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It is not so difficult to sense that how difficult today’s world of business is. It is equally a market that provides a lot of opportunities whereby the distressed but valuable assets or businesses or opportunities are on offer at lowest possible rates.


The more I have been spending time to understand the problems related to business and financial aspects of my clients the more I understand that inside risks are more vital to focus than outside risks. I am not saying that outside risks are irrelevant but actually the maturity of outside risks is highly correlated with inside risks.


Over practical sense I categorize these risks in two broad categories:

1-    Thinking or Perception Risk

2-    Management Risk



I am sure that academic gurus can not truly highlight the concept of Thinking Risk in real sense. In my view business is all what you think or perceive.


It is actually the idea or thinking of a person or group based on rational marketable findings that can turn into a successful business. The decisions based on ultra sparkling statistics of the market can not pay off if you are not clear in your perception that who you are and what exactly you want your reality to work over any market attraction.


In many cases I have seen businesses and businessman getting failed to work class business opportunities because they are not clear over their reality rather they were clearest over the goodness of opportunity in general sense. This general sense or knowledge can not work until you can not test the significance of the idea inside your specific corporate or personal self & scenarios.


In today’s world of business where disposable income of consumers is the biggest concern, some businesses prepare their marketing plan in a way that like to sell the basic product as luxury one or they like to keep their status as sellers of A-grade products.  


It is advisable to marketers to adjust their products as per market winds. It is not only a quality that people wish to buy. The amount they spend over it is equally important. Even the concept of quality changes with the dynamics of the market.


You can not market the top quality rice in Africa and it applies the same whereby any place of the world shall reach market dynamics nearer to African market. You can adjust the quality of rice that you buy to distribute as per the change you observe in the market conditions.   


Even Thinking and Perception Risk goes to the extent when you take non market decisions like the interior designing of your office. In today’s world where every single bug is important you can not be so stylish in appearance rather your approach on business needs to be stylish enough that can trigger visible intangible effects to your stakeholders, competitors and market. It is merely a waste if your CEO need 500 square feet room to sit when he can anyways work in a simple cabin. These protocols are the biggest problems in businesses today.


It is indeed comes from misperception that the more expensive your office looks the more you can earn. If it would be the case the multibillion businesses where CEOs sit in superbly designed rooms would have not been bankrupted. It is the quality of your business and relations that actually works for your business rather than over spending on non development infrastructure.


The bottom line is simple that your thinking has to be business and market oriented rather than based on stupid concepts that actually incur a lot of cost. It is indeed not efficient to do things on $100 that can be done with same bottom line results on $ 10.



Management Risk is not a new name but her dynamics have always been changing since the modern practices of business have been evolving.


In my basic training and concepts I have learnt the most valuable punch line that the best manager is the one who manages situation, people and himself.


In order to manage all those three we need consistent fact findings about business, markets and our own self. In this regard the function of business and market research is very important. It is even a case whereby companies are making research more a fashion than a function of business.


In Middle East and South Asia corporate entities spend millions of dollars over staff training and orientation programs but they end up in great high tea, lunch or dinner. It is better to reinforce the culture that teaches staff rather than sending them to five star hotels whereby they forget everything when they come back to office the next day.


It is indeed advisable to hire intelligent managers who can care the training needs of their staff. And if it is required so it is better to send one top man on training who can train each staff by his actions and reactions on daily basis.  


In the age of internet and online world an effective internal training and research wing can be more fantastic. It is better to expose your staff with the toughest testing conditions in the real market so they can learn from the processes.


Financial Management is a vital aspect of business management. Financial awareness is the key for all units of business. In this regard we need to train our non-finance staff with the key concepts and figures of finance related to their strategic business unit. They must know the cost and effects of their adventure on the totality of business. This is how you can make a real cost effective aggregation of your business.


Effective and Efficient Management is not merely a science rather it is like technology that reduces work load and increases productivity and income.   The yardstick anyways is the bottom line of business at the end of year or term. If something looks so sophisticated to do but it can not produce result then it is merely a crap that can be good to see but never a delight to feel when the results comes out on financial front.


Over financial management front the managers need to consistently observe the key business figures like salaries, material cost, overheads, interest expense etc. Quick rectification is dependent of your real time observation & detection of problems in comparison to set budgets over run rate.


It is advisable that top managers shall share budgets with their middle and lower managers as they are the people who can make it in the end. Just sending an email is not enough it is better that CFO must demolish the walls of his cabins to access people and to be accessed by the people of any financial ambiguity or clearance. This is the same case for all unit heads to be connected with their junior managers to lead.


Businesses that become stereotype over what they do can not work in today’s world. Vertical and Horizontal diversification is the must. It is required for every business concern to consistently monitor in the market that what else they can do. In today’s world of business where things get obsolete so quickly you can not be the one to trade one thing for long so it is always better to find new markets and business before your current business becomes an old cow. This gives you a running chance to do a lot by gradually replacing your current doings being a corporate.      



A business or company must be lighter in cost weight, heavy in ideas, research oriented in decision making & ego free & liberal in inside leadership. This is the only way that even in current world of uncertainty they can be certainly successful.  

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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