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If life is the cost of saving Pakistan then yes I am ready

I don’t care who Osama is, I rather don’t care whether he is dead or alive, and I don’t care who will support Pakistan and who will not. But the question that is before me is: What would be my role if I shall see Pakistan being attacked or being a victim of hostile intentions to split it.   


It is really amazing reading different newspapers and viewing different media channels whereby Pakistanis are only concern about what is happening and what shall happen to Pakistan. People are more interested in knowing Wikileaks, CIA reports, FBI strategies and bla bla. Is it only an intellectual debate? Or Pakistan is so cheap that we can not categorically draw our statement before the world being a PAKISTANI?


Are we that weak and cowards that can’t have personal goals for Pakistan if something extraordinary shall hit our beloved country?


Is what the world thinks shall be the fate of my homeland? Where is our very self that got Pakistan in 1947 after sacrificing millions?


I have been associated with many projects in Pakistan that was related to social strengthening and welfare. All the times I felt that everyone consider Pakistan as a responsibility of government or ruling elite. Being living overseas and inside Pakistan time by time gives me an idea how people in Pakistan and Pakistanis overseas think about their country.


The major finding is that we all read and view news about Pakistan but hardly have we had a plan that is there to contribute something that we can do to counter a state of emergency that Pakistan can have in future.


I know that sometimes being educated craft fears. I know being a businessman or successful professional cultivates care of our very self i.e. lot more than of doing something of national significance. But what I know about myself is simple that if any thing shall act to change geographical and ideological boundaries of my country I shall not waste a second to fight like a warrior. Life or death shall not be a point to consider rather advancing a response that a brave citizen has to post.


Folks it is really easy to talk in our living rooms about hostile plans of our enemies to eradicate our nuclear capability. It is very easy to say that Pakistan shall split as of international conspiracy but it shall be hard to absorb over a day when it shall happen. So better we have to plan now.


It is another debate that whether we deserve to have an atomic power or not but once we have it then we have to know that the cost we pay for it is poverty in our masses. It is not a good deal to live easy, to say good bye to our atomic power. We need to plan how to save it and take moves to reduce poverty and imparting education in our society. Whatever state or government can do is their job but somewhere we have to know that hardly we saw state or government standing when the imperialist attacked different countries in near past.


It is really easy to criticize extremism in our society but we have to see how our people become extremists. What has happened can not be changed but we have to change the circumstances that we are getting out of these happenings. Undesirable happenings don’t mean that Pakistan is a failed state and we can just watch things over our television and wait for something good to happen. We have to act anyways. And if anything shall happen that shall hit our existence being a nation or country then we have to do what a brave nation is so likely to do.


I want to address those people and powers who think that Pakistan can be taken as Iraq or Afghanistan. I know it looks to you that educated people in Pakistan are so busy in their own life while illiterate have some other fanatics to live in and there shall be no resistance or counter strike at people level. But believe me that if you have any intent to hit our entity then we have all the courage to cut your hands and heads. The desire of living tolerant in the world and fighting extremists in our country can never make people like us so weak to surrender Pakistan. PAKISTAN FOREVER…..




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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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