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I have not been living in Pakistan. I have been living Pakistan since last 27 years. This is my country, the love of my life and my passion. If heaven could be granted to me to leave Pakistan, I can’t. But this never means I can not highlight the weaknesses that we have. If I highlight the weakness, so I can workout to eradicate it also.

The greatest weakness in our society is Injustice. Top to bottom, rulers to ordinary citizens, Injustice is the common diseases. I can not say; I am so just to say it. When I says it a common diseases, I am not saying that I am out of this, being a unit of this society, my criticism is on me also. Injustice is not merely associated with violating the law of land but it is also there when we do some thing immoral or unethical for which we can not be punished by law. Sometimes it is very easy for us to see and say what unjust our elite, rulers and politicians are committing but we never see our acts of injustice.

Today NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) is the hottest of topics. This is the extreme of national unjust. All corrupt people are allowed to keep public offices on one signature of the dictator. Now parliament is up to the task, the little difference is; they want more than one signature. Now here the immoral and unethical can be legal, this is the biggest weakness of democracy. The democracy they want to use for their own interest. Pakistan people’s party claims the manufacturing of Constitution. They made the constitution that says, you can not punish or conduct legal action in the term of presidency of the president if he is accused of any criminal or illegal act. Now tell me how you can stop a dictator, if democratically made constitution sounds like this. If constitution violators have to be punished so all those who equipped constitution with immoral and unethical has to be punished anyways. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has no record of good popularity but he is the president of our country. It is all the courtesy of "need theory" for politicians i.e. Injustice within.

Now it is not the case with our president only. See the bottom down clusters of our society. See our schools, colleges, companies, houses, families etc. Injustice is every where. You can find injustice in your home if your father is spending more than his legitimate earning. You can find injustice when you pass your MBA even when you have no knowledge to acquire Graduation degrees on merit even. You can find injustice when families restrict their daughter to marry a man out of their family in the name of tradition or religion. You can find injustice when we organize PROPHET S.A.W's birthday function with stolen electricity by electricity poles. You can find injustice when people within our ranks doesn’t comply their promises. You can find injustice when we cross Red light on the road. You can find injustice when Business Schools save taxes by declaring themselves as TRUSTS but brutally earn money by selling education as a commodity. Now I will really be tired if I will jot down more instances of Injustice. So, the point is you can not get rid of Injustice by getting rid of Zardari, you have to get rid of the mentality that generate Injustice.

No mercy has to be granted to powerful violators of law. This is the first step towards social justice. But there is another step before the first step i.e. the nation has to decide that they will also cultivate justice in their own ranks. Now it is enough, we have been saying that Pakistan is the country of diverse and uncountable resources; it is a time when we have to know why we are not been able to convert these resources in grand national success and honor. The main reason is the class of Injustice in the ranks of people of Pakistan. First of all we have to foster ourselves then we can make our rulers stop or if we will become just, then there is no doubt in my mind that we will be the rulers of this country.

Our people are more fearful that U.S.A. or some western powers are planning to split our country but believe me it is only us who can split our country if we will not stop doing injustice with our own people. U.S.A. and other countries shall also bear the punishment of their Injustice or even they started bearing it. So it is better for our nation to focus our own self. U.S.A. is not been able to control the weakest country like Afghanistan so how they can carry Pakistan on the same track. But we are really eligible to do the best for our opponents. Understand it and get ourselves on the right track and the right track is of Justice.

I will end this short article by saying, if we will not leave the habit of Injustice so within no time Pakistan will turn into a dangerous jungle, and then there will be no safety for us and our next generations. The first call is to raise voice against ourselves if we are doing unjust i.e. surrender of our own Injustice. The second is to raise voice against our family if they are doing unjust and then talk about politicians and rulers. I know standing with justice shall lead our life to immediate miseries but this is the only way for shiny future. The decision is ours, so do the future. No doubt we have the best country in our hands, but let our hand be so strengthened to care and defend it.

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Iqra Akhlaq Says:

Surely,you are correct.All of us have become so much materialastic and selfish that we don't want to think about anyone else except ourselves.We find it convenient to comment on the social injustice after watching any talk show but find it impossible to take any action against it, because we think that we are so helpless that we can't do anything for ourselves.

15 - November - 2009 09:09:56 PM

Akinwande temitope Says:

You are right my brother

06 - June - 2011 10:06:21 PM

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