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He is the only ONE not ONE out of 361

I really feel difficult to write about His legacy and what I think about Him. Sometimes I feel that what I have in my affairs that justify me to write about God? But end of the day even a sinner can praise God and think and interpret His legacy. Even to be great He never needs my thinking or interpretation. He is really ONE GOD and THERE IS NO GOD EXCEPT HIM.

It was the pre Islamic Mecca where they worshipped 360 gods. What exactly Muhammad [peace be upon him] said that created a problem for them? The way I sees history explains that they had no problem to add one more God that Muhammad [peace be upon him] wanted his followers to worship.

So exactly; what was the problem? The problem was simple but it was really a big deal for those who worshipped 360 different gods. Muhammad [peace be upon him] was not saying that I have my God but that God is One and there is no God except him. Today people say a lot about religious harmony. Yes peace can be created by pacts that the people of different religions can make but what I can do for my Faith that starts from NO GOD EXCEPT ALLAH.

If the starting point is a big clash that there is no God except Allah, so kindly allow me to say that I am saying that your multiple gods are not true. Now how I can be so hypocritical to say that I can keep my faith and you keep yours and I endorse that your faith is also just as mine. There must be one right faith. The problem with humanity is that they are not coming towards the study of comparative religions so that everyone can understand who is who and what is what. Even religion is a part of emotions rather than evidence, logic and facts in our world.

The problem is not among religions but among Muslims also.

I can not take myself as an example because generally I never take myself as a best of practicing Muslim neither a man who can say something on the ground of very sound character. But those who take the name of Allah thousand times they also have One God out of 361.

The concept of God is a bit more debatable in this regard in Muslim societies. Piroh enforced himself as god rather he exactly knew who he was. But his claim was established as he had many who followed him as god. It means that mankind saw human beings who accepted a human being as god. There were people who worshipped sun as god. There were many who worshipped Animals. There are many who worshipped a Prophet as god. But they openly claimed themselves as worshippers of their so called gods. But the problem are those who think themselves as a worshipper of ONLY ONE GOD but actually they worship many.

If we talk about Muslims; even we starts from a point that there is no God except Allah but we have two problems. In majority we actually don’t know the true meaning of God so how we can understand the way of worship. Second many people don’t worship One God [Allah] but One God out of many that we have created in practice [that we don’t know that we are worshiping as God]. In my view both problems are interlinked.

The question "what is God?" is far more important than "who is God?" The first actually leads to simplify the second. In my view God is the sole source of commandments because He is our creator and He defines what is good and what is bad for us. There is no chance of His denial if we want success of life. It means God Himself is the Law and the Law Maker. Even He is the controller. People whom He referred to follow can explain his laws and help humanity to be successful but they can not exceed the limits of God to the extent that their commandment can be taken as God’s one except the Prophets of God who actually said what God wanted them to say. In our society we have created many positions that impliedly taken as the source of divine orders like religious scholars, parents, teachers, successful folks etc. We never try to counter check their commandment or an instruction with Quran and Sunnah that actually is the responsibility of every Muslim exists.

In this regard God is the context in which we have to tune our life. There is no one like Him and His position in Human’s life can not be replaced by any. Those who claim that there is no God except Allah have to surrender their will before His will anyways. In this regard there is no science of profit and loss. Complying Allah’s commandment is profit ever as per our faith.

God’s prime demand is Justice. Justice simply means following standard on balance. It means we need to maintain weight of our actions and reactions that must be equal to his commandment [Quran]. If it is lesser or greater; both can make severe problems. There is another point that standard never falls in the middle ways. A thing must be RIGHT or WRONG. If there is DO then; DO! If there is DON’T then; DON’T! If I state false I am wrong, if I state true I am right. If I abide by my promise I am right, if I break it I am wrong. If I eat Riba [interest] I am wrong, if I avoid it I am right. It means that on all RIGHTS you accept that there is no God except Allah and on all WRONGS you are following One out of 361 other than that you have a will to rectify those WRONGS that can make you RIGHT.

It is not necessary that false gods must have to be in the shape of idols. Anyone whom we surrender our will other than God is our false god. If we surrender before our culture that negates the order of God then Culture becomes our god. If we surrender before oppressors against the clear directives of God to fight against oppression then those oppressors become our god. If we surrender our will before an unjust act that we think that we can not stop so it means that those who are doing that act becomes our God. So it simply means that saying there is no God except Allah is not enough but we have to keep Him ONE is all aspects.

The main difference I am seeing in Pakistan is that people offered prayers five times a day, they keep fasts and they do all that make sure that everyone think themselves as good Muslim but they are actually not doing anything that make them the true believer or ONE GOD. They are more concern to keep that One God with their 360 other false gods that they worshipped in form of a culture, sect, family, ancestors, constitution, traditions, conventions, requirement of time, writing of fate etc.

Even we worship our religious scholars that try to find middle ways to protect our conventions, cultures and racism. We never try to read the law of God [Quran] and the practices of Prophet [peace be upon him] [Sunnah]. It means we are a blind society that can accept anything a person says if he claimed himself as religious scholar or a person of influential position in our life.

I have no idea that how many times I have seen religious scholars and so called people of God sabotaging the commandments [Quran & Sunnah] of Allah. Quran says don’t breach your promises and contracts as they are accountable in the world hereafter and we says if it is not better, then we can forego. Quran & Sunnah says male and female’s unnecessary interaction is not allowed in the society except if it comes under specific relations but we says it is an old concept and we are a liberal society. Quran and Sunnah termed interest as prohibited but we find middle ways of providing interest based Islamic Solutions. They were few examples but I can quote many but what if we present unhealthy logics to justify what we think over God’s commandment, even then we say there is no God except Allah.

In my view the Kuf’ar [disbelievers of One God & Islam] of Mecca were the people of some character that didn’t endorsed Islam because they knew the implications of what they were offered to accept. But we are such a hypocrite society that shamelessly thinks ourselves sacred as Muslims and we threat & sabotage the rights of others, we take bribery, we follow our clans that thinks one human being superior from others, we doesn’t care the rights of women, we regard money and status as a sole symbol of value of man, we never try to point our own mistakes rather willing to crush others for their one, we break promises and contracts, we use unfair means to accomplish success, we regard our religious scholars more than Quran and Sunnah and many more that I can write and the words can flow, flow & flow.

I have no idea where I can place myself in all this. A man who is really concerned because he himself is not the best as a practicing Muslim, even nothing in any sense or a raw ordinary but surrounded by claims that others are good and they actually believe in God. But unfortunately when I see their claims they have even more than 360 gods.

Sometimes I feel comfortable that I at least can admit my faults and try to rectify. What if I fail to rectify and commit another sin and again try to line with truth? What if I try to consolidate faith and compliance of commandments? But the biggest ask is to depart as a true practitioner of “there is no God except Allah”. I can not draw a conclusion here but I and you whoever shall go without actually practicing THERE IS NO GOD EXCEPT ALLAH shall be regarded as a MUSHRIK [the one who share God’s position with false gods]. It is not only the matter of saying a single line [KALMA] but actually a matter of true believe that defines our actions and reactions. If it is all about saying so a disbeliever can say it once in his life to keep him on safe side that he at least said it.

In the end; if we can not run out of the reach of the powers of the world while we break their laws so how can we run away from the grip of God that is the most powerful. His first law is Oneness that defines all other laws, so better think it today otherwise it shall be too late.

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