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Inflation Ramadan and Our Responsibility

Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) reported the prices of perishable food items rose by 20.76% that is right after the increase of 16.36% in the prices of electricity and fuel over the last year [period: July – June 2010]. Average inflation in food prices is 14.48% and inflation in non-perishable items counted 13.64%

The above mentioned figures are the reflection of yearly increase in prices but let us see how prices are indicating that the holy month of Ramadan is coming. A week before a national business newspaper conducted a survey. This on field survey explore some realities about market prices of commodities that counts in the basket of common man increasing a month before Ramadan 2010.

As per survey the price of gram floor [Basin] has increased from PKR 60 to 70 / kg. The price of Sugar has increased from PKR 60 to 70. The price of Dalda Ghee rose to PKR 725 from 680 / 5kg. The price of tomato has risen to PKR 40 from 25 / kg. The price of onion has risen to PKR 35 from 25 / kg. The price of Mango has risen to PKR 70 from PKR 50 / kg. Even the increase is on popup over all items that shall be in demand in the month of Ramadan.

I can not count more because this is not something that you can not witness once you reach the markets. But this situation is nothing but a dilemma of our national planning over common commodity prices and their availability. I know people expect us to write solutions of national problems. But what solution I can write. If sugar is in the stocks of the mills so get it out and if it is not available so buy it from international market that is even cheaper once duties shall be exempted. The same is the strategy for all that matters.

Even it is not the part of today’s topic but I remember when our ministers said a month before that the electricity crisis is not because of the government’s mismanagement. They quoted it an outcome of natural shortage of water in our reservoirs.

I don’t know what they perceive of nature. But for me He is God. See the response of the nature on it. July 29 2010 when I am writing it the nature is flooding a hell lot of water all along Pakistan. I am just watching water on my TV screen and saying Sorry to God on behalf of our representatives. But I am hearing the buzz of the nature that kindly doesn’t put excuses on our name. We are throwing water on you. Now utilize this water if you can, manage it if you are free from your power plays.

Ramadan is the holy month. It is a pure blessing of Allah but what if the blessing is being ruined by the people on surface. What we can say to the government who manage mismanagement. Are we as qualified people behind anyone? The one who sells dresses [even master them on low cost] sells expensive on Eid ul Fitar. Everyone is chasing for earnings.

We have a lot of poor people in the country who can not make their both end meets. We have people in the country who keeps fast and after breaking it keeps hunger. I know it is hard to absorb but it is not solely the government that make them hurt but we are also not so responsible in many regards.

Regardless of this crying attitude of ours over inflation many of us shall spend thousands on preparation of Eid. In a city where a person buys a dress of five to twenty thousand for Eid, we have some families that need the same amount to manage their month on minimum standard. We can say that we equally give 2.5% Zakat so we have a right to do so. But people ask your heart. Can we?

Today I am not talking about the measures government can take to coupe inflation but let me talk about my responsibility. Let me talk about your responsibility. Believe me the happiness of wearing expensive dress, shoes, bangles etc. is not more than feeding people in their stressed economic life style. It is far better when it is the month of Ramadan. You can go to the market and buy expensive KURTA for Alwida Juma and Eid Prayer but God can even hear you in the simplest basic getup.

Ramadan is approaching us. Many of us who have plans for Ramadan and Eid have to sit and think. Can we expect in today’s date that our government can do something to coupe inflation? Can we expect severe prospects in pricing management when we are seeing our crops ruined by the floods? So it is a time to act with a lot of responsibility.

Everyone knows his buying power. Get together, cut your budgets of buying on Ramadan & Eid and make a pool of money within your lanes, localities etc. that can work for those who are even deprive of the basic. This is the solution in hand. I am sorry to many of my readers who can expect an economic or business solution from researchers like me. With just two weeks remaining in Ramadan I have just moral solution of this problem. Regarding Government; so I am not suggesting anything to them. They are not worthy of it.

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abdur rehman Says:

brother u r right our govt is just waiting for help from america they are doing nothing for our country now its urs and my duty to do something that is beneficient to pakistan

30 - July - 2010 07:48:53 PM

Farrukh Says:

You are absolutely right that Our Govt is not worthy of any solution regarding any social problem. It is our duty and our social responsibility to help those who are deprive of basic needs. In fact it is our obligatory duty by Islam as well that we pay zakat out of our halal Income to those peoples, suffering from poverty, fighting to get food at least for ONe time to there families, waiting for medication out of hospitals and no one is their to help them, we have live examples like, HUnza Jheel, Flood in Khaber Pakhtoon Khwa, Rain storms in different areas of Our beloved country but our Govt is still waiting for Foreign Aid, They are professional baggers and are very proactive in their field, very much talented, even they do not miss a single chance to get Financial Aid, but they do not use this aid in positive way as it is very much clear to every one. Any ways we should do some thing for it and the simple solution is that, we slightly cut some of our Eid spendings and help the deprived ones.

31 - July - 2010 08:44:05 AM

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