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It is all info centric but it strikes when you do it

It pins in my mind when I heard it in Action TV’s thriller series that the best thing in stealing information is that no one knows that it has been taken away!


O my goodness me! It scrolled up all the events that I experienced in my career connected to this one very vital word “INFORMATION”.


It is really important for business that they work very well informative and equally they need to protect their information about operational, marketing and strategic framework as long as they can.


The information you get is not the wholesome index of success. It is equally important that you have to be capable enough to use the info that you considered worthy. The blend of information with your strategically sharp mind defines the way to success.


In our world of business having information is not enough. It has to be processed and analyzed properly. And analysis is even not enough. It must have to be referred to a person who can make the best use of it. And if we are rich in information so better we need to get a management who is best in using worthy information.


This is why R&D department and management of the company are the separate entities working for one grand objective.


Generally medium size companies or even big concerns that have R&D departments focus more in research and development about products and markets but it has to be synchronized with the R&D about human resources to use information.


This will process the tools that work the R&D about products and markets over strategic level in management.


I remember once I read of Heinz V Bergen that Information is the seed of an idea and only grows when it’s watered.


It is also important that we need to be strong enough to take the relevant information out from the set of information package. It only happens when we knows our objective, entity and the way.


Scanning the best usable information: after understanding the organizational parameters of using information distinct quality managers from the ordinary managers. This is why the same information prevailing in one market works different over the tables of different managers.


I laughed a lot when I read from an American author of 20th century that everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.


It is indeed vital that the common sense shall stay intact in the flow of information. Many managers get confused if they are well informed above their intrinsic management capability.


Organizations spend a lot to acquire internal & external information about their businesses. They certainly have to do it. But it is equally and vitally important that they would spend a little to train their managers and leaders to manage information.


The bottom line of this short post is simple that our interest in being well informed about what is happening (in the markets, our own business entity and economy) cannot be a worthy interest until we will use the information by considering our own size (economically, physically and intellectually).


If there is anything short in it we need to train our workforce and managers for processing this information and translating it into the successful results.


This post is merely targeted to point out the issue. In later posts over this topic I will try to put light on Information Management Strategies or how we can best use the information that we solely have in the market or the one that is common. 


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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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