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March 23 2011

Special Message Post for Overseas Pakistanis to mark Pakistan Day

Majority of the people in Pakistan & across the world termed living in Pakistan as a difficult of times. But I feel difficult while living away from my home i.e. Pakistan. It gets worst while I reach days like March 23rd overseas. It is merely because I am green blooded. This is the green in my blood that is the courtesy to the ideology & passion that we declared officially on March 23rd 1940.

I have been living on and off in Pakistan and the Middle-East from 2007. I never have an objective to live overseas to enjoy developed lifestyle. I merely want to complete my research and other assignments to return back to serve my homeland with the knowledge, expertise and the capital I am willing to acquire for my one point cause “Pakistan’s progress”.

I find many people who advices me to plan my career and life in the Middle East or West but days like March 23rd & August 14th always make me remember the commitment of our great ancestors that is now the responsibility of each and every Pakistani on the surface of the earth. Genuine people care commitments personally and nationally. If I am capable and I find my career more brisk and profitable in any other country of the world so it is not the merit whereby I can leave my national responsibilities.

I can never believe that the remittances made by skilled and qualified people can serve the cause that we had defined on March 23rd 1940. I actually feel it deep disgrace to accept any other passport or nationality once I am a citizen of Pakistan. I can not sell my identity for a glittering lifestyle as I am liable to work for the mission of millions who martyred in Pakistan movement that made us accomplishing an independent country in 1947.

It doesn’t mean that we can not connect our businesses globally. We can make it while making our companies based in Pakistan and marketing them globally. It doesn’t count when we go overseas to acquire education of high quality. We have to go and come back with excellent knowledge and skills to serve the cause of this country. But it severely matters when we surrender our loyalty with Pakistan by accepting red or blue passport. It is really a shame when we only leave Pakistan because we want to live in peace while leaving millions of our country mates in misery.

If all qualified and educated people shall leave Pakistan then who will serve Pakistan to be a greatest state in the world? Why we feel so easy to comment on Pakistan’s problems while we have surrendered our loyalty while accepting other countries as a home for our family and children forever. Have you ever left your family house if you find anything out of order? Can you leave your wife and children if they are in problems? So; why leaving Pakistan is so easy?

I never find USA, China or any other country where her capable citizens left their country forever and they become great. Countries never become great merely because of remittances. Countries becomes great when their top brains serve the national causes and they would feel it an honor to bear all miseries and sacrifices while working for a day when their country will turn as a land of opportunities & progress.

It is a shame to call yourself an overseas Pakistani when you can not come back to your country and serve your people. It is merely because you are so cowards to die or live in misery while millions martyred for this country without thinking about their life & future from 1940 to 1947. Even many have welcomed martyrdom on our borders and inside since the country had established. It has been all sacrifices of life & future for one word i.e. PAKISTAN. All those people were green blooded.

I have no idea that what sort of people are we? We sit back relax in our TV rooms and enjoy discussing the problems back home. It is all because we got a chance to fly overseas and millions of poor people of this country can not. We feel that we will comeback to Pakistan if things will be fine to the extent that Pakistan stands as a developed country. But who will make it for us? So it simply means that we can not come back to Pakistan. And if we can only come back to Pakistan once Pakistan would offer the same benefits as developed world then what sort of shameless selfish are we?

I worked in relief, rescue and rehabilitation operations while Pakistan was facing earthquake and flood. I worked on numbers of projects related to education in countryside. I saw my country felt hopelessness. It is just because our poor people feel that no one is there for us when there is no flood or earthquake. They live more miserable than earthquakes and floods for last sixty plus years of our national life but who cares?

We only get involved in solutions when it comes to national disasters. We send money and feel proud to be Pakistani while sitting in our homes overseas. Who will address the problems when Pakistan looks naturally normal with all her abnormality? Who will lead this country if all capable people have been migrating overseas from 1960s? We are so careless to see that since the migration started from 1960s our country is going in the hand of greedy incapable and illiterate people. And we are merely making statements and sending remittances. Is this all our role?

There are many questions that are hurting our nation like what if we have a great Pakistan doctor serving overseas while our nation is worst on health fronts? What is the use of great professor serving in foreign university if our universities are lacking of quality professors? What is the purpose of great scientist serving foreign institution once science and technology need to gear up for the progress of Pakistan? I think today we have to answer these questions. The best answer is coming back and serving Pakistan selflessly. If you want to follow Mohammad Ali Jinnah [Father of the nation] in reality so better follow him in his attribute of selflessness that he showed while he left UK to lead our nation. Even he left more than this for us.

I don’t know what others think. But I am really clear on the objective of my life. I am happy to be a citizen of Pakistan. If God shall ask me that if you would have another chance to take birth in any country of the world so I would not loose a second to say PAKISTAN. This is the country that had been educating me till my higher education in a cost that is even lesser that US$ 18 per semester. Even if it could not be the case I would have no regrets. I am blessed to be a citizen of Pakistan. I honored to be a part of a country is based on just ideology. Yes it is the phase of problems and it is again an opportunity to prove our entity to the world.

Pakistan is my country. I can not be respectable in the world if my country work weak. In order to see my country the best of all I have to work for it and be a part of my society to clean it from the dirt of extremism, poverty & illiteracy. I can’t forget March 23rd 1940 because I am green blooded. I have to fight for the cause of Pakistan and I can not surrender. And this is the most ordinary thing that the most ordinary person like me can do for this extraordinary country of mine.

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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