2014 10:00:50 PM

tariq zubair Says:

karachi city is pumping my hesrt.i love karachi

15 - January - 2015 09:58:54 AM

M.H.Khan Says:

Outstanding. You touched my heart. I feel the same way for my home town for which I left a very good job in Saudia Arabia back in 19s and just left USA though I have green card and can grab passport if I stay there for two more years. Pakistan is the best country in the world to live in provided we get rid of socalled mullahs and politicians who are not concerned about peopoe and the country but their own ulterior mtives. Oh God either kill them or give them Hidayat. They are wrong no. and are responsible for all our miseries.

19 - January - 2015 10:09:43 AM

Annieasghar Says:

First time I visit this page. I like it very informative. Karachi KARACHI hai Yaar proud to be a karachite

20 - January - 2015 05:09:41 PM

Alish Ba Says:

Awesome Piece of writing :)

29 - January - 2015 05:38:16 PM

Huma Ali Says: long my lovely country and karachii..miss u.

24 - March - 2016 02:25:33 AM

Huma Ali Says: long pakistan.

24 - March - 2016 02:28:51 AM

Muhammad Raza Says:

Very Good Bro. I Like your feelings & opinion & I also agreed you

22 - February - 2017 10:40:31 AM

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