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People have been talking about taking Taliban on board to dialogues for last six months or so. Many of them thinks that if Taliban shall become a part of Afghan administration and they get agree to leave fighting to take part in democratic setup so this shall stable Afghanistan.


United States of America after evaluating that technology and money are not the only things that can win wars is trying to find a way out from Afghanistan. They are also trying to get some credit for their nation that they go out as winners. Otherwise it shall put a big question mark over their strategies and history of fighting wars with and in weak and small countries.


Regardless of many things that I can not agree with Taliban’s ideology I still believe that the world have not tried to understand the objectives of Taliban as an organization or mindset.


They are really different from groups like Al Qaeda. They are stubborn but they are not the people of ego or personal issues. They share the legacy of Aryans and well inspired by the liberators of Islam who liberated Persia, Rome, Spain etc.


The real misconception about Taliban is that they are hungry for power. As per my analysis they are not dealing like other groups in power game. They are rather interested in working their ideology and concept of bringing Islamic society. Power is one of the tools of doing it, not an ultimate objective.


If you analyze the lifestyle of Taliban leaders and their history being rulers of Afghanistan they have been really simple. They might like expensive weapons to work their cause but they hardly appear to use that money for any luxury of life. It is another debate from where they get this money!


We had found many instances whereby Taliban gave hard or harsh punishments in their time to those who broke laws. But hardly have we found an instance whereby they destroy anyone in the aggression of their absolute power. They simply worked in the system that they consider right. On other side the history of Northern Alliance in Afghanistan is entirely different from this perspective.


Six months before, I heard from my sources that Taliban have decided to avoid being in rule or administration of Afghanistan. They bought a concept from any of their religious elders that they have to fight till end rather than working for forming a state again.


I was surprised over this thinking and I thought it was not authentic. But once I saw the attack on Hotel Intercontinental a couple of days before while the process was underway to discuss possibilities of taking Taliban on board to dialogue and Afghan administrative scene I started thinking that there must be something like that.


Actually Taliban knows the importance of this time. They are seeing that their aggressive defense of about a decade have proved the world that they are more powerful than their imagination and calculation. They are also known that this war is finally developed as an industry in Afghanistan so they can use greedy people to ultimately let USA be in great financial hit through this consistent war expenditure.


We consider them illiterate but their strategy sounds that they are being well equipped with analytical skills over economies of their opponents and their war & political strategies. This makes them hit more by cost bombs and equally they have their revenues to power their war.


They must have finances so they can hold forces like USA & NATO for years and even they get paid by the logistic & transportation charges from their opponent forces to ensure their supplies to fight against them. It is now an open secret and everyone in Afghanistan knows about it.


On a lighter side I think the reason that Taliban are offered to take part in administration of Afghanistan is that their administrative, war and financial management skills are well proven in these years of war.


I was discussing with one of the Afghans about peace in Afghanistan, he became annoyed over the name of peace. I asked him about the reason so he responded with the points that supported war as good for business in Afghanistan, you can say for business for people like him but they are good in numbers. On the other hand there are many other contractors from different countries who share the same feeling.


In Afghanistan where Afghanis, Americans and many others are making good money, how can you stop a war that has become more a business? In the world where I am seeing people who are waiting to see bidding process for food, military, construction & other supplies in Libya to make profit, how a war can be stopped?


In war zones the stuff of $1 sells at $20. Have we ever seen who is the one doing this business? Even who is the one who have this $1 in the time of economic crises to invest in War Zones? Those are simply the ones who took that money out before crises over the brisk projections of war.


It is hard to stop Taliban by any means of politics from their intention to carry war. They shall not give Americans a way to go out as heroes. Taliban are more stubborn than politicians, they have some other objectives that the world hadn’t seen when they started all this in their poor projection. Even today they are not right in assessing Taliban.


Taliban are more experience in war than their opponents. They even had fought with stronger opposition than their opponents had fought with. Yes we can argue that when they fought it, American were the supporters but if it is a logic then how we can say they there is no one in the world who can support them while fighting with USA and NATO.


I think the time our scholars, politicians and warriors spend to think about crushing Taliban, they rather have to spend to understand Taliban and Afghanistan. Otherwise any intent of involving in adventure of third class quality can disturb our region and this world. We have waste a lot of time in irrelevant affairs, it is better to think real now.  

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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